1. Andrew Johnson is impeached, Benjamin Wade becomes the 18th President; what happens to the 1868 election cycle?

    Apparently there was a lot of belief that many of those who voted against Johnson's conviction was less about his crimes and more about keeping Wade - who was one of the most radical politicians at the time, favoring favoring women's suffrage, trade union rights, and equality for...
  2. Bomster

    WI: George W. Bush is impeached?

    Apparently throughout his second term there was serious calls for the impeachment of George W. Bush for the actions he had taken throughout his Presidency especially in regards to the Iraq War. What if after the 2006 election Democrats impeached George W. Bush? What sort of ramifications would...
  3. WI Clinton Impeachment Succeeds (Removed or Resigned)

    Figured this was timely moment to review this potential PoD. Some choice comments from last discussion:
  4. Vidal

    Impeaching a President

  5. DBWI: Bill Clinton Doesn't Resign

    On September 23, 1998, President Bill Clinton resigned after meeting with the Democratic Congressional leadership at the White House. Al Gore was sworn in as the 43rd President. What would it take to prevent Clinton from resigning? Would Clinton be able to survive the impeachment process? How...
  6. Sirion

    Richard Nixon Never Resigns?

    What would happen if Richard Nixon never resigned following the Watergate scandal? What would happen following his impeachment, or even beforehand? What would the long-term effects be, both domestically and globally? Would Nixon try to hold onto power for as long as he could?
  7. Texas Two-Step: Nixon nominates Connally as VP in 1973

    It has been well documented over time how much Richard Milhous Nixon, the unloved, unhappy 37th President of the United States, admired John Connally. Admired? Nay, adored Connally. John Connally was everything Nixon was not, a brash, outspoken, smooth Texas cowboy with cojones that Nixon...
  8. Clinton's Second Term Without the Lewinsky Scandal

    Supposing that Clinton's affair with Lewinsky had never been discovered by Ken Starr, how would Clinton's Presidency have unfolded from 1997-2001?
  9. Would You Impeach Reagan Over Iran-Contra?

    Edit: Having been made aware that this thread could be locked as the original version didn't include a POD, I've decided to turn this into an alternate history scenario reflect the standards of the site. During President Reagan's second term, it was revealed that his administration was...
  10. W.I. Democrats side with Republicans on Clinton impeachment At the moment...
  11. WI Democrats won Congress in the 1998 midterms?

    What if the Democrats won a majority in the House in the 1998 midterm elections? They did very well in the midterms, defying the 'six-year itch' to hold Republicans to 55 Senate seats and gain seats in the House. However, they failed to gain an outright majority in either house. What if the...