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  1. Claudius66

    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood; The Return of Richard Nixon
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    Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. - Richard Nixon. If there is ever a man who can claim the title of the one I am so endlessly fascinated by, it is Richard Nixon. The boy from Yorba Linda, the snappy...
  2. Vidal

    WI: No Watergate scandal

    This topic has gotten some attention on the boards, but most of the comments were along the lines of "People trust government more" and called it a day. I'm hoping to begin a more earnest discussion based on a few central questions. Point of Divergence: IOTL, the Watergate burglary was foiled...
  3. Vidal

    Jimmy Two: America in Carter's Second Term
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    JIMMY TWO! America in Carter's Second Term 2023 Best Cold War to Contemporary Timeline This is not about creating some liberal utopia. If it were, Jimmy Carter would not be my choice. The archetypal “liberal” president deregulated industries at the expense of unions, decided to dramatically...
  4. Texas Two-Step: Nixon nominates Connally as VP in 1973

    It has been well documented over time how much Richard Milhous Nixon, the unloved, unhappy 37th President of the United States, admired John Connally. Admired? Nay, adored Connally. John Connally was everything Nixon was not, a brash, outspoken, smooth Texas cowboy with cojones that Nixon...
  5. Anarcho-Occultist

    DBWI: Connally lives, Kennedy dies

    In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was visiting Texas Governor John Connally in Dallas. While there, an ex-Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald shot at a van taking Connally and Kennedy through Dealey Plaza. Kennedy survived the incident with only minor injuries while Connally was not so fortunate...
  6. Oppo

    National Brotherhood Week - a Timeline by Gonzo and Oppo

    Oh, the white folks hate the black folks, And the black folks hate the white folks. To hate all but the right folks Is an old established rule. But during national brotherhood week, national brotherhood week, Cassius Clay and Mrs. Wallace are dancing cheek to cheek. It's fun to eulogize The...
  7. Service to Country

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was Ronald Reagan's night. He had finally done it. 4 decades of making crappy films and less crappy speeches had been worth it. He was finally the Republican nominee for...
  8. DCPritt

    A New Frontier with New Challenges (JFK Survives)

    (CREATOR'S NOTE: This certainly is not a new idea but I want to play this out and take this forward. I plan to be pretty in depth and start with...) CHAPTER ONE - For the Love of Dallas President John F. Kennedy is wanting to seek reelection in 1964 but most of his New Frontier Agenda is...
  9. HaroldGodwinson

    The 1980 Primaries (President Nixon in the 1980's)

    Richard Nixon campaigning in South Carolina 1979 President Carter's reorganization efforts meet with only partial as the attempt to separated the Department of Health, Education and Welfare into the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services was defeated thanks to...
  10. Nightingale

    Connally '68 as a Democrat

    What would it take for John Connally to be the Democratic nominee in 1968? What would be the outcome of the election, esp. if Nixon decides to run like OTL? Would Nixon still initiate a Southern Strategy?