1. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Russia Stayed In WW1?

    the departure of Russia from ww1 was a massive sigh of relief for the central powers, even if America's entry prevented them from capitalizing (they tried, but failed) on it. But, what if they were unable to force Russia out of the war early, with no Bolshevik revolution? Maybe Lenin and the...
  2. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Dismantle Both Cold War Superpowers by 1995

    after the cold war ended, the United States enjoyed a period of sole dominion, and according to some, actually had very little to fear from the soviets. But I'm curious, is there anyway to fully dismantle the United States and the Soviet Union as world powers by the late twentieth century...
  3. Gukpard

    What kind of "normal" dictator Hermann Göring would be?

    Göring had a lot of prestige in interwar germany, I won't go into full details but he took over the Red Baron squad and became a very known military figure on the aftermath on the war (Not on the same level as someone as Hindenburg, tough). Eventually he joined the nazi party and became hitler...
  4. MittleGittle

    Sneaky Naval Invasion of Belgium and France, 1914/15?

    Something that comes up VERY often in my HoI4 TGW plays is a German Naval Invasion in West Flanders and Dunkirk. Your challenge is to make this possible. Perhaps a fleet sneaks down the Dutch Coast?
  5. AHC/WI: Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg were merged with Austria after WW2 and formed the Danube Federation?

    Even after being destroyed during WW2 and split in half for 45 years, Germany is still Europes largest economy. So what if the Allies agreed that Germany is too dangerous to be left alive and decided that Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria will be merged with Austria? This idea isn't even that...
  6. List of German Chancellors (1949 - 2030)
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    I got inspired by an older thread about an alternative list of German chancellors. So this thread is basically a continuation of the older one. The rules: 1. One election per post (normally every 4 years) 2. Don't skip into the future, go in order. 1949: Konrad Adenauer (CDU)
  7. Gukpard

    What the normal german far right wanted with the east?

    To expand east have been part of the german foreign policy since the times of the teutonic order, something that was kept until 1945, or according to some interpretations until the border treaty of 1990 when Germany recognized the oder niesse line. Enter the "normal" german far right, that...
  8. alexandrosIII

    No Cold War scenario - what happens to Germany?

    With the Marshall Plan never becoming a reality, would the Morgenthau plan (or a less extreme modified version) be put into place? Would Germany just be denied any aid and left in ruins? What would be the Soviet policy in the East?
  9. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI : How Could Prussia Create A Notable Colonial Empire Before Unification of Germany?

    the German colonial empire was... lacking, compared to the other European big boys. Both in size and thus prestige and resources, and in profitability. So, I'm curious as to how Prussia, and thus any subsequent germanys, could create a stronger overseas empire prior to unification. The way I...
  10. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Entente Victory Within 2 Years of WW1

    When most people think of quick victories in ww1, they think of germany taking paris, and Kaiser Wilhelm leading a parade from Versailles to the Eiffel Tower. But I'm curious, what does a relatively quick Entente victory look like? Quick as in by December 1916 I assume that Russia's...
  11. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Prussia Was Split Off From Germany After WW1?

    Germany, fundamentally, was a prussian designed state until after ww2 when it lost most of the historic kingdom except Brandenburg. OTL, there was a proposition for a Prussian state to be split off after world war two (at least according to History Matters), but that got me wondering. How could...
  12. DBWI: What if NONE of the main Axis nations had discovered their main oil fields?

    World War II was a war of resources. The most crucial Allied operations, the "Three Tide-Turning Battles" (named so despite being operational level and each containing several fights) centered around the crucial axis oil fields of Matzen, Libya, and Manchuria. At the cost of hundreds of...
  13. GameBawesome

    WI: Nazi Werwolf Resistance becomes Nazi Terrorist Organization

    (Disclaimer: I DO NOT support any far-right or far-left ideologies, or will tolerate any offensive or false information on this thread. I've had permission from the moderators to ask this, and I don't want this to offensive. This thread is merely to speculate and hypothetically. I do not mean...
  14. Is A Territorially Intact & Neutral Romania possible during WW2? Or just territorially intact after it?

    Can Romania survive intact after the WW2 and maybe end up neutral or pro-West after the war?
  15. alexandrosIII

    WI: Germany declares unconditional surrender immediately after the Battle of the Bulge

    By this point the war was obviously over. If they just threw in the towel here, what would happen? Would there be any meaningful change in post-war Europe? How would Germany be divided between the powers if it was never occupied?
  16. Basileus_Komnenos

    What would be the Socio-economic and Geopolitical Consequences of a French HRE and a Royal Germany?

    Depending on the pod, what sort of internal political and societal developments would occur that would make a French HRE a possibility? How would a Royal Germany function with the Franks now holding the Imperial Crown and hegemony over Western Christendom? I know holding Burgundy would probably...
  17. RMcD94

    AHC: Austria-Hungary allied against Germany

    With a POD after 1900 have Austria-Hungary be on the opposite side from Germany in a world war, both WW1 or WW2 (after a Central Powers victory or white peace presumably) are acceptable. Why does Austria-Hungary go to war: defensive (Germany declares on them?), opportunistic (Germany is...
  18. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Germany Collapsed Back Into Independent States After WW1

    The German Empire was made up of various smaller monarchies before and during ww1, with Prussia the preeminent one and the only one who could be a great power on its own. After world war one and the german defeat, these monarchs were deposed even as the states remained separated before the late...
  19. Roosevelt

    Der Krieg Des Sieges | A Central Powers Timeline
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    A Central Powers Timeline