1. Andrew Boyd

    DBWI: Fully Independent Ireland

    Long story short, have the UK - Irish relations deteriorate to the point that rather than being a Dominion in the British Commonwealth, Ireland instead becomes a fully fledged nation. Another thing that could be bought up is how various historic enemies of the UK (old France, or Hitler) would...
  2. Domestic British Politics without WW1?

    How would domestic British politics develop without intervention in WW1? Im going to assume that the Archduke is still dies and Europe descends into war but Britain stays out. But say things in Ireland reach a head before this occurs and Britain is too preoccupied with Ireland to intervene. Or...
  3. Alternate Third Wife for Brian Boru?

    Brian Boru was the High King of Ireland and brought the King of Dublin Sigtrygg Silkbeard into submission during the First Leinster Revolt. To seal their new alliance Brian married Sigtrygg's mother Gormflaith Ingen Murchada while Sigtrygg married Brian's daughter Slaine Ingen Brian. The...
  4. England Actually Enslaves the Irish

    Note: This is not meant to promulgate the Irish slaves canard. We already know that it is a myth used by specific groups and certain unsavory types created by an anti-Semite not to mention built on exaggerated and outright fabricated information . This is only to meant hypothesize what if...
  5. WI: Protestant Ireland

    What if Ireland had become, without a successful plantation system, majority protestant between the 1550s and 1660s?
  6. Gukpard

    What if the british transfered all the irish catholic population of Northern Ireland to the RoI?

    We had some cases of forced population transfers in the 1920s, like the turks with the greeks and the armenians after the greco-turkish war or the poles and germans in silesia. Assuming the british sees this as a definitive solution to prevent dissent like the troubles, and negociated for...
  7. Kerguelen

    Mass Irish Emmigration To Africa?

    After reading about the history of the Afrikaners and the Great Irish Famine, I've started to wonder: what if the British began encouraging Irish immigration to their African colonies? The Irish diaspora caused by the potato famine is well known, as starving farmers traveled from Boston to...
  8. James the AH Fan

    What If: No Irish Potato Famine

    By the 1840s, Ireland had a total population of around 8.2 million people. Its population was steadily increasing, but something happened that would change the country, the impacts still being felt today. In late 1845, water mold began to appear on potatoes in gardens all across the country...
  9. QTXAdsy

    A True World Cup: 24 teams at England '66
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Preventing a Boycott and the Expansion for the 1966 FIFA World Cup

    A TRUE WORLD CUP An Early World Cup Expansion By QTXAdsy Prior to qualification for the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England, FIFA found itself in the middle of a controversy and a headache. In 1964, 31 African nations threatened to boycotted the tournament to protest a 1964 FIFA ruling that required...
  10. KingOnTheEdge

    WI Roman Ireland?

    Ireland is one of relatively few places Rome shared a long history of contact/raiding with that the Empire never conquered. The reasons are fairly simple as i understand them- Britannia was already a mess and adding a new one would suck, Ireland wasn't wealthy enough to justify it, and they...
  11. WI: No WW1 - Effects on Irish Politics in the UK

    How would there being no WW1 or the UK staying out of WW1 effect Ireland specifically? In regards to Home Rule legislation/Potential Independence
  12. WI: Sigtrygg Silkbeard Olafsson Dies During the First Leinster Revolt?

    Sigtrygg Silkbeard Olafsson was the Hiberno-Norse King of Dublin in Ireland from 989 AD to 993 AD and again from 995 AD to 1036 AD. He was a major player in the world of Irish politics at the time and even had some influence in England as his father was King of York. Most famously he opposed...
  13. Antonio Ferrari

    New participants to ww2

    A spiritual successor from my New participants to ww1. We all know that the Axis Powers were composed by Germany, Italy, Japan, their puppet states, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the co belligerent Finland, Iraq and Siam. But what if they had more allies? What if the Axis was also reinforced by...
  14. KingOnTheEdge

    Dbahc: ireland stays Catholic

    Otl, Ireland and Irish protestantism are very complicated. Up north you have more anglicans loyal to Britain, and in the south, you have a sort of Celtic revivalist religion. While the south isnt agitating for separation from Britain, it is more nationalistic than the rest of the empire, with...
  15. Pilsudski

    AHC: Keep the whole of Ireland as part of the United Kingdom

    Assuming a PoD of no earlier than January 1st, 1919, what could the British do to keep the whole of Ireland as part of the United Kingdom? Is the Irish war of independence guaranteed to force the British to institute home rule?
  16. WI: King Strongbow

    What if Henry's worst fears come true and due to him being slow to react or some other contrivance Strongbow does go on to attempt to enforce his rule over the rest and succeed and ala Hastings has himself (or asks/works to be) recognised as King of Ireland? Who does he bring over with him and...
  17. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    Irish population with no famine

    This is a simple question really, what might the population for modern Ireland be if the Irish Famine never occurred?
  18. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: King Alexander I of England Born A Girl?

    King Alexander I Tudor was one of England's greatest monarchs, as well as the Kingdom of Great Britain's first expanding the realm oversees to the Chesapeake Colony, ensured tolerance of Protestants within England (after he used Scottish Protestantism to get the pope to let him invade and claim...
  19. Hindustani Person

    WI: Godert van Reede dies at the battle of Seneffe

    Godert Van Reede is known for his clever military strategy, which helped win the Williamite war in Ireland. Before that, he was already a soldier- his first post was assigned to him at age 12, and he fought in the Franco-Dutch war, where he was gravely wounded at the battle of Seneffe. What...
  20. The Professor

    Halfdan wins the Kingdom of Dublin

    So OTL Halfdene, more commonly Halfdan, early after becoming King of Yorvik sailed to claim Dublin, the kingdom likely previously ruled by his brother Ivar the Boneless, but died trying to take it. So ATL he succeeded. What are the repercussions?