1. PC : Max Ancient Egypt expansion

    Plausibility check : How much can Ancient Egypt expand and settle in Mediterranean and Africa without touching Mesopotamia from Narmer until Hyksos with continuous wars of expansion, full political and religious support and without dynastic change or wars of succession ? direction of expansion
  2. WI: Nicopolis Crusade Succeeds

    The Nicopolis Crusade was a failed effort in 1396 to stop the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. Lack of competent leadership, numbers, and supplies was what doomed the expedition and allowed Bayezid of the Ottoman Empire to mop them up. Assuming the crusade was able to get more numbers (England...
  3. Italy joins Allies, what Happens to Greece?

    In a "Mussolini joins the Allies" scenario, what does Greece do during the war? Would Italy still invade under the pretext of preventing Greece from joining the axis? Would Britain prevent Italy from attacking and Greece supports the allies? Or would Greece join the axis as a fascist state...
  4. Iluvatar

    Viability of Greek control in the Smyrna Zone (Milne Line)

    No, this is not yet another, 'What if Greece won the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-22 and restored Byzantium?' thread. I think the consensus that extensive Greek territorial gains in Anatolia were implausible - not least on ethnological grounds - has been thoroughly established numerous times...
  5. Hellenized Rome

    The histories of Rome and Greece have always intertwined closely with one another, with Roman armies conquering Greek states while Greek philosophy and culture was conquering Rome. There have been plenty of opportunities for one Greek polity or another to take over more and more of Italy...
  6. Greek nationalism in late Byzantium

    Can Greek nationalism rise in late Byzantium under palaiologos during 12th and 13 the centuries as it did in 19th century under ottomans due to events like sack of Constantinople and latin rule can it stop ottomans?
  7. Persian ruled Greece vs Alexander the Great, Philip II

    If Persian under Xerxes conquer Greece can Philip II and Alexander the Great still rise as rebel satraps, unite Greece and conquer Persia by Creating phalanx as Achaemenid macedonia had autonomy create armies and wage wars will they be more successful without disunity among Greece under...
  8. Brainstorming : Byzantines conquered by the Abbasids

    As you may know i was doing the TL The Sands of Purple before I discontinued it after writing only 1 chapter. Now I came across This Thread which supposes that the Abbasids destroy the ERE in 806 . Now My Plan is to have an Islamic Greece , be it in Anatolia , Thrace or Greece Itself Under the...
  9. The Sands of Purple: An Islamic Greece TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Arab Conquest of Rum and its aftermath

    Prologue: The Arab Conquest Of Rum and its aftermath The Arab Conquest of the Ruman Empire or the Rhomaion as the Greeks called it was a landmark event in History in 96 AH* . Within less than century , The Arab Muslims had conquered both the Sassanid Persian and The Rhoman Empire . After...
  10. AHC: Modern Greek colonial empire

    Your challenge is to have Greece acquire a colonial empire with a POD after the recognition of its independence in 1830. It doesn't have to be a big one and it doesn't have to last very long, it just has to exist.
  11. GameBawesome

    AHC: Modern-Day Greek City-States/Federal Greece

    When the Modern Nation of Greece formed in the 19th Century, they created a unitary state, with a monarch and later a president to lead it. Instead of the Ancient Past with Spartans, Athenians, Corinthians, Thebans, the Greeks sees themselves as Greeks. Challenge: With a POD from the Late...
  12. AHQ: No Persian Empire and a Divided Anatolia-Mid East, effect on Greece.

    Greetings, We know well from otl what the effect was on Greece and Hellenic culture when there was a large imperial regime and geopolitical power to the east in Anatolia, the Levant and Egypt in the form of the Achaemenid Empire. However, in opposition to a large unified imperium, what would...
  13. WI Grexit Happened in 2015 and Greece reverted to the Drachma.

    In 2015 OTL there was speculation that Greece would leave the Eurozone. What if Greece left the Eurzone? How would that and Brexit affect the European Union? How would Greece reverting back to the Drachma effect the world economy? Discuss below.
  14. Alfred takes Greek Crown

    Is there a possibility that the British allow Alfred to take the Greek Crown? What are the conditions that will get the approval of the British and Queen Victoria?
  15. Sevarics

    WI: King Constantine I of Greece dies in 1915

    Basically as the tin says. IOTL, Constantine I had been suffering from pleurisy for quite some time and almost died in 1915. So, what if he had actually died two years into his reign and been succeeded by his eldest son, George II? Would George II have continued his father’s policy of neutrality...
  16. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI... A truly Russian Slavic Christianity

    What if Kievan Rus decides against importing the Orthodox faith but instead opts to create its own ‘brand’ of heavily Russified/Slavified Christianity incorporating many indigenous pagan ideas? In other words a centralized but indigenous ‘Christianity’ with its roots deep in ‘Slavdom’ as...
  17. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI Christian nations recognize Genocides committed by them during Ottoman era

    Edit, to avoid confusion... POD for these yearly memorial days (whether observed or not)... Greece – some time after joining NATO in 1952 Armenia – soon after independence So for this ASB-ish WI lets say some Christian nations memorialize THE ENTIRITY of their history regardless of what Turkey...
  18. SunKing105

    Philosophy in an Achaemenid Greece?

    Suppose that you have your run of the mill Achaemenid success story in Greece. Thermopylae fails to hold the Achaemenids for even a few hours, the allied Greek navy gets smashed at Salamis and Themistocles killed, and with both land and naval dominance, the Peloponnese, as well as some Aegean...
  19. pls don't ban me

    Palaiologos in 1800 Greece

    When Greece regained independence in the 800' they trie to find a surviving descendant of the last byzantine emperor Costantine XI as Wikipedia also states: "Beyond Constantine's martyrdom, the Palaiologos dynasty had a lasting impact on the Greeks throughout the centuries of Ottoman rule...
  20. Enosis (Union of Greece and Cyprus) after 1950?

    This thread is inspired by a rather obscure WI I raised in another thread that proved to be surprisingly productive, and I'd like to focus more on the subject in the title, that of Enosis with a POD after 1950. Calling in @Tanaka did nothing wrong and @Lascaris, who did the bulk of the...