1. WI Saddam Hussein started paying Kuwait reparations by 2000? Could normalization with the rest of the Arab/Islamic world be possible?

    The POD for this timeline is rather simple, the crippling sanctions have their desired effect of bringing Saddam to the table. Scenario: The millenium has turned and the Iraqi president's heart has mellowed. Once the prideful wartime president, he now leads a country devastated by sanctions. He...
  2. Abd ar-Rahman II

    WI : The Abbasids defeat the Mongol Invasion of Iraq

    I was reading some old post from @John7755 يوحنا were he discussed the recovery of the Abbasids in the post Seljuk era and how they might have succeeded in beating back Hulagu and his army the PoD is a different and far more competent Caliph al Musta'sim that take the Mongol threats...
  3. Saddam successfully develops nuclear weapons

    Assuming the Israelis do not destroy the Iraqi Nuclear Program, and Saddam is able to test a nuclear bomb and then further develop nuclear weapons during the Iran-Iraq war, how would that change the timeline? Iran's reaction? Israel's reaction? Other Arab countries reactions? And finally, the...
  4. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI Saddam Hussein ‘does a Gaddafi’ in 1998; agrees to co-operate fully with the UN and IAEA. Sanctions lifted and Iraq no longer a pariah

    Saddam Hussein for whatever reason decides to drop his anti-American and anti-Western stance (and by extension his anti-Israel rhetoric) agreeing to all of the demands of the UN and IAEA and expressing a strong desire for Iraq to return within the fold ‘of the civilized world.’ The United States...
  5. ImperialxWarlord

    What if Iraq was invaded after the gulf war?

    What if instead of stopping when Iraq was forced out of Kuwait snd beaten the US and Coalition forces invaded iraq? How feasible is this? What would happen if the invasion occured? How would iraq handle under an invasion and how would the war go? Would it be like the Iraq war or no? And what...
  6. US invasion of Iraq in late 90s?

    Ok, my scenario revolves around a "90s War on terror" setting where the main PoD is the successful 1993 WTC bombing. In 1993, US invades Sudan which hosted Al-Qaeda at the time. Let's say that in the second half of 1990s another major terrorist attack occures in US or UK. Clinton or...
  7. Taunay

    Which side could most plausibly win the Iran-Iraq War?

    With a POD of exactly when the war started, which country (Iran or Iraq) had the highest chance of winning the war? And what would be the impact of this? Would an Iraq victory cause a collapse of the Iranian government? Would an Iranian victory cause a rise in Islamic revolutions across the...
  8. Would Kurdistan fall under Soviet Influence in this scenario? If so, how would the Middle East be affected?

    In my alt-history timeline, Turkey joins the Axis Powers during WWII and promptly commits a devastating invasion of southern Russia. I'm not sure if this would prolong the war but ultimately, the Axis is still defeated, the USSR survives and as punishment, Turkey's borders are reduced to that of...
  9. What if the Soviet connected the Caspian sea to the Persian Sea by flooding the Ararat Plain?

    What if the following depression was flooded by building a dam to block the Aras river? Geographically the aras river flow trought a 10 km wide choke point. You can use the mountains and build a series of 2 km, 1 km, 2 km and 1 km dam to cut the flow of water and create a lake. There is...
  10. AHC/WI: Pro-China Communist Iraq

    How can we have where instead of the Baath party taking power, Pro-China communists take power in Iraq? Were there any Maoists in the ICP and if not could the USSR's support of Egypt push Iraq into the Pro-China camp? Would they try to recreate the great leap forward right down to the poor...
  11. What would it mean for Yemen if the US fell into isolationism allowing Saddam Hussein to attack KSA successfully enough to force KSA into Iraqi influe
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    *Iraqi influence
  12. Gukpard

    Best case scenario for Iraq.

    I met this iraqi dude in a history page and he told me about Iraq in the 1970s, something that causes interest in Brazilians since back then we would build a car called Passat and there would be the bare bones version and the "Passat Iraquiano", an improved version to be exported to Iraq. Saddam...
  13. Commissar_Alfsky

    If Saddam isn't captured, how does the Iraqi Insurgency play out?

    From Wikipedia:
  14. Exporting the Revolution - The Islamic Republic of Iraq?

    One of Ruhollah Khomeini's objectives was exporting the Islamic Revolution across the Muslim world. Now, this was always going to be an uphill battle due to the Shi'ite dimension of Khomeinism not being readily applicable to the mores of Sunni governance (concepts such as Velâyat-e Faqih are too...
  15. US uses the Afghanistan route for Iraq in 2003

    What if, the Americans got rid of Saddam in 2003 similar to how they removed the taliban in 2001. E.g instead of an invasion they do a massive air campaign while the kurds and Shia rebels do most of the fighting on the ground. How would this play out?
  16. Iwanh

    Geronimo : What if Osama Bin Laden was killed prior to 9/11?
    Threadmarks: Part 1: August 20th, 1998

    Geronimo Part I August 20th, 1998. Approximately 3:30 p.m. GMT[1]. Following orders given by President Bill Clinton, the United States undertook a controversial act. In what the President justified as a pre-emptive strike against terrorism. 70 cruise missiles were fired into Afghanistan...
  17. Federal United Arab Republic?

    According to former Vice President of Egypt, Abdel-Latif Al-Boghdadi, Nasser initially supported a federal union for the United Arab Republic. However the threat of a Communist takeover prompted him to support a total union under strict measures. Such measures such as the outlaw of all political...
  18. Ukron

    Second Iran-Iraq war in 1990s?

    Hello everyone, in your opinion is it possible to envisage a conflict between Iran and Iraq after 1991 What would be (in your opinion) the direct consequences?
  19. ChadMachine999

    US abandones Kuwait

    What would happen is during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait the US just says "not my problem" and leaves Kuwait to its fate.
  20. ChadMachine999

    Sucessful Iraq-Syrian Union

    What pod post-WW2 would allow for a sucssful Iraq-Syria Union lead by the Ba'ath Party or a group with a similar ideology?