gulf war

  1. ImperialxWarlord

    What if Iraq was invaded after the gulf war?

    What if instead of stopping when Iraq was forced out of Kuwait snd beaten the US and Coalition forces invaded iraq? How feasible is this? What would happen if the invasion occured? How would iraq handle under an invasion and how would the war go? Would it be like the Iraq war or no? And what...
  2. What if Saddam died during Desert Storm?

    During the Gulf War, Coalition aircraft flew over 100,000 sorties and dropped more than 80,000 tons of explosives. Let's say that during one of these raids, an airstrike happens to hit where Saddam Hussein is by chance or design and kills him. Would this end the war sooner? Who might succeed...
  3. Commissar_Alfsky

    How would Desert Shield/Storm proceed without Egypt & Syria?

    Let's say that Secretary Baker is unable to convince the 2 Arab states to deploy troops as part of the Coalition. Would the Iraqis suffer slightly less? How does this affect American and International opinion?
  4. Justinian

    A Different Gulf War Strategy: Saddam's Urban Warfare

    So lets say Saddam hires some kind of military advisor mercenary type from the west or former eastern bloc to advise him on military matters. He's already committed to the Gulf War, but the advisor recommends that he instead of deploying his army in the middle of the Kuwaiti desert against the...
  5. Ukron

    Second Iran-Iraq war in 1990s?

    Hello everyone, in your opinion is it possible to envisage a conflict between Iran and Iraq after 1991 What would be (in your opinion) the direct consequences?
  6. ChadMachine999

    US abandones Kuwait

    What would happen is during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait the US just says "not my problem" and leaves Kuwait to its fate.
  7. Meshakhad

    WI Saddam Hussein uses chemical weapons against coalition forces during the Gulf War?

    Let's imagine that Saddam suddenly becomes terrified that the Americans intend to remove him from power, and orders the use of chemical weapons against coalition forces as they invade Iraq. Obviously, this will not go well for him. Key questions: 1. If he uses chemical weapons, would he limit...
  8. New World Empire: The Second Term of George H.W. Bush
    Threadmarks: 1. Introduction

    "A new partnership of nations has begun, and we stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world...
  9. What if Saddam takes it further or gets peace?

    I read that, during the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein deployed about 100,000 troops for the initial invasion of Kuwait and an additional 600,000 troops in the following weeks/months (about 700,000 troops in total!). It seems like that would have made Iraq the fourth strongest military in the world...
  10. Kerguelen

    WI: The Invasion of Kuwait Never Happens

    Before the invasion of Iraq, tensions had been simmering between Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the tiny (but wealthy) nation of Kuwait. The State of Kuwait had loaned Iraq $80 billion dollars, finding its fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Despite their strong relations during the...
  11. DBWI: Arafat doesn't join Saddam

    I wasn't even born yet, but I know that during the Gulf War as Saddam kept launching Scuds to Israel and Saudi Arabia, Arafat, a close ally of Saddam, ordered the Palestinian movements to organize an armed uprising against Israel and to help the Iraqi forces in Kuwait. What if Arafat hadn't...
  12. TrueFactsUnstated

    WI: Iran offered military cooperation with US/Coalition forces against Iraq in 1991?

    In OTL, Iran refrained from participating in the United States' ousting of the Iraqi military from Kuwait following Saddam Hussein's invasion in 1990. It did so largely because it was wary of possibly continuing its devastating and traumatic eight-year-long war against Iraq, a war in which the...
  13. What if the Ludlow Amendment was a success in 1938?

    The Ludlow Amendment was a amendment to the constitution that required a national referendum in order to go to war unless the US was attacked first. The text says SEC. 1. Except in the event of an invasion of the United States or its Territorial possessions and attack upon its citizens...
  14. Utahwriter15

    AHC/WI: US invaded Iran in 2003, instead of Iraq

    what would have happened if the United States and its allies had invaded Iran in 2003, instead of invading Iraq, and how would you make it happen?
  15. AHC: US invades Iran between the Gulf Wars

    As it says on the tin. What's a plausible POD for the US to invade Iran between 1991 and 2003? Exactly how much of a charlie foxtrot would it be? Would the US have any chance of creating a stable, pro-US government, or would the Iranians overthrow this government as soon as American troops...