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  1. Lafayette_

    The Beatles Compromise (a Discography)
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    Hi all - I've decided to gather the few different entries I've made to the "Rock albums from alternate timelines" thread and post them on a new one, dedicated to a timeline where the Beatles find ways to compromise starting in 1967. I plan to cover their output through 1980. Some albums will be...
  2. QTXAdsy

    The Fingerprints Of Epstein - Yet Another Beatles TL
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    Hello there, it is time to start a new TL of mine. Yes, it is a Beatles TL which is far from the only one but what this is something a little different in which not only Brian Epstein lives but actually has some major changes going forward in ways you probably won't have seen before in which...
  3. studdley_

    Gipper Falls: An Alternate 80s and Beyond

    Hey guys! Writing a timeline to me always seemed extremely difficult, with myself needing quite a bit of knowledge about many things to make a truly realistic experience. But I've decided to take a crack at it, because why not? Before I get started, though: 1. I am absolutely taking...
  4. Emperor Max

    AHC: John Lennon Leads Popular Uprising

    An AHC I’ve thought of lately POD: 1969-1971 Rules: The Beatles breakup must remain the same Lennon must lead a political party by August 1972 The party would be broadly far-left, with an overall Marxist leaning, to be socially liberal and opposed to the Vietnam War Bonus points if supporters...
  5. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

    Beatles WI: McCartney dies instead of Lennon

    "..we are receiving breaking news that Paul McCartney and his wife, Linda have been found dead in Nigeria. As of right now, it is unclear what the cause of death was, however some sources are saying that both were brutally stabbed." How is the world impacted? Most importantly, How are John...
  6. Asharella


    Honolulu, Hawai May 27, 1977 David Mark Chapman had come to Hawai for one purpose- to kill himself. He attached a plastic hose to the exhaust of his car, put the other end in the car, rolled the windows up, and turned the car on. As the car filled up with the deadly gas, the 22 year old...
  7. BlackentheBorg

    Years and Years - interviews with a Beatle, 1998

    Everyone seems to have something to say about John Lennon. From his days as a neerdowell Teddy Boy to his rancorous days as a rocker child in Berlin to multi-million selling rock n' roll icon, his life seems to be rich in stories, a biographers daydream. And he hasn't been especially guarded...
  8. Wings Over the World (1970 - 2000): A Paul McCartney and Wings TL
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    Wings' logo From 1971 to 2000 ex-Beatle Paul McCartney had a little band, a band that tried to take on the world; this band came close, but sadly it flew to close to the sun and melted. Wings had number ones, films, and Grammies; however trend chasing, label fall out, member changes, and the...
  9. Asharella

    A Trial Separation

    I said when I did these four posts in Ninth Revolution: AH's Beatles Group that it wouldn't be a timeline. But I've changed my mind. I'm going to create an alternate history where the Beatles don't break up in 1969. Here are the original posts. I'll add more to the timeline in later posts here.
  10. WI: Fifth Beatle

    Hi, do any of you think that it would be possible if John, Paul, George and Ringo decided to add a fifth member in 1969? To make the live performences better (Becuase they would probably tour in 1969-1970) and make the studio a more comfortable place, the infamous Get Back sessions got a bit...
  11. Reagan is Dead, Lennon is Alive: A Collaborative Timeline in the 1980s

    December 8, 1980: John Lennon narrowly avoids getting assassinated. Though he is in critical condition, with surgery, he recovers completely by the end of the year. March, 30, 1981: Ronald Reagan is killed by John Hinckley Jr. He is shot four times, once directly in the head. He is pronounced...
  12. BlackentheBorg

    Grow Old With Me - a TLIAW
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    Nobody thought they'd actually get away with it. I mean, there were plenty, bloody plenty, who wanted to boot him out personally (Stormy Thormy, the Eff Be I, squares of all shapes and sizes) but nobody thought Tricky Dicky would actually go ahead and do it. There’d been a death in the night...
  13. Would the Beatles have split up sooner if not for Allen Klein?

    Allen Klein is often listed as a key reason why the Beatles fell apart. The irreconcilable differences between Klein and the Eastmans led to the McCartney lawsuit that finally brought a legal end to the band. Klein exacerbated preexisting tension between John and Paul in his effort to box out...