jfk assassination

  1. Sir William Jol

    Dark Skies in Camelot

    "Mr. President, you can't say Dallas doesn't love you," "No you certainly can't" -the last words of First Lady of Texas Nellie Connally and 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy moments before the assassination in our timeline (a quote which is lost to history in another world, a...
  2. TheDetailer

    WI: JFK assassinated exactly a year later?

    What if JFK manages to live to see the end of 1963, but exactly an entire year later he still gets assassinated, but this time around on November 22nd, 1964, only a few weeks after the presidential election. How much could’ve changed over that time? Would JFK have won the election before his...
  3. HammerofWar

    If Kennedy Lived by Jeff Greenfield

    Anybody else read this? I have the audiobook and Ive listened through it several times over the years. I feel the author gives it a good try and its entertaining but I think a little too optimistic. Too much goes right and too little wrong. Still worth a read (or listen) but thats my two cents.
  4. DBWI: There really was one shooter

    Even 58 years and three generations later, John F. Kennedy's assassination at the hands of Lee Oswald, George de Mohrenschildt, and Paul Gregory still looms large among americans, with a common conspiracy theory being only Oswald was responsible for the assassination, which evidence has time...
  5. Anarcho-Occultist

    History is a Matter of Inches: An Alternate 1960's and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Part 1

    Part 1 “We must act to liquidate the communist scourge that threatens us from all over—from the Soviet Union in Europe, from just across the sea in Cuba and from within at the hands of communist agitators who, under the guise of civil rights, seek to upend the southern way of life and elevate...
  6. Would the Civil Rights Act Have Been Passed Under JFK?

    I've seen debate over whether or not the Civil Rights Act would have been passed had JFK never been assassinated. Some historians say yes, others (who are more partial to LBJ) say no. But what is more likely? Would the act still have passed had JFK lived?
  7. Chapman

    Congressional Response to alt-JFK assassination?

    To preface, I'm not sure if this was the best place to put this or not, so please do move it if it's not. Anywho, I'm hoping the lovely AH.com community would be willing and able to review some mock legislation I wrote up for a pet project of mine. The basic idea, as I've put out a few times on...
  8. DBWI: Kennedy assassination successful

    We all now of Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who injured Kennedy and killed his wife. But what would of happened had the assassination been succesfull? How would history have changed?
  9. Chapman

    DBWI: Operation Zapata fails?

    In 1961, President John F. Kennedy executed Operation Zapata, the brainchild of the Eisenhower Administration, which ultimately achieved the overthrow of Cuban President Fidel Castro and neutralized the Communist threat on the island. Despite fears by many during the initial days of the...
  10. Hulkster'01

    DWBI: If Johnson had lived..

    As we all know on November 22, 1963 Vice President Johnson was assassinated. In the 1964 election he was replaced with Senator George Smathers from Florida as Kennedy’s VP and helped win him a second term. But the question remains in our brains, what if Lyndon Baynes Johnson had lived? What if...
  11. Hulkster'01

    WI: Both Kennedy and Oswald lived?

    what if both assassination attempts on their lives had failed? Would Oswald eventually confess to it all? What would be the theories now that Oswald is living and had failed once again to kill someone important? What is sentence after his trial? How does this affect the 1960’s with JFK living...
  12. Hulkster'01

    JFK conspiracy theories if he survived?

    what would be the conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination if he had lived? Would they even exist? If so what would be some of the theories in this alternate reality?
  13. What if Operation Northwoods went ahead?

    In 1962 Operation Northwoods was proposed in response to Cuba being under communist rule. The false flag operation was a plan to commit terrorist acts within the United States and blame in on Cuba in order to rally the people and have justified military action in Cuba. Link:Operation Northwoods...
  14. Chapman

    Timeline for US Invasion of Cuba, 1963?

    For a tl i'm currently working on, I have a few questions for any military historians who can tell me what a US invasion of Cuba would look like, following an alternate assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The basic idea is this: On November 22nd, 1963, JFK is assassinated by Lee Harvey...
  15. The_Russian

    What if JFK and LBJ's fates were reversed.

    I don't know if this has been done before, but I'm wondering. What if LBJ won the democratic nomination, chose JFK as his VP, beat Nixon, and died in 1963 at Dallas. What might have changed. Would the Vietnam war still happen or be as bad as OTL. Who would be president in 1969, etc.
  16. Chapman

    WI: Kennedy Assassination as Act of Communist Terrorism?

    While Lee Harvey Oswald was largely pro-Soviet, his ultimate motives for assassinating JFK were nonpolitical in nature. But what if it had been determined that Oswald had in fact been a part of a larger, domestic, Communist terror group, and that this killing was done in the name of said group...
  17. Emperor Norton I

    WI: President Dean Rusk, After Dallas '63

    I dealt with this in the thread "Post-Kennedy Assassination PODs", and I find it rather interesting. I find the other topics of that thread also interesting, wholly uncovered, and very good as a timeline or story. But I will focus on this one. I will also quote my entry in regards to this topic...
  18. Scenarios On How JFK Survived Dallas?

    I am thinking of writing an alternate history of JFK for this forum and have him survive The Dallas assassination attempt. But I am not sure on how I should create the scenario by which JFK survives. I think Jeff Greenfield in his novel did a good job by having the bubble top of the...