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  1. archdukeofwasia

    Mary Tudor Jr. marries Philip of Palatinate-Neuburg and has a son.

    What if Henry VIII allowed the match to happen? If Mary and Philip have sons, what are the changes in the English succession? Also, if Mary becomes queen like in OTL, what happens to Elizabeth?
  2. WI: After Anne Boleyn's execution, Elizabeth had vanished from history (just like Mary Seymour did from the OTL)?

    How would Henry react? Would he care or he would be relieved that the daughter of his most hated wife has disappeared? What would the fate of England be like with Elizabeth gone?
  3. The Gybson Boy

    Henry VIII has a son in 1518, but Mary marries Charles V and inherits the throne in 1536.

    Charles V and I, Holy Roman Empire, King of the Spains and his wife Mary Tudor, Holy Roman Empress, Queen of the Spains and heir of the english throne in 1536 November 10, 1518: Catherine of Aragon gives birth to a healthy son who is christened Edward, Duke of Cornwall November 10, 1522: Prince...
  4. WI; All 3 of Henry the 7ths sons survive?

    What if (King) Arthur, Henry Duke of York and Edmund Duke of Somerset all survive to adulthood? I am most interested in Edmund, as he is the biggest question mark of the bunch... For the sake of the scenario, I will say that Arthur still marries Catherine of Aragon and both survive their...
  5. The Prince of the Roses - A Tudor TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Greenwich 1516

    Chapter 1 – A most fortunate birth - Greenwich 1516 Every church bell in London rang out loud in the city in on the 18th of February in 1516. To the commoners in the streets and the merchants in their houses it meant one thing had occurred. The speculations about the queen’s latest pregnancy...
  6. PC: Margaret Tudor becomes Queen of England?

    In 1524, Henry VIII had a jousting accident; he forgot to lower his visor and suffered a blow to the head above his right eye. He didn’t suffer any serious damage. However, let’s say that instead this blow is more serious and he dies shortly thereafter. He leaves behind Mary and Henry FitzRoy...
  7. aoifeloveskhoward

    The woes of the wimple: Anne Boleyn is sent to a nunnery
    Threadmarks: Nunnery

    I don’t know why I’m posting a TL as I already have my hands full. I’m bored though and my little sister is egging me to do one about Anne Boleyn so I got this idea. I am going to be tackling this tl and my Katherine Howard has twins one right now so the other ones are getting once a week...
  8. FalconHonour

    Rosa Sine Spina: Kitty Howard Is Pregnant in 1541
    Threadmarks: I: York, July 1541

    So: My creativity has hit rock bottom recently - I know *what* I want to write, but I haven't written a word for weeks. I'm hoping that, by posting the new TL I've promised you all, it might serve as a spur to get on and write again, either for this or for 'Titulus'. As promised, therefore...
  9. English Civil War in 1536

    Inspired by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Cl%C3%A9ment Furious that Anne Boleyn's execution has not led to reconciliation with Rome, a fanatical Catholic/monk dispossessed by the dissolution of the monasteries(maybe John Hallam, who took part in the 1537 Bigod's Rebellion) determines...
  10. The Gybson Boy

    The Rise of the Boleyn Dynasty: Consequences of the marriage and reign of Mary Tudor and George Boleyn?
    Threadmarks: Mary and George

    Their Majesties Queen Mary and King Jure Uxoris George in 1533 August 1528: Jane Boleyn succumbs to the sweating sickness, leaving her husband George Boleyn a widower August 1529: Thomas Boleyn, faced with the possibility of his daughter becoming Queen, decides that he wants to ensure that...
  11. RedKing

    WI: Mary I marries Philip of Bavaria and has a child?

    This is a bit of a long winded one, but the idea came to me and I think it’s a really interesting one, so here we go: In otl, Philip of Bavaria, Duke of Palatine-Neuberg, tried to win Mary’s hand in marriage for some time, though he ultimately failed due to Mary’s reluctance and later Henry’s...
  12. RedKing

    WI: Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon switch death dates?

    As the title says, Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon switch dates, i.e. Henry VIII dies on January 7th 1536 while Katherine lives on until January 28th 1547. For Henry VIII this is quite simple. In January 1536 of otl he had a jousting accident that left him unconscious and many feared he would...
  13. WI: Henry VIII's 1536 jousting accident leaves him sterile?

    What if, rather than suffering injuries to his thigh after being hit with a misplaced lance and being thrown from his horse, he sustains injuries slightly to the side, leaving him infertile? I just had this thought, and it is fascinating to me. A male heir becomes an impossibility for one...
  14. Brita

    Dragon King: the Many Wives, Mistresses and Children of King Henry VIII (1491-1577)
    Threadmarks: Henry VIII's wives and mistresses

    Original posts here. Dragon King The Many Wives, Mistresses and Children of King Henry VIII (1491-1577) The series’ title Dragon King derived from one of Henry VIII's badges, the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr. In 2015, History Channel 2 launched Dragon King, an ambitious TV series about the life...
  15. The Gybson Boy

    Twelve Tudor Roses: Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon Have Twelve Daughters

    This post has a similar premise to another post of mine from a few months ago, during the marriage of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, Catherine ended up becoming pregnant six times, of which four resulted in stillbirths, one in 1511 that produced a baby named Henrique who lived less than 2...
  16. Mary Tudor has siblings, but she marries a lot

    Catherine of Aragon bore three sons 1) Henry IX (1514-?) 2) Edward, Duke of York (1518-?) 3)John, Duke of Somerset (1521-?) How could Mary Tudor marry so many times? And who are the husbands that you can marry ?
  17. Henry VIII’s earlier annulment

    What if Henry VIII decided to effectively ask for the annulment of his wedding to Catherine of Aragon at the end of 1514?
  18. WI: Henry VIII dies in 1503

    In OTL Arthur, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon got sick not too long after their wedding in 1502. While Catherine recovered, Arthur died in that same year. But What if Henry, Duke of York (OTL Henry VIII) also caught the unspecified Illness and died in 1503? 1. This leaves Margaret...
  19. WI: All of Henry VIII's and Catherine of Aragon's kids are boys?

    The inverse of my previous thread asking what if all of Henry's kids were girls :) Who would they marry? Would Henry still divorce Catherine, and if not would he remarry after her death in 1536? Would we not have an English reformation at all? Would Henry live longer, perhaps not having a...
  20. WI; All of Henry VIIIs Kids Survive... But as Daughters

    Alternate Issue; To Catherine of Aragon, married 1509, annulled 1533 Mary, b. 1510 Elizabeth, b. 1511 Margaret, b. 1513 Catherine, b. 1514 Joan, b. 1516 Eleanor, b. 1518 To Elizabeth Blount, mistress Henriette, b. 1519 Acknowledged 1525, legitimised 1533 To Anne Boleyn, married 1533...