german unification

  1. MittleGittle

    WI: A Reinstated Confederation of the Rhine?

    What if the CotR was reinstated at the Treaty of Paris or Congress of Vienna, with its borders being at its height, except for a few I will list: -Saxony is and the lands west of the Rhine are handed over to Prussia. -Hanover and, Hansa Cities, and other German States in the Northwest of...
  2. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: Long live the Großösterreich

    In 1849-1851, there was an idea, from the Austrian ministers-president, Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg, or sometimes later called the "Austrian Bismarck". The plan was of an Austrian-German federation, including all Austrian crownlands (The Hungarian, Polish, and Italian) in and outside the...
  3. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Bavarian Germany

    Otl, Germany was forged through the blood and iron of Prussia's militarism. Prussia had originally been a baltic power focused on eastern Europe. I was wondering if a more traditionally "german" power could forge the empire, and from that I started wondering about Bavaria. Bavaria was one of the...
  4. Feasibility of Grossdeutchland

    Was Grossdeutchland feasible at all (1840s-1860s)? There were debates over it, that led to the idea never materializing, but could this have actually worked? And if so, what POD could happen to form it?
  5. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: North German Confederation Never Became The German Empire?

    The North German Confederation was a Prussian led project and precursor to the German Empire. But what if the Confederation never absorbed the southern states or Alsace-Lorraine? Perhaps Bismack reasons that a pan german unification would upset the Balance of Power too much which it did or...
  6. The American Civil War: The Rule of the Radical Republicans
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The Weight of the Presidency

    Long time lurker, first time TL poster. For a quick description of what I'm hoping to accomplish is a TL where Reconstruction is truly radical and led by two generals in the White House. While I'm no expert in the Civil War, I've been sure to research at the very least the basics of the...
  7. Prussia annexes Bavaria in 1866

    WI during the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, along with all the other annexations they made, the Prussians annex the Kingdom of Bavaria while keeping their hands off Austria? Could the Prussians have done it without provoking a Europe-wide conflict or at least finding itself in a difficult...
  8. GameBawesome

    WI: Franz Joseph I gets to marry Princess Anne of Prussia

    Context, a young Franz Joseph I fell in love with Princess Anne of Prussia, and wanted to propose to her, but she was already engaged, and Prussian statesmen didn’t like the possibility of a Prussia-Austrian alliance. Anne would have an unhappy married life, while Franz Joseph married Sisi...
  9. German Unification: How early could it have happened?

    What's the earliest that German unification could have happened?
  10. Disraeli2004

    My Version of: What if France Won the Franco-Prussian war?

    Please comment on this, that would be most welcome! :) In this alternate scenario, Bismarck must retire during 1870 due to ill health. This isn’t that far fetched- his quasi-depression at seeing what he thought was a Prussian humilliation caused significant ill health. Thus, the Austro-Prussian...
  11. Kaiser Chris

    Fate of Non-German Hapsburg Lands in Großdeutsche Germany?

    In a scenario where Austria is high favorable to German unification, with it accepting leadership of a united Germany at the Frankfurt Assembly, what would then happen to the non-German lands under Emperor Ferdinand and later Franz Joseph. While an Austrian-led Germany can be acceptable at the...
  12. Recommendations for a Swiss German Unification TL?

    Okay, so this idea came to me because of a comic on /r/PolandBall and a flag on /r/Vexillology awhile back: The flag was supposed to be Germany in the style of Germany, not Germany if it was unified by Switzerland, but I thought the idea of Switzerland unifying Germany was pretty cool. This...
  13. Austria and Prussia unite. What happens to former Austrian territories?

    So, if all of The German lands within the boarders of the German confederation were to unite, including Austria who gives up it's other territories except for that which is within confederation boarders, what happens to the territories outside of the boarder? Here is a map on what I mean.
  14. AHC: Most Dystopian Possible Unification of Germany

    Okay, so this AHC is pretty simple: Create a unified German state at the worst possible time using the worst possible nation to do the uniting in the worst possible way both for Germany and the rest of the world, though, if priorities conflict, make it worse for Germany first. The unification...
  15. Mr_Fanboy

    German Unification... in Late Antiquity

    Folks on this forum often like to discuss opportunities for early German unification, and I figured that you could not get much earlier than this, so... :p With any point of divergence no more than a few decades after the fall of the Western Roman Empire (and none before 476, either), would it...
  16. Whiteshore

    AHC: Have Austria unify Germany

    With a POD after 1815, come up with a scenario where Austria instead of Prussia is the core of the alt-Kaiserreich/German Empire after unifying Germany. Bonus points if you have Prussia not be part of this Germany with Prussians very insistent they are not Germans much like Austrians IOTL.
  17. JonasResende

    AHC: Bavaria Unites Germany

    Inspired by my liking/interest of all things Wittelsbach, I was wondering if there was a point (preferably after 1500), where the Wittelsbachs could become the premier power in Germany and assume leadership of the German empire (i.p.v. the Hohenzollerns or the Habsburgs)?
  18. AHC: Have Germany Unify, but Then Force Germany and France to Work Together

    How could we end up with a TL where Germany still unifies (like IOTL or differently), but then is forced to cooperate and be allied with France in a World War (obviously not the same one that happened in our timeline, but a massive, industrialized conflict of similar scale)? Neither of them can...
  19. Die Mauer steht am Rhein

    I read Christian Ditfurths, 'Die Mauer steht am Rhein' (the wall stands on the rhine) a few weeks ago, and as a german I found it especially fascinating. But the story ends in 1999 (the year the book was published), with the detenté that followed the USAs and USSRs 'division of the world'...
  20. WI: Germany never unifies

    What would happen if Germany never unified? How would that happen? Would it be much different from OTL?