1. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: Screw Germany?

    Otl, Germany, is one of the oldest powers in europe, holding the low countries down to the alps, as well as denmark for basically all of her history, and frequently having power in the Baltic, though it never lasted for more than a few years. They colonized neurort, tainolund, and most of...
  2. KingOnTheEdge

    Reverse Schlieffen Plan?

    I'm unsure of how best to phrase the title, but what if, instead of invading France before Russia was ready, the German Empire focused on crushing the Russian bear? Say instead of invading Belgium, Germany, learning from the ACW and Russo-Japanese war, expected a slow and bogged down war and...
  3. GauchoBadger

    WI: Continuing House of Zähringen?

    The Zähringen dynasty was a noble house active between the 11th and early 13th centuries in the feudal political scene of Swabia within the Holy Roman Empire. They held lands spanning all across modern Switzerland and the southern half of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. They seemed to be...
  4. Queeney

    Most interesting post-1949 German PoDs

    In your opinion, what are the most interesting PoDs after the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949? The PoD can be political, sociocultural, economical or any other category, but political PoDs would be preferred.
  5. AHC: Germany restored to its Weimar era borders

    Have Germany restore its Pre-WW2 borders after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  6. Lafayette_

    WI/AHC: Weimar borders, except for East Prussia, after Barbarossa starts

    With a POD of 23 June 1941, is there any realistic scenario in which a reunified German state is able to keep its eastern Weimar borders while still losing the East Prussian exclave/having Prussia officially abolished? How plausible would it be to restore the eastern Weimar borders after...
  7. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: unite germany before the 1700s.

    Now this is probably borderline asb, but what do we have to do to unite Germany as a cohesive nation state (or at least kingdom), separate from the HRE before the 1700s? With or without austria, your choice. Now the easiest would probably be preventing Otto I's forming of the Holy Roman Empire...
  8. Gukpard

    No WWI and Volkish wank, how far they can get?

    In OTL there were many moviments in Germany and Austria that tried to return some pagan-pre roman ancient customs to Germany and Austria hungary. How far can these moviments go if there is no WWI and they are allowed to continue? Could they create some kind of mix of art noveau with ancient...
  9. Goweegie2

    A Post-Valkist World - Führerreich to the Present Day
    Threadmarks: Main Page

    This thread is going to be a collection of maps, infoboxes (mostly infoboxes), and other graphics from a disorganized continuation of the Führerreich timeline I'm doing. This will work in the same way to @Kanan's excellent timeline on this forum, as well as @Planita13's equally excellent...
  10. Did the First World War really alter the trajectory of German immigrant assimilation?

    Late last month, after getting to the southwest Ontario conurbation of Kitchener-Waterloo to ride the new LRT like on its first day of operation, I saw other things there. In Kitchener's Victoria Park, for instance, I saw this empty plinth overlooking a pond. In 1896, that location had been the...
  11. damein fisher

    The Greatest Game in the World - A Mildly Different 1848
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    March 1847 "Workingmen of all countries unite!” It was those simple words etched onto paper that sent Europe into revolt. While some historians argue that the social unrest and liberal desires in Europe were building since the ages of Napoleon, it is hard to argue that the release of Karl...
  12. AHC- More San Marinos and Liechtensteins

    As the title suggests how would we get more nations like San Marino and Liechtenstein, small nations part of ethnic groups of larger nation-states but left out of consolidation because of geography or politics. San Marino left out of Italy not because they arent Italians but because of politics...
  13. WI: Germany retains Austria following WW2

    Lets assume a slightly less horrific Nazi regime, a less successful Nazi Babarossa and a quicker German surrender. The Allies, scared of the Soviets, extend the American occupation zone of Germany to include the state of Austria. How does this affect the development of West Germany? What are...
  14. How could Poland have fought off German and Soviet forces during World War II?

    Personally, I think the only way for Poland to have fought off the initial invasion was if they pressured France and Britain to mobilize beforehand and if they mobilized their troops before the invasion.
  15. Kaiser Chris

    Fate of Non-German Hapsburg Lands in Großdeutsche Germany?

    In a scenario where Austria is high favorable to German unification, with it accepting leadership of a united Germany at the Frankfurt Assembly, what would then happen to the non-German lands under Emperor Ferdinand and later Franz Joseph. While an Austrian-led Germany can be acceptable at the...
  16. M.C.Schock

    A Democratic Germany occupies Japan after WWII

    (Please note: this is not my original creation. This alternate history take is from the movie "Jin-Roh") In this alternate timeline, the point of divergence apparently happens before WWI. To start things off, the U.S. keeps its Monroe doctrine and stays out of the war. However, Germany still...
  17. AHC/WI Get a Woman to Lead Imperial Germany

    The goal of this thread is to wank history so that a woman such as Augusta Victoria is leading the German Empire with POD between 1890 and 1914, and how this would affect the War itself and beyond.
  18. Willy

    Communist Germany 1918

    I know it may seem a bit out there, but I've seen more ridiculous propositions on the website. What if the communist revolutionaries in Germany after WW1 succeeded in a takeover of Germany? How would WW2 play out? Would it even happen? What about the cold war? For this example let's say Bavaria...
  19. Gukpard

    WI: German economy with a january of 1945 surrender.

    After the failure of the battle of Bulge (insert anti nazi officer here that was too afraid of doing that OTL) shots/blows up/order a stuka to bomb/machine gun down/poison/anyway, get rid of Hitler. The german government surrenders before the battle of Berlim. The division goes the same as OTL...
  20. GauchoBadger

    Would Operation Barbarossa still be executed if Britain is out of WW2 by then?

    Basically, assume that British morale is broken after disaster hits their armies in the opening years of WW2. The BEF’s evacuation from Dunkirk is more of a failure, the Italian invasion of Egypt somehow does not have its momentum broken by Operation Compass, and the Luftwffe manages to incur...