1. What would be an ideally prepared Japanese Empire for WW2?

    Besides resolving the IJA and IJN rivalry? Also it would be still Axis aligned.

    I take my sorrow

    What if. The austrian wine scandal Was Way worse then expected? what if the scandal wasnt only exclusive to Austria and West germany? i decided to make a story about it. Called "I take my sorrow" Plot: "its the early 1983. Hasamoto Mikan and her big brother Okumura Haru (birth name Hasamoto...
  3. What if US won a war to take the whole Oregon?

    This is the history of my book, The Fifth War, which is set in an alternate 2025 with a PoD in the 1840s...
  4. Pipcard

    JAXA+ | What if Japan had an unlimited space budget?

    What if an alien space bat decided to give the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) an unlimited budget and resources for space development? This agency becomes known as JAXA+. One thing they might do is build the H-Z, a super-heavy launch vehicle capable of carrying 285-485 tonnes to low...
  5. PolishMagnet

    Graphics Timeline - A Greater East Asia
    Threadmarks: Empire of Japan

    Hello, this thread is for a timeline I thought up which will primarily be explained through fake wikipedia-style pages and various graphics. It focuses on the idea of a large Japanese Empire which is democratic and less antagonistic or aggressive. There are some other divergences in the rest of...
  6. GameBawesome

    Effects of an Oda Japan?

    (Based off a previous thread I made that died and wanted a fresh start.) Oda Nobunaga was one of the Great Unifiers of Japan and is one of my favorite historical figures in history. Through brilliance, and brutality, he almost unified the entirety of Japan. He was open to foreign culture and...
  7. Azimuthal

    What/If March First Independence Movement succeeded?

    The Korean Declaration of Independence We herewith proclaim the independence of Korea and the liberty of the Korean people. This we proclaim to all the nations of the world in witness of human equality. This we proclaim to our descendants so that they may enjoy in perpetuity their inherent right...
  8. Could Japan have joined the Allies in World War II?

    While Japan was officially allied with Germany and Italy, in practice it was more of a co-belligerent. It generally didn't try to coordinate with its European Axis counterparts, and the two countries were known to work at cross purposes even after they officially became allied. For example...
  9. World Mapping

    Japan wins the Pacific War: Can they really hold down the entirety of the Far East?

    Let's say Japan wins the Pacific War. Can Japan really hold down all that land from Hawaii to Burma, from Manchuria to Indonesia? If not, then when does the Japanese Empire collapse, and what's left of the Japanese Empire afterward?
  10. Maharlikan_

    The Dragon and the Sea Lion: A History of the Japanese-Austronesian Rivalry and Conflict.
    Threadmarks: Introduction/Asia in 2022

    Back in early 2020, I joined a fictional Nationstates Roleplay in an amino community I was in along with a friend. For the roleplay I conceived a somewhat generic Filipino state known as The Kingdom of Greater Tagalog. As the roleplay went on, this fictional state would eventually merge with my...
  11. WW1: Industrized China Central Power

    how would an Industrialized China Industrialized per unit as Germany fight WW1 allied with central powers if it already conquered Japan, Korea, Philippines and never gave up outer Manchuria to Russia WW1 and 19th century European wars happen similary because far east didn't effect wars in...
  12. the Imperium of Canada

    So how accurate is the "Japanese will become psychotic murder robots if the emperor is abolished" trope?

    So a common talking point in discussions about the possibility of the United States attempting to abolish the Japanese monarchy and attempting to set up a republic after the end of the Second World War is that the entire population of Japan will freak the fuck out and start a never-ending...
  13. Successful defence of Singapore and the Dutch East Indies during ww2

    What would happen if the Japanese failed to capture Singapore and the Dutch East Indies during ww2. Let’s say before Pearl Harbour naval assets are transferred to Asia and more troops start arriving in the area (mainly Indians and Australians). The defence is also beefed up with more artillery...
  14. Was there any other backward nation that tried to industrialize like Japan or was Japan just a single case?

    I only know of another case similar to Japan, with Paraguay prior to the War. I will not count Ethiopia or Thailand, maybe Liberia.
  15. What if Lord Halifax became Prime minister and made peace with Germany

    In May 1940 just before the battle of France Halifax excepts the role of becoming Prime Minister. On the 22-23rd of May the Germans reach the English Channel and the allied forces are encircled. In our timeline Halifax believed Britain should make peace before the BEF was destroyed and he...
  16. GameBawesome

    WI: Kobayakawa Hideaki betrays Tokugawa Ieyasu at Sekigahara

    The Battle of Sekigahara was one of the most decisive battles in Asian history, as with the victory of the Eastern Army under Tokugawa Ieyasu against the Western Army under Ishida Mitsunari, lead to the paving of the Tokugawa Shogunate for centuries. The Tokugawa Clan would displace the Toyotomi...
  17. What Would Happen To A Manchukuo Post World War 2 If It Achieved Independence

    So if you didn't know in the game Hearts Of Iron 4 if you play as Manchukuo you can revolt against the Japanese. its an interesting and practically impossible scenario. but an interesting concept. what if Manchukuo turned on the Japanese and joined the second united front against the...
  18. Gillan1220

    What if the JSDF was rearmed with the Type 4 Chi-To and the Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tank?

    When the JSDF was established in 1954, they were given American hand-me-downs from the uniforms, the M1 Garand, and even the Sherman tanks. Japan at the end of the war had only completed two Type 4 Chi-To medium tanks and over 166 Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tanks. What if the U.S. allowed Japan to...
  19. Russian presence in North Manchuria, effects on Japanese policies post-1930?

    Some context: Competent A-H fends off Brusilov offensive, no German USW, February Revolution still on time, no Kerensky Offensive, no October Revolution, armistice in late 1917/early 1918, negotiated peace in 1918. Russia only loses Poland (sans Suwalki). German Asia-Pacific possessions have the...
  20. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: China/Japan relations similar to OTL's France/Britain relations.

    Basically, a historical rivalry that turns into first truce then alliance through shared conflicts. One example could be the two countries having to fight together against a Soviet invasion.