1. Bomster

    How can Germany win the Battle of the Marne?

    What decisions could the German generals have made but didn't that could have won the Battle of the Marne?
  2. Bomster

    Which is more realistic? A German victory in 1914 or a German victory in 1918?

    There seems to be two kinds of depictions of a Central Powers victory in Alternate History. The first is a swift German victory by the end of 1914 or practically assured by the end of 1914. PODs for this usually involve Germany winning the Race to the Sea, winning the Battle of the Marne, etc...
  3. Bomster

    WI/AHC: Germans take Amiens during Operation Michael

    What if the Germans take Amiens in the 1918 Kaiserschlacht? How could the Germans take Amiens through Operation Micheal? And would loosing a key link in the British supply chain cause a crisis that knocks France out of the war before the Americans arrive in force?
  4. Gukpard

    WI the nazis really were into occultism

    So, as far as I know the "occultist nazi" stereotype was only valid for some very few fringe figures on the moviment, but this myth got out of control on the 2000s thanks to "The History Channel" documentaries. That being said, what would be the ramifications if someone who was really into...
  5. DBWI :WI The Soviet Union Had Not Liberated Everything Up To Brussels , The Czechoslovakian Coup Had Not Failed & There Was No Fertile Crescent Plan?

    Would Italy have lost her territories gained during the war(like Savoy, Corsica, Cattaro, Dalmatia and Lubiana)? Would have Yugoslavia not being divided into East and West ? What else would have happened? Would have Kingdom of Syria exist today? What are your thoughts about it?
  6. Odinson

    Germany divided into multiple states post WWII: Effect on Europe's economy?

    Germany is one of the biggest economies in western Europe, a bedrock of the EU. If Germany stumbles a bit, at least a few countries trip and fall down. How would the European economy look during the 20th century and beyond if at the end of world war two Germany was broken up into a series of...
  7. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC:This "Germany"

    So alternate unifications of Germany are fascinating to me and many others on this forum. One I always find interesting is a kliendeusthland without purssia (or tradiing it for german austria). So I was thinking, what kind of post-westphallian PODs would w need to get this germany, which instead...
  8. Could the Vasas have created a Protestant Empire?

    I've seen here and there some discussions about how if Gustavus Adolphus survived Lutzen or was more successful in the 30 Years War, he would have become a sort of Protestant Holy Roman Emperor, ruling over Northern Germany. But are there any historical sources that show this was what he had in...
  9. Bomster

    Politics of France if it was defeated in WW1?

    So let’s examine two scenarios in which Germany prevails triumphant over France in the First World War. The first one is one where Germany defeats France quickly, perhaps before the end of 1914. The second one is one where the Central Powers barely prevail over the Entente in a war of attrition...
  10. ReconGuy02

    Nationalist Germany versus Nationalist Russia in 1940's?

    Let's say that the POD is Kornilov not dying and Kolchak not taking over Far East Government and etc, with Whites being much more unified as result ( I know this is a really wobbly place of my what if, so...) As a result, Whites win RCW by 1920/21. They control borders of OTL USSR, except for...
  11. Bomster

    Post-WW1 socialist revolutions succeed?

    In the wake of the Great War, Europe was stricken by massive socio-economic upheaval. People all over the continent, war-weary and hungry, were fed up with the contemporary order, and many became attracted to Marxist ideals and socialism. From Russia to Berlin, from Bavaria to Hungary, uprisings...
  12. WI: Palestinians given part of Germany

    What if the Palestinians were given a state in a part of former Germany after the creation of Israel?
  13. Scramble for Africa if Different Outcome to the Franco-Prussian War

    My interest in learning about colonial empires actually dates back a few years where I did a research paper about the Congo Free State and the Belgian Congo. And I'm currently working on a timeline and approaching the time of the Scramble for Africa in OTL. Anyway, in a scenario (such as mine)...
  14. KingOnTheEdge

    Discussion: What Does A Pax Germania Look Like?

    To address the modded in elephant in the room, I think Kaiserreich, much like base HoI4 nerfs the victors of ww1 in the interest of storytelling and gameplay. While that's fine, this thread is more discussing things like culture in TTL, or economics, potential rivals in the later century, etc...
  15. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: This Treaty of Verdun?

    assuming Lothair dies as a kid, or never exists at all, could something like this be the eventual division of the Carolingian Empire? what might that entail for the two portions of Frankia? Would this result in a vague france wank, given the wealth of Italy, or will they be doomed to even...
  16. Gukpard

    The mafiosi Bugsy Siegel kills Göring and Göbbles

    All right, this is a quite strange history, but I was searching about a certain suit and heard that the mafiosi Bugsy Siegel used that suit, this one Thus I read his wikipedia page and found, well, this "Siegel also met Nazi leaders Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels, to whom he took an...
  17. What if Lenin & Trotsky Were Killed During the July Days?

    During July 1917, when the workers of Petrograd wished to overthrow the Provisional Government for its continuation of the war and lack of progress on agrarian reform, it was an extremely difficult situation for the Bolsheviks. They knew that they didn't have sufficient support throughout the...
  18. RK Ostland and Ukraine Borders

    When researching how Europe could look in an Axis-Victory scenario, i notice the mention of a planned extension of Ostland and Ukraine, however said mentions are often vague and recreations of them are often at times contradictory Compare these three maps as an example: Any ideas as to what...
  19. Gukpard

    Could Namibia remain German as a puppet state after the decolonization?

    So, Namibia was a German Imperial Colony from 1884 to 1915, and something strange happened, because they stood there for "just" 31 years until the british conquered it and handed it to South Africa, but still got some influence from Germany even today I remember reading somewhere that the...
  20. How much could Philip the Handsome have centralized the HRe

    Assuming the Hapsburgs don't get Spain, and so his death is butterflied away. I know Maximilian was trying to reorganize the Empire's government, but died before it was completed, and Charles never had the time to invest in Imperial reforms. By the time the Hapsburgs were able to pay attention...