1. TheLionOfJudah

    Res Gestae Imperatorum --- The Deeds of the Emperors, a Julio-Claudian TL
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    RES · GESTÆ · IMPERATORVM LIBRI Book I: Caesar Augustus (Lost) Book II: Lucius Book III: Tiberius Book IV: Flavian Book V: Lucius [II] Flavius Book VI: Aurelian Book VII: Tiberius [II] Aurelius More to come later Preface Before I recount to you the lives and the...
  2. Claudius Augustus

    Nero, last Julio-Claudian emperor allegedly had a daughter in 63 AC with his second wife, Poppea whom he named Claudia Augusta and who died shortly after the birth. Now, what if the child was born as a healthy, surviving boy? Probably he'd end up named Claudius Augustus as well, in honor of...