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  1. WI: Henry VIII doesn't have his jousting accident

    In 1536, Henry VIII of England suffered a serious jousting accident. This caused him to suffer from serious health problems, and may have caused his mood swings. What if he hadn't had this fateful accident?
  2. The Pilgrimage of Grace

    What if The Pilgrimage of Grace had been more successful? By which I mean, actually achieved their stated goals - the end of the suppression of the monasteries and the punishment / dismissal of those who were carrying out it like Thomas Cromwell? I don't think King Henry VIII would ever really...
  3. WI: Elizabeth I of England was a boy

    What if Anne Boleyn had a son instead of a daughter? How would Henry VIII having a healthy son with Anne alter history?
  4. WI: Jane Seymour survives

    What if Jane Seymour hadn't died of postnatal complications? How might things be different?
  5. Livius wannabe

    Henry VIII assassinated

    Let's assume that someone decides that he can't live under the rule of a heretic (and possibly insane) king and decides to take matters in his own hands. Can this happen before Anne Boleyn is crowned and bears him Elizabeth, that is between 1532 and 1533, or do you see it more likely that a...
  6. Teriyaki

    The Six Lives of Henry the VIII Series by Janet Leigh

    I just wanted to share a really great book series I had read by Janet Leigh called "The Six Lives of Henry the VIII". Each book deals with a different what if question when it comes to the Six wives of Henry the VIII: Katherine the Inquisitor - What if Katherine of Aragon had a son who had...
  7. Teriyaki

    The Second Bride of Henry the VII

    In 1502, Arthur Tudor, the heir apparent to the English throne and the son of King Henry the VII, died in Ludlow Castle. King Henry the VII and Queen Elizabeth of York are beset with grief, and are inconsolable. The King sobs openly on his throne before his courtiers. Arthur has left behind...
  8. Henry VIII dies childless

    There's a very old thread (I think about a decade ago) about this, but I thought I'd try to generate some more discussion. So, what if Henry VIII is sterile? How many wives (' necks) does he go through over the course of his reign? Would he be succeeded by an heir of his choice or end up being...
  9. FalconHonour

    The Queen is Dead!: Katherine of Aragon dies in 1518
    Threadmarks: I: 10 November 1518

    So, I've been lurking on this site for a while and now that I'm officially a member, I thought I'd explore making a timeline based off one of my old Tudor Fanfictions. The advantage being that I have the whole basic story written, so I can just rewrite the bits I think need it. As such, updates...
  10. Henry Tudor, Heretic and Father of Kings
    Threadmarks: Section One - 1502

    “The English court held their collective breaths as both the Prince and Princess of Wales fell ill sometime during March of 1502, probably with the sweating sickness that was commonly found in England at the time. Prayers were said, doctors were summoned, and then early in April, both would...
  11. Effects of Henry FitzRoy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset Born a Girl?

    The title says it all. OTL Henry VIII saw FitzRoy's birth as vindication that the failure to produce a boy as his wife's fault. Not to mention, he had a tendency to drop his mistress after she'd done her duty (both Bessie Blount and Mary Boleyn had second pregnancies where Henry's paternity is...
  12. Olena

    Marriage for Elizabeth Tudor? (The Virgin "Princess")

    Supposing Elizabeth's younger brother, Edward VI, lives past 1553 and continues to reign for an extended period of time (having never undergone the malady that killed him OTL), who might he select as a suitor for his older sister Elizabeth? Legally she and Mary both are only considered the...
  13. Arthur and Katherine of Aragon had a daughter...

    What if Katherine of Aragon was with child when Arthur died, and that child was a daughter, would Prince Henry (Henry VIII) still become king? Or would he become regent? What is more likely?
  14. Terran23

    Charles V and Henry VIII conquer France

    What would happen if Charles and Henry formed an alliance and declared war on France? I'd imagine that England would take most of the territory they had in the days of the Angevin Empire while Charles would seek to link his Spanish territories with the HRE and make his lands more centralized.
  15. Olena

    Mary I [Scotland] and Edward VI [England]? Successful Rough Wooing?

    What do you think would have resulted if King Henry VIII had been successful in his rough wooing, and was able to force Dowager Queen Marie De Guise to hand over her daughter Queen Mary I of Scots to be raised in England? Also, let's say that Edward VI were to live a long and healthy life rather...
  16. GauchoBadger

    WI: Henry VIII and Catherine have a male child

    What if Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon had managed to produce a legitimate son together? Would Henry still fall in love with Anne Boleyn? Does this butterfly away the anglican church, allowing England to keep itself as an officially catholic country? What are the effects on...
  17. WI: A Duke of York for King Henry VIII?

    Could Anne of Cleves marriage with Henry VIII have gone better than it did? If perhaps she'd been informed of the king's fondness of playing dress-up and surprising courtiers could their marriage have gone off with out a hitch and produced a living child?