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  1. Calcaterra

    AHC: A World of Kings Through 2000

    The challenge is that with a POD (or several, which is most likely needed) no earlier than May 6, 1910, and no later than November 9, 1923, the following statements are true as of January 1, 2000: -The British Empire is the most powerful entity on Earth, headed by the descendants of King George...
  2. Can a woman be the ruler of the German Empire?

    What if Frederick III, father of Wilhelm II, born a woman? Can she inherit the throne or the title go to her uncle ( because Wilhelm I only has daughter)?
  3. Development of Royal Navy battleships without Naval Arms Race or even WWI?

    As the title says, how would the Royal Navy battleship develop without the Anglo-German naval arms race or even WWI? Say the Germans concentrate more on their Army, modernising their fleet but not attempting to challenge the RN? I’m assuming Dreadnought would still be built and all-big gun...
  4. AHQ: Willy II dies, and Bismarck gets to work until his death. What happens now?

    After rereading 'Es Geloybte Aretz' I want to know how the Empire would go had Bismarck done his thing for even longer? Would conflict with Britain be more unlikely, how would the political Climate at home have gone? Would WW1 still be inevitable or would we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of...
  5. How early could the German Empire rise?

    How soon after the 1805 dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire could some variant of the German Empire be founded?
  6. AHC: Anglo-German Alliance

    Anyway to make this work?
  7. Germany wins the First World War: Speculating about its political future

    I don't know if this particular subject has been discussed at length in other threads speculating about a Central Powers victory in World War One, but I've often wondered about what political direction Germany itself would move in if it were to come out on top at war's end. No matter how the war...
  8. AntoniousTheBro

    Timeline proposal: The Beasts of Europe

    The idea is of a Russian, German and Italian alliance. i do know of the twin eagles and lion timeline which i do enjoy however, i have several problems with it so i am taking a shot at my own. though quick gripe i am assuming their title is referring to the 3 nations themselves eagles...