1. The Young Explorer

    Heil to the Kaiserreich: What If The Kaiser returned to throne after world war one?

    Heil to the Kaiserreich
  2. British Biscuit

    DBWI: Divided Germany, United Japan

    What if the Big Three had agreed on a different post-WW2 plans for the defeated Axis Powers? Specifically, what if the fates of Germany and Japan were reversed? Germany is divided into a Western-aligned nation and a Soviet-aligned nation while Japan remains whole & undivided. What could bring...
  3. AHQ: Is a Soviet occupation of all of Germany in WW2 possible?

    Could the Soviets have realistically liberated all of Germany (or at least the German territories east of the river Rhine) during the closing days of WW2? And if so, could the USSR have occupied all of Germany in the aftermath of the war, similiar to how the US singlehandedly occupied all of...
  4. British Biscuit

    Cultural Impact of WW1 ending with a Stalemate/Prolonged Cold War?

    As the title says. World War 1 ends in status quo ante bellum followed by a prolonged Cold War between Central Powers and the Entente. How would this impact cultural development, self-identity and various art movements? OTL during and after the Cold War there was/is a notion (albeit one that's...
  5. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Italy Joined The Entente Instead Of The Triple Alliance/Joined The Entente Early

    italy's joining of the triple alliance with AH and Germany is a bit of an oddity when one considers their relationship with Austria was always... less than pleasant due to Italian adriatic claims. Now, even against France they had some desires (i believe tunis and some minor claims against the...
  6. DBWI: {Content warning} What if Zellu was less "rapey"?

    Most of us abhor the habit of children today to watch German cartoons and ape the habits of the characters and heros therein. The continuous fighting themes from a country forbidden from possessing a military, the continuous criminality from a country whose punishment, if not torture, of those...
  7. KingOnTheEdge

    Who Could Be A Fourth Bloc In The Cold War?

    The notion of a tri-polar cold war, however much that could be the case vs just being Great Power Politics lacking the ideology of the Cold War is a popular one. The most popular choice seems to be the British Empire or perhaps a stronger postwar France since the bulk of its empire wasn't just...
  8. QTXAdsy

    WI Wilhelm II accepted Churchill's offer in 1940?

    As we all know, the exiled Kaiser of Germany, Wilhelm II, fled Germany in 1918 and lived for the rest of his days in the Netherlands until his death in 1941. However there is an interesting subplot during the Nazi's invasion of the Netherlands in 1940 that Churchill was offering the former...
  9. Wulgrin of Mórenorë

    The Troubled Germanies | An Anthology Series
    Threadmarks: The Troubled Germanies | An Anthology Series

    --- The Troubled Germanies | An Anthology Series POD - 1840 STORY PERIOD - 1930-1950s --- POD Summary: The 1840 Revolts have come and gone, and the monarchies and autocrats throughout Central Europe responded harshly to the calls of democracy, nationalism, and worker's rights. With saber...
  10. SuperCalifraga

    At which point does "unconditional surrender" becomes unavoidable for Germany?

    At which point in war is Germany put in a position that the only thing they are getting is unconditional surrender? Meaning allies are 100% sure they are going to win, Therefore there is no need to negotiate with the Nazis .
  11. WI: Holy Roman Empire includes West Francia but not East Francia (Germany)

    I'm not exactly sure how this would happen, but I suppose the easiest would be for an Otto the Great analogue to be born in France around the 950s. What I'm interested in are the effects of such an arrangement on the development of Germany as a nation, does it become a strong centralized kingdom...

    You may delete this because I didn't realized this was after 1900s
  13. Politics of a United, Neutral Germany post-1945?

    The idea of a prospective Neutral Germany has been discussed on this site quite a bit over the years, primarily what if the Molotov note in 1947 or the Stalin note in 1952 had been accepted by the west - regarding whether these proposals for a unified Germany were sincere or not is a matter of...
  14. TimTurner

    AHC/PC: Germany reverses ToV and Nazis stay irrelevant

    Let's say that for whatever reason Weimar Germany does survive for decades, and Germany regains its strength over time. How plausible is it that they reverse ( some of) the changes the treaty brought upon, territorially and/or otherwise?
  15. Viva Nueva Republica! : Philippines won the Phil Am war
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 Battle of Manila, And Events From 1899 to Mid June 1900s

    Chapter one: Battle of Manila 1899 - Mid June 1900s Prelude: Shots had been fired, war has started. The Filipinos had now realized that the Americans are not here to liberate the islands, but they are here to invade the Philippines for themselves, their personal imperialist ambitions. It...
  16. Amadeus

    WI: Germany Directly Attacks France (Instead of Invading Through Belgium) in 1914

    In 1914, Germany decided to invade France by first passing through Belgium. This decision was made because the Franco-German border was heavily protected, and the Germans felt they would be able to defeat the French more quickly by first attacking Belgium before moving on to France itself...
  17. KingOnTheEdge

    WI Germany Took Indochina Instead Of Alsace-Lorraine In Treaty of Frankfurt?

    The Prussian leadership that dominated the North German Confederation never wanted to take Alsace-Lorraine in the treaty of Frankfurt, not wanting a permanent enemy in France. But the south german states demanded it, seeing it as a buffer against Paris's aggression. France, for their part was...
  18. Vercigentorix

    What if the Treaty of Björkö is ratified by Germany and Russia ? Does this POD even matter since Austria-Hungary and Russia will still be in conflict over the Balkans ? Was a Habsburg-German split even possible ? I would suppose it is if this breakthrough prevents the 1907 Anglo-Russian convention but...
  19. Germany beats France and switches to Russia.

    In late September 1914, the French Government has capitulated and the British evacuate. Germany and Austria Hungary (no Ottomans in this scenario) then start an offensive into Russia. IOTL, Germany sent roughly 50% of their troops to the Eastern Front in the Spring of 1915 and soon started the...
  20. Russia sends all 7 armies to fight Austria-Hungary

    In August 1914, Russia mobilized 7 armies and sent them to the frontline. 2 of them went to East Prussia where the 1st army was destroyed. 1 army went to Poland. And the other 4 armies (1,000,000+ men) went on the offensive in East Galicia. In OTL, the Russians inflict 450,000 casualties and...