1. Accountability: The Fall of Bill Clinton
    Threadmarks: Ch. 1: White House, January 25, 1998

    Accountability: The Fall of Bill Clinton January 25, 1998 It was going to be a relatively nice day, the high near 45. Sunday traffic was lighter in D.C., not that it mattered for the President’s motorcade. But despite having the ultimate right of way, it was still a few minutes behind...
  2. Enigma-Conundrum

    DBWI: Faithless electors don’t exist in 2000

    Of course, we all know the story of the Electoral Crisis of 2000: after Florida was ruled in George W. Bush’s favor, two Arizonan electors decided to cast their ballots for John McCain and Joe Lieberman at the last minute, throwing the election to the new Congress (set to begin balloting once...
  3. Which Democrat Would've Been the Strongest Presidential Candidate in 1988?

    The 1988 election is infamous in American politics. Despite an early 17% lead Michael Dukakis lost in a landslide to George H.W. Bush. Dukakis' defeat badly demoralized Democrats and discredited liberalism for decades. In your opinion, which Democrat besides Dukakis would've made the strongest...
  4. WI: McCain vs Gore in 2000

    The POD is John McCain wins the 2000 South Carolina Republican Primary, and from there goes on to clinch the Republican nomination for President. In the general election, he faces Vice-President Al Gore. Who wins?
  5. kasumigenx

    Bush/Pence 1996 timeline

    I had a short Idea for a timeline, this is going to have a POD in the first years or opening of the first bush admin and Bill Clinton does not have another term and Dubya gets a Mike Pence in his late 30's as VP.
  6. Good Gore wins TL?

    I've been searching for good Gore wins timelines and haven't really found one, its either just discussion or the TL is very short. Does anyone know of a Gore TL of decent lenght and quality
  7. 9/11/1999

    What if 9/11 happened two years earlier than it did OTL? How would Clinton respond? Would a McCain Presidency be garanteed? Would McCain say, "I served, therefore I'm fit to handle this crisis"?