1. What if most people were gay?

    What if most people were gay and straight people were a minority?
  2. Nightingale

    SoCon + Fiscally Progressive America: Possible PODs

    Man, I'm note entertained if there are only conserva-wanks and liberal-wanks out there. Time for some hybrid wanks :)D), so... After searching and asking possibilities on threads on this site about a socially conservative and economically liberal (with some caveats in some areas) America, and...
  3. Apocalypse of Peter as canon: perceptions of female sexuality

    So I was doing some reading on apocryphal early christian texts, and it made reflect on the possible doctrinal implications that some of these making it into the Biblical canon could have had in the Christian world's perception of the sinfulness of certain acts, and by extension, that of some...
  4. Alcsentre Calanice

    WI: A former president turns out as gay

    Not speaking of today, because it would cause much less problems in our days. But what if in the 50s or 60s (basically the heyday of homophobia) a former US President turned out as gay? I say former because he already reached the climax of his political influence, so he don't need to fear to...
  5. America and Gays: A Brief History From 1780-1950

    “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” When one examines the history of homosexuality's place in American society, it’s sometimes hard to accept how drastically attitude shifted in under two centuries. When the country was founded in the late 18th...