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  1. AHC: Russia wins WW1 alone

    Your Challenge is to find to a way for Russia to win WW1 despite France falling in 1914 with a POD of 1900 effects?
  2. What would it take for Germany to unify in 1848?

    Like it says on the tin. Is it as simple as just having the king of Prussia accept the Frankfurt Parliament's "crown from the gutter"? What about a quick, decisive victory at the First Schleswig War (perhaps with a victory at Dybbøl, a couple months before the armistice of Malmö in August...
  3. REDUX: Place In The Sun: What If Italy Joined The Central Powers?
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    KAISER WILHELM THE TENTH PROUDLY PRESENTS: I must begin by thanking all the readers and commentators who made the original Place In the Sun what it was! Well over two hundred people actively participated in the original thread, and countless more read and liked without commenting. With your...
  4. Friedrich der Große

    Spanish Civil War if Germany won WW1

    So let’s say Germany wins WW1 in 1916 because Italy joined the Central Powers a year earlier. What would the effects of this be on the Spanish Civil War? Would it still happen?
  5. Friedrich der Große

    Central Power Netherlands

    What if The Netherlands joined the Central Powers? Let’s assume a naval incident or something else, and as a result, The Netherlands join the Central Powers. Let’s say that in this TL Germany plays their ‘old strategy’ so focuses on Russia first, but Britain still join the war. Last but not...
  6. Friedrich der Große

    The Netherlands if Germany won WW1

    What would happen to The Netherlands if Germany won WW1? Would they get more land and/or colonies (could also be on the long run), which role would they play in Europe and the world if this alternative WW1 occured? And how would Dutch politics ánd the Dutch colonial empire develop? Thoughts?
  7. Friedrich der Große

    World War I without Wilhelm II

    If somehow Kaiser Wilhelm II would have not reigned over Germany, would World War I still happen? I read somewhere that WW1 was not the result of Wilhelm II’s reign, but the result of the German army and Prussian elite having very much influence on there politics. So basically: a modern country...
  8. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch and German POD

    I am searching for a POD in which The Netherlands stays a middle-great colonial empire, but WW1 still happen and ends in a German victory. Is this somehow possible, and if yes, how?
  9. WW1 German Aircraft carriers break blockade

    What if germany invented and made aircraft carriers during anglo german naval arms race and used them to break British blockade
  10. Nuclear German Empire conquers the world

    WW1 is avoided until Germamy develops nukes. Due lack of nazism experts don't leave Germany resulting in Germans being decades aheads of rest of the world in missile and nuclear tech. Germany surprise nuke major cities in UK,France,Russia with V2s forcing them to surrender unconditionally and...
  11. CP victory:Anglo German naval arms race 2.0

    CP win because of British neutrality due to no germam invasion of belgium resulting in France and Russia becoming Germany's satillites also Septemberprogramm gets implemted execpt for belgium. As soon as peace returns Germany restarts naval arms race with Britian this time also using naval...
  12. What if US won a war to take the whole Oregon?

    This is the history of my book, The Fifth War, which is set in an alternate 2025 with a PoD in the 1840s...
  13. Friedrich der Große

    If the Belgian Revolution never happened, would WW1 still happen?

    So basically this: If the Belgian Revolution never happened and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive, would WW1 still happen, or wouldn’t it because of the butterflies?
  14. Friedrich der Große

    WI: The Netherlands joins Central Powers

    What if in an alternate timeline, The Netherlands joined the Central Powers during World War I, and the Central Powers managed to claim victory in the war. What would the Netherlands gain? Would they gain territories in Belgium or in Asia or Africa, or would they gain territories somewhere...
  15. World Mapping

    Would WW2 happen if the Central Powers won WW1?

    Would WW2 happen if the Central Powers won WW1?
  16. Friedrich der Große

    White and Central Powers win?

    I’m currently working on a Central Powers Victory scenario in WW1, in which the Central Powers focused on Russia first, defeated Russia in 1916 and after that focusing and defeating France. But my question is: in this scenario, what would have happened to Russia? Would the Russian Revolution...
  17. Friedrich der Große

    WW1, but Moltke dies in 1913

    The Schlieffen Plan, in fact the ‘Moltke Plan’ after 1905, became a failure during the first months of the First World War. In my opinion this is the responsibility of the German Chief of the General Staff, Helmuth von Moltke the Younger. But what if this went different. What if Moltke dies in...
  18. WI: Post-WWI East and West Germany

    Let's say that the war lasts another year and the Spartacist revolt succeeds and stretches from the Province of Saxony to East Prussia. They're unable to take over all of Germany however and the Imperial loyalists are able to keep the Western and Southern parts of the country under the Kaiser's...
  19. European US Japan Intervention in Chinese warlord era

    what if US, Japan and Europeans Intervened in Chinese warlord era to keep China divided like they did to Boxer rebellion ? will it succeed? can they carve out satellite states out China
  20. WW1 if Russia was as industrialized as Germany per capita

    how will ww1 with the same alliances UK, France, Russia vs Germany, A-H, Ottomans happen if Russia was as industrialized as Germany per capita