1. mikroraptor

    Mikroraptor's Historical Map thread

    Hello, all! I have been making historical maps as an educational resource, and I think that they could also be useful for making AH projects. These maps are made using multiple sources, and as such I attempt to choose the most accurate borders, but it is still guesswork. I will post a labeled...
  2. Valdore Javorsky

    Valdore's V-BAM store AkA huge Historical Province Maps

    So I've posted my Austria WIP province Map a few days ago and I thought, hey, why continue annoying the map thread iv when you also can do your own thread? So this is Valdore's V-BAM Store AkA Valdore's Shitstuff Corner. In this thread I will post (nearly) all of my maps including...
  3. JG Online

    Q-Bam Historical Map Thread

    Title speaks for itself we'll be trying to make as accurate as possible full world historical Q-Bam maps I'll start with 1520 AD