1. PaleoT

    Macedonian Invasian of China

    Hold your horses: I'm well aware that this would likely never happen; when Alexander died in Babylon that sealed any possibility of this which was already very low during his life time if not nearly impossible. My question; if Alexander or one of his Diadochi crossed into China from the Tarim...
  2. Kumarbi

    AHC: Greek colony in Africa by the 20th century

    Some sort of Greek state colonizes a part of Africa before the end of the 1800s. Could it happen and what would it look like/where would it be? My guess would be most likely Cyrenaica or even all of Libya instead of the Italians. POD after 1700.
  3. Why wasn't there a war of Aragonese succession?

    In 1410, upon the death of Martin of Aragon, the throne became vacant, resulting in an interregnum resolved by the Compromise of Caspe two years later. Why was there not a succession war instead? Such conflicts were common in this era of European history, and it's not as though the crown was...
  4. WI: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania neutral in WWI

    What if all three of these countries resisted the tempting offers given them by both the Allied and Central Powers, and remained neutral? What would be the major strategic effects on the war?
  5. Could the Danube River have become the center of a new empire after the fall of Rome?

    Could the Danube River have become the main artery of trade and travel for a new empire after the fall of the western Roman Empire? How does the navigability of the Danube compare to the Dnieper River that allowed the Kievan Rus to raid the Black Sea? What could create a river-based empire in...
  6. WI:Persia Conquered Greece?

    Greece won against massive odds in the wars against the Persians. But what if history had gone differently? What if Greece had actually lost against Persia and became absorbed into the Empire.
  7. What happens to Turkey after successful Treaty of Sèvres?

    The exact POD doesn't matter, but as an example Ataturk and other important persons in the Turkish nationalists die in or around 1919. Eventually another turkish government becomes established in Ankara, and widely accepted as legitimate. This government accepts the Treaty of Sèvres in January...
  8. Sersor

    The Massaliot league. A Hellenistic period Massalia Timeline
    Threadmarks: 300 BC.

    Hey there. I am a new member of AH and a huge fan of the Hellenistic period. Here is my first ATL. i hope you like it! Looking forward for any comments and recommendations. ***Story only thread here: Story thread*** The Massaliot league. The year is 300 bc All the known world is changed due...
  9. Achaemenid Triumphant - an Alternative History of the Mediterranean World

    Achaemenid Triumphant an Alternative History of the Mediterranean World Part 1.01 The Flight From Salamis As the Battle of Thermopylae raged on into its third week of battle, the Allied Greek Armada under Eurybiades was slowly being eroded by the composite fleet of Phoenicians and Ionians...
  10. Alcsentre Calanice

    AHC: Wank democratic Athens

    Pretty much what it says, find an elegant way to have the Attic democracy win the Peloponnesian War and build a large empire. The condition is that Athens stay a democracy in the process, so no Emperor of Greece or something like that. Democracy means that every free male citizen hast the same...
  11. Challenge: Latin-speaking Greece

    Is it possible for the Roman Republic to take over the Mediterranean without adopting Hellenization as their own, seeing the Greeks the same way they saw the Carthaginians or Gauls? Could a Romance language become the primary language of Greece? What if the 279 BC Celtic invasion of Greece...
  12. All Rounder

    AHC: Ottoman Empire completely collapses and Persia takes over

    What if at the end of WW1 the Ottoman Empire completely collapsed including Anatolia, and Persia decides to annex the Middle Eastern territories excluding Anatolia, which is annexed by Greece which renames itself Byzantium. What happens over the next 98 years?
  13. SlyDessertFox

    Of Satraps and Kings
    Threadmarks: Preface

    Of satraps and kings Prelude Megos Alexandros III Argead The ascension of Philip II to the Makedonian throne in 359 BCE signaled a defining moment in Makedonian, Greek, and even world history. Makedon, a largely irrelevant backwater in the Greek world for generations, had been...
  14. Romania in the Second Millennium

    Romania in the Second Millennium Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit et artes intulit agresti Latio. “Conquered Greece took captive her savage conqueror and brought her arts into rustic Latium.”- Horace Foreword: The Empire of the Romans (or as it is more popularly called, “Romania”) evokes a...
  15. Renovation: An Eastern Roman Timeline
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Hey there I've been a member here for a few years now, and a huge fan of the Eastern Roman Empire and its history. Despite my decently good knowledge of the state, I've always been wary of attempting to do a timeline on the subject matter as I haven't felt confident in my abilities to...
  16. Petike

    Greek POD: King George II. not becoming an anglophile as in OTL

    They say that in OTL, his anglophilia and spearheading of good relations with the UK secured Greece the position of a loose ally of the UK, particularly in the years prior to WWII. Greece remained neutral in WWII and many credit the aforementioned British influence on George's Kingdom of Greece...
  17. Plausibility Check: A British Greece

    What would be needed for there to be a Greece with some internal self-rule under British protection starting from some time in the early 19th Century.