1. Jordan regains the West Bank in the 1980s? Shimon Peres, then foreign minister of Israel, held a secret meeting with king Hussein of Jordan in London, in April 11 1987. The subject of the discussion was the possible return of the West Bank, or at least most of it, to...
  2. Maximum amount of territory that Israel could have conquered in 1948?

    Without reaching ASB territory, what other territories could Israel have conquered in 1948? All of Gaza? The old city of Jerusalem? The ruins of Gush Etzion? Could they have conquered more territories in Judea and Samaria?
  3. phil03

    WI: Jordan Sits Out the 1967/Six Days War and Keep the West Bank

    As stated in the title and obviously inspired by recent events. Originally King Hussein of Jordan was at the very least reluctant to join the war, and only did so thanks to having given command of his army to an Egyptian, General Riad, thanks to pressure by Nasser and to ensure a better...
  4. Abd ar-Rahman II

    Palestinian accept 1947 Partition Plan as a step towards claiming the whole of Palestine

    Ok i just find this quote about Ben Gurion on the idea of accepting a partition of mandatory Palestine and it got me thinking what if the Palestinian leaders in 1947 had the same line of thinking ? Possibly realising more Israel military superiority over them and the weakness of the...
  5. Abd ar-Rahman II

    PC : Jordan profiting of the Syrian civil war to create a kingdom of greater Syria

    Hashemite have historically tried many time to create a « Hashemite Kingdom of Greater Syria » how would it be doable for Abdullah II and the Jordanian military to try profit of the Crisis early on to create it ? I guess they could play a narrative with them being Sunni to unite the rebel...
  6. Jordan's monarchy is overthrown in 1958?

    What if Jordanian king Hussein suffered the fate of his cousin, Faisal of Iraq, and was toppled by a military coup the same year (1958) that established a republic? Would keeping Suleiman Nabulsi, who pushed for closer ties with Nasserist Egypt, as prime minister (he was removed in 1957 after...
  7. What If These People Lived &/Or Stayed in PowerMUCH Longer?

    What are you predictions/opinions/other if the people below lived longer (like up to 90 years or age)? Enrico Mattei Adriano Olivetti Aldo Moro Fuad I of Egypt Thomas Sankara Che Guevara Thomas Lumumba Sir Seretse Khama Abdullah I of Jordan Bruce Lee Yukio Mishima Salvador Allende Peron...
  8. GauchoBadger

    AHC/WI: No Emirate of Transjordan

    IOTL, there was disarray in Arabia after political defeats suffered by the Hashemites, mainly the destruction of the abortive Syrian Arab kingdom under Hussein's son Faisal earlier in 1920 by the French. The area that now comprises the Kingdom of Jordan was then under the influence of a...
  9. DBWI: Operation Kedem fails, Israel unable to march to the Jordan

    As we all know, during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War (the Israeli War of Independence / the Naqba), Irgun and Lehi successfully liberated Jerusalem on July 8 in "Operation Kedem." This enabled Jewish militias to advance east from the high ground of Judea all the way to the Jordan river before the...
  10. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: The Sykes-Picot Agreement is not done

    Simply put, it was the Anglo-French plan to split the Middle East. Something done behind the backs of the Arab peoples. Who had been promised independence from the Ottoman Empire. drawing on what was going then IOTL, what would have happened had this agreement never happened?
  11. WI No 1967 Arab-Israeli War

    Let's say the Israelis interpret Nasser's movement of troops to the Sinai more rationally as a show to the other Arab leaders. As a result, there is no 1967 war. Jordan, Egypt and Syria retain the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights respectively. What are the results of this?
  12. GauchoBadger

    WI: Arab victory in the Six Days' War (1967)?

    What if the Arab countries (mainly Egypt, Syria, and Jordan) had managed to beat Israel in the Six Days' War of 1967 and conclude a peace favourable to their interests, instead of losing large territories to Israel? What would they negotiate for? An enlarged and sovereign Palestine, perhaps in...
  13. AHC: multiple non-Arab Levantine nation-states for MAXIMUM BALKANIZATION

    OTL there is only one self-identified non-Arab nation-state, Israel, in Levant today (defined here as the lands between Anatolia in Turkey, the Suez Canal in Egypt, the Iranian Plateau, and the Arabian Peninsula). The challenge is to figure out how to maximize the number of non-Arab...
  14. Syrian/Egyptian takeover of Jordan?

    The Wikipedia article on the Syrian Republic notes towards the end that Iraq warned Damascus and Cairo against taking over Jordan. Was such ever really feasible, possible, or under consideration? Could it have succeeded?
  15. AHC / WI: Israel holds Jerusalem after 1948 war

    By Jerusalem I mean the Old City. OTL Jordan conquered it and expelled all the Jews, destroyed Jewish graves on Mt Olives, and razed many synagogues. Could Israel take it in 1948? How? And how would the conflict change as a result?
  16. The Fertile Cresent plan happens in the Middle East.

    How would Middle Eastern society and politics be different today if the Fertile Crescent plan occured(where Iraq, Syria, and Jordan all join into one country).
  17. What if Middle East was still mostly colonies in 1948?

    What if some or all of the Arab states of Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, Iraq, and/or Egypt were still colonies/mandates/protectorates (basically under European control) by the time of the partition of Palestine? How would this affect the UN vote? The Israeli war of Independence? From what I know...
  18. Meshakhad

    WI Peres-Hussein London Agreement Was Ratified

    In 1987, then-Foreign Minister Shimon Peres tried to negotiate an agreement with King Hussein of Jordan where Israel would cede the West Bank to Jordan. Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir killed it, and in 1988 Jordan abandoned its claim on the West Bank. What if Shamir had accepted the deal? It's...
  19. thezerech

    DBWI: What if the Syrian Social Nationalist Party didnt unify Greater Syria?

    The title says it all folks, what if the SSNP had failed to unify Greater Syria, or at least the majority of it. Obviously, events in the middle east had a huge effect on the cold war and the global situation in general so I'm wondering how much of a butterfly effect we would see.
  20. ramones1986

    Possible capital of a Hashemite-ruled Arabia

    As the question (and the poll) said, what particular city could be the capital of a Hashemite Kingdom of Arabia, given the PoD (e.g. India Office was favored by the British government and the Hashemites have a better relationship with the merchant elite of Hejaz). Could it impact the economic...