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  1. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    Plausibility Check: Could A Slightly More Successful Bay of Pigs Resulted in a Operation: Powerpack style of intervention? Or Would It Be Impractical

    Everyone who is reading this should have a general understanding about the Bay of Pigs Invasion, about how a force of anti-Communist Cuban exiles were trained by the Central Intelligence Agency and were sent to topple the regime under Fidel Castro only for it to become a fiasco and the aftermath...
  2. Bull_Moose

    Camelot Endures: An Alternative Look at the 1960s and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction Hey everyone! I’m a big fan of this site and have been a long-time observer. I’ve wanted to do a timeline for quite some time. I’ve finally decided to take a crack at it and hope for the best! Before I begin, a little about me. I am a third-year university student and long-time...
  3. WI: JFK assassinated... in 1960

    In 1960, a retired postal worker named Richard Paul Pavlick attempted to assassinate president-elect John F. Kennedy. On December 11, he had an opportunity to blow up Kennedy with a car bomb, but balked because Kennedy's wife and children were nearby. He was arrested before he could try again...
  4. Chapman

    WI: Kennedy/Jackson 1960?

    According to Wikipedia (a spotty source at best, but let's roll with it), Henry "Scoop" Jackson was the first choice of then-Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy for VP. Kennedy obviously chose Lyndon B. Johnson instead, out of a belief that a southerner was essential to winning the election...
  5. Hulkster'01

    DWBI: If Johnson had lived..

    As we all know on November 22, 1963 Vice President Johnson was assassinated. In the 1964 election he was replaced with Senator George Smathers from Florida as Kennedy’s VP and helped win him a second term. But the question remains in our brains, what if Lyndon Baynes Johnson had lived? What if...
  6. Hulkster'01

    JFK conspiracy theories if he survived?

    what would be the conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination if he had lived? Would they even exist? If so what would be some of the theories in this alternate reality?
  7. Hulkster'01

    WI: President Nixon v. Kennedy in 1960??

    What If Eisenhower had died during his second term andNixon was made president? How does this effect the 1960 election? Does Nixon win the election or Kennedy? If he does win, is he the one who is assassinated in Dallas in 1963 instead of Kennedy? If Kennedy loses in 1960, does he run again? If...
  8. DCPritt

    A New Frontier with New Challenges (JFK Survives)

    (CREATOR'S NOTE: This certainly is not a new idea but I want to play this out and take this forward. I plan to be pretty in depth and start with...) CHAPTER ONE - For the Love of Dallas President John F. Kennedy is wanting to seek reelection in 1964 but most of his New Frontier Agenda is...
  9. President_Lincoln

    Blue Skies in Camelot: An Alternate 60's and Beyond

    Hi all! I'm a big fan of alternate history, a long time lurker on the site and a first time poster. I've wanted to try my hand at a timeline of my own for a while now, and decided to take a crack at it! Before we begin, I just want to say a few things: 1. Any resemblance this timeline may...
  10. Hulkster'01

    AHC: Elvis and JFK

    Your job is to make this picture a reality. But, Elvis must still be an entertainer and JFK has to be President.
  11. John F. Kennedy Presidency in the 1970s

    So, let's say that Richard Nixon wins the United States Presidential Elections of 1960 and 1964 against different Democratic opponents (maybe Lyndon B. Johnson in 1960 and maybe Pat Brown, George Wallace, or one of Johnson's OTL surrogates in 1964). If Kennedy did not win the Democratic...
  12. Nightingale

    AHC: Good Kennedy-LBJ Relationship

    The Kennedys and LBJ never got along with each other that well; What's worse, RFK and LBJ hated each other so much that some would say LBJ would want any other successor to him in 1968 IOTL, just not RFK. So the challenge is to foster a good relationship between the Kennedys and LBJ.
  13. Pokemon Master

    Camelot Continued: A "Kennedy Survives" Collaborative TL

    April 10, 1963: At his home in Dallas, Texas, retired U.S. Major General Edwin Walker is shot and killed by a 23-year-old man named Lee Harvey Oswald. April 11, 1963: In the early hours of the morning, Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested by the Texas Rangers and charged with murder. April 25, 1963...
  14. Pkmatrix

    DBWI: Marylin Monroe didn't kill JFK?

    I was wondering: how might the rest of President Kennedy's administration played out had he not been fatally stabbed by his lover, Marylin Monroe, when he tried to break off their relationship in August 1962? How might JFK have reacted to the Cuban Missile Crisis when it broke out two months...