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  1. What If: Carlist Hungary vs The Little Entente

    This supposes that the Charles IV's march on Budapest starting on October 21st 1921 is successful and he takes the throne once more reestablishing the Habsburg Dynasty in Hungary. Upon doing so he reiterates that he will revoke the Treaty of Trianon as it was signed under duress calling for a...
  2. Let There be Peace in the Great European Plain: A Story of Teutons and Slavs in 19th Century.
    Threadmarks: ACT 1

    “The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.” -Otto von Bismarck. ACT 1: “The White Negroes of Europe”: The History of Persecution of the Polish People, by Piotr S. Wandycz. In previous chapters, I’ve ascertained that the rise in power of the nobility in the...
  3. For Want of a Word – Stolypin endures
    Threadmarks: Kiev 1911 - A stuttering Bogrov

    Kiev, august 1911 The assassin paused for a second [1]. He wanted to say something, to utter an immortal sentence that would echo in the centuries, or at least in the revolutionary circles to which he belonged. After a second that felt like eternity, he managed to utter in a shrieking voice...
  4. Sārthākā

    Osman Reborn; The Survival of Ottoman Democracy [An Ottoman TL set in the 1900s]
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    Osman Reborn: The Survival of Ottoman Democracy *** Chapter 1: Preparations for War? *** “The Legacy of the Italo-Ottoman War is one of incredulity in Italy, and one that of pride in the Ottoman Empire, and not without reason. The war did a lot to restore the pride of its citizens in the...
  5. No US, no Kerensky Offensive; how will WWI end?

    In my last post I asked what the effects might be of US neutrality on the immediate events of 1917. It seems that one major change would be no Kerensky Offensive, since US loans were a major part of convincing the Russians to try it. Had the offensive not taken place (and failed), Russia...
  6. Roosevelt

    Der Krieg Des Sieges | A Central Powers Timeline
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    A Central Powers Timeline
  7. Drex

    AHC/WI: "Flipping" the fronts of WW1.

    All right the tittle may be a bit confusing but here is the basic idea. IOTL WW1 developed into fairly static trench warfare in the western front after the failure of the Schlieffen Plan, and a more open conflict in the eastern front. The 1917 revolutions in Russia caused them to drop off the...
  8. The Kaiser's Europe or What if Germany Won the First Battle of the Marne?
    Threadmarks: Part 1

    THE WELTKRIEG THE ASSASSINATION OF THE ARCHDUKE June 28th, 1914 started out fairly normally in the city of Sarajevo. Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir-presumptive of the Austro-Hungarian throne, had supposedly been sent to the city to inspect the military units stationed...
  9. Charles Must Go!
    Threadmarks: Good Bye, Charlie

    December 20, 1710, at Azov Fortress (Russian Empire) The Russian soldiers waited while on patrol, waiting for a certain group of people to arrive while bracing themselves against the cold winter. Suddenly, a few of them saw a few men walking forwards. All but one of them were Ottomans, with...
  10. A entente victory in 1916: The results?

    Let’s say everything went right for the entente, the first world war is over in 1916, the battle of tannenberg was a decisive Russian victory, the French offensive into Alsace was succeful, an earlier Jutland resulted in an crushing defeat for the German navy. And well generally all this...
  11. WI: Different alignment in the Great War

    Let’s say that Austria-Hungary was still highly resentful towards Prussia (Germany), so much so that they ally with the French. The German-Russian alliance continues without interruption through the early 20th century. By then, the Ottomans join Germany and Russia while Britain joins France and...
  12. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Moroccan Crisis Doesn't Start Great War?

    1905- Kaiser Wilhelm's backing of the Moroccan Sultan Abdelaziz against France and Britain's influence in the region leads to the North African monarch joining the Triple/now Quadruple Alliance. This leads to France declaring war on Morocco, citing the lost investments, triggering the defensive...
  13. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Italy Joins CP?

    Otl, as I understand it, italy joined the entente due to relying on them for food, and AH owning Soth-Tyrol and their adriatic desires. What if then, AH offered to sell south tyrol to them, as well as the some of the north adriatic (AH would ideally get a good chunk of the southern portion after...
  14. Thande

    ATTENTION AUTHORS: Sea Lion Press World War One Anthology call for story submissions!

    Crossposted from the Writer's Forum with the permission of mod @CalBear. Dear all authors of, Are you interested in the First World War? Do you like writing short stories? Do you want to combine these two interests? Sea Lion Press, the home of Alternate History Publishing (founded by...
  15. Bountifulauto82

    WWI:France falls after USA joins

    What if the USA joins the entente but France falls to Germany soon after. Would there be an armistice? An early D-Day? (Given how technology was a limiting factor even in 1944, and how Gallipoli went, it probably wouldn't end well for the entente)
  16. Rattus

    Keeping Italy Liberal | No Mussolini Discussion

    So, Liberal Italy, before Mussolini, is something which really only came to an end due to Mussolini. Despite the impact of the Biennio Rosso (actually perhaps partly because of it) socialism never seemed to have the support to topple Italy's political structure - somewhat interesting considering...
  17. PrussianMan

    Edelweiss: What if the Great War Never Happened?
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: Part I

    The Year is 1914. It seems that a warm summer was expected due to the temperature of June 28th. The streets of Sarajevo were alight with splendour as Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie drove in their motorcade through its streets and being greeted by many crowds of cheering people. A...
  18. ¡La Constitución Vive! - A Spanish parliamentary monarchy
    Threadmarks: Summary of Events

    The origin of this alternate retelling of Spanish (and a bit of the world) history comes from here. In 1766 Carlos, heir to the Spanish throne, dies, and his brother Fernando becomes king of Spain (OTL Fernando I of the Two Sicilies. His son Leopoldo Juan would inherit the kingdom of the Two...
  19. Simon

    British Armoured Cruisers at the Battle of Jutland

    At the Battle of Jutland the British had 8 armoured cruisers as part of the Grand Fleet. My question is how much use were they? Reading through some of the basic details it seems like half of them didn't really become engaged whilst the other half was sunk. I'm looking at a possible timeline...
  20. jack_donaghy_is_the_shado

    TL 191 DBWI: What if TR hadn't won a third term and stomped the snake?

    It's awkward for me to remember that my birthday is the death date for one of my heroes and favorite presidents, Theodore Roosevelt. "Death had to take him sleeping. For if Roosevelt had been awake, there would have been a fight." -- Senator Thomas Marshall (D-IN) January 8th 1923 TR was not...