1. kasumigenx

    The Shadow of Pinatubo Deluxe

    "We are in the mercy of Mount Pinatubo" ~ Anonymous Verso 1 In the end of the 15th Century or the beginning of 16th century, Volcano of Pinatubo erupted and destroyed the lives of the people in the plains of the Pampanga river, the ashes and lahar ravaged the lands, around this time a...
  2. Dutch East Indies without WW2

    If Japan never invaded the Dutch East Indies, what would have happened to the colony in the 50s and 60s?
  3. This Land of Golden Kings

    This Land of Golden Kings A History of the Kingdom of Srivijaya Introduction: In 1988 three men fishing just off the Southern coast of Sumatra found their net caught more than they bargained for when they hauled up a chunk of metal about 3 inches in length and 2 in diameter that, while...
  4. AudieonAHCom

    The Minangnese Candidate-A Timeline By TheTimeRanger

    Candi Prambanan, pictured before the conference. 25th December 1925 Prambanan, Central Java-Dutch East Indies It was a questionable, yet logical move, on why the Indonesian Communist Party decided to held a conference in a Candi complex, where its eerie vibe, and element of unexpectedness may...