1. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Otto I Conquers Italy?

    OTL, Germany has a very similar history to other western european states of similar size and population- beat up pagans, crusade, go to war with your own nobles because they want to limit your power over your land, repeat a few times, and generally be scared of France. Now, germany has always...
  2. Andrew Boyd: Duke of Dank

    AHC: Versailles doesn't let Nazis rise to power

    Simple enough. Rewrite the Treaty of Versailles in a way that prevents the subsequent troubles that led to Hitler's rise to power.
  3. KingOnTheEdge

    Discussion: How Would You End The Great War

    Versailles, and more importantly, the reaction to it, are some of the key points of the twentieth century. Your goal, with ASBs enforcing your wishes, is to rewrite Versailles and the other treaties of the war to limit the likelyhood of a second great war. Note: obviously these countries peaced...
  4. Frame

    Berlin Blockade Leads to ww3: What happens to Germany?

    Assuming the West is able to win, what do the German borders look like? Could Germany regain Its eastern territories? How long would the occupation last? Apologies if this is a dumb question btw I rarely say anything here but I thought I’d give it a try by asking a question I’ve had for a while
  5. German offensive in the spring of 1915 on Western Front

    Let's say, that the Austro-Hungarians do not suffer their OTL defeats in 1914-early 1915, thus the 11th Army isn't needed to be sent to the Eastern Front, and an offensive similar to Seeckt's plan commences. Could the Germans achieve a breakthrough? Could they capitalise on it? What would be the...
  6. WI Hitler's "scorched earth policy" was strongly enforced?

    WI if the policy was carried out by the most fanatical members of the SS? Basically everything is put to the torch, mines are flooded, factories are blown up, warehouses are destroyed and every bridge was blown. Basically there is little of economic value in Germany when the war ends. I doubt...
  7. KingOnTheEdge

    United Germany's Colonies?

    Say by some handwavium, Germany remains a united nation like France or England. Where would they want to colonize in the americas and in Asia with these centuries of additional time? Only constraint is that Iberians still got there first, so they still got the same basic stuff as otl I imagine...
  8. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: German-sponsored Occitan and Breton revival?

    This might require a PoD prior to Jules Ferry's premiership, though an imposition from an outside invader just might be enough. So, basically, assume Germany wins World War I early (prior to 1916), and militarily occupies vast swathes of France at the end of hostilities. Negotiations with...
  9. GameBawesome

    WI: Frederick William IV accepts the Crown of Germany...then proceeds to re-establish the HRE

    Frederick William IV of Prussia was a hardcore Romanticist, and the one of reason why he refused the Crown of Germany in 1848, besides calling it a "a crown from the gutter", he had Romantic aspirations to the re-establish medieval Holy Roman Empire, and would only accepted if the a...
  10. German Unification: How early could it have happened?

    What's the earliest that German unification could have happened?
  11. kasumigenx

    Kasumigenx - AH German COA thread

    Here are the COAs I made for Germany..these might seem interesting, and the scenarios behind them are interesting as well. My coat of Arms for George Mikhailovich, the son of Maria Vladimirovna and a prussian prince.. Polish-German union The...
  12. Gukpard

    Germany with another "military doctrines" in WWII.

    I know that this is a very generic answer since doctrine is more of a therm used by simulators and games to give bonuses to certain strategies, but I really wanted to ask your opinion on that. I'm going to use HoI IV doctrines on the thread: 1- Mass mobilization. The Third reich keeps the...
  13. Generalissimo Maximus

    A stab in the dark: The second German civil war
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Kolibri and Raubvogel

    A stab in the dark: The second German civil war I will before anything else make the following clear: I actively despise Nazism, fascism and any other ideology that espouses similar hatred and endorsement or support of these will not be in any way tolerated. With that hopefully established...
  14. Kerguelen

    WI: No Reichstag Fire

    On 1933, the Nazi Government was in the process of passing the Enabling Act, a proposed law that gave Chancellor Hitler the power to pass laws, without the Reichstag interfering. To do this, Hitler planned to ban the Communist Party to remove Reichstag members who would oppose the law. The KPD...
  15. AHQ: Willy II dies, and Bismarck gets to work until his death. What happens now?

    After rereading 'Es Geloybte Aretz' I want to know how the Empire would go had Bismarck done his thing for even longer? Would conflict with Britain be more unlikely, how would the political Climate at home have gone? Would WW1 still be inevitable or would we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of...
  16. How early could the German Empire rise?

    How soon after the 1805 dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire could some variant of the German Empire be founded?
  17. Lord Vandelfr

    Großdeutschland: Complete Unification of all the German States

    Basic scenario: All German Speaking states are unified under Prussia after the Franco-Prussian War, or alternatively; The War of Unification. This includes Austria with or without Hungary (Your choice.) I know this might seem far-fetched, but let's suppose we'll handwave all problems regarding...
  18. Ulyanovsk

    Could a Victorious Central Powers hold on to the Ukraine?

    Earlier today I was reading a short paper entitled The German Occupation of the Ukraine in 1918: A Documentary Account by Xenia Eudin about the development of an independent Ukraine in 1917, the interactions between the Central Rada and Germany, the German coup d’etat and installing the puppet...
  19. Hitler's Nazi Germany Focuses on North Africa and the Middle East Instead of Stalin's USSR

    Instead of doing Operation Barbarossa, what if Hitler instead decides to focus on invading North Africa and working with Italy. In this scenario, Hitler would try to seize Egypt and the Middle East to cut off the British in the Mediterranean and seize vital oil supplies. Without invading the...
  20. Basileus_Komnenos

    DBWI The Carolingian Empire Fragmented Permanently

    As we all know the Carolingian Empire a title which is unofficially given by historians to signify the start of the Carolingian patrimony over Western and Central Europe. This started with Emperor Charlemagne who brought order to Western Europe in a vast empire. The first of its kind since the...