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  1. Let There Be Peace in the Great European Plain: A History of Teutons and Slavs in the 19th Century.
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    “The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.” -Otto von Bismarck. ACT 1: “The White Negroes of Europe”: The History of Persecution of the Polish People, by Piotr S. Wandycz. It would be incredibly hard to pinpoint the moment when Poles became the most undesirable people of...
  2. Nazi Rise in a Austrian-German Empire

    Basically, Austria is the one that wins the Austro-Prussian War (whether in gives away Hungary or not, you can choose), and yet despite butterfly effects, a Fascist-esque state wins the elections, either after they lose some form of WW1, or perhaps for different reasons. Please make the best...
  3. Alliance between China, Germany, and the US

    With a pod in 1820, how can we get an alliance between the United states, a Prussian Germany, and a modernized Qing? What smaller allies would also be part of this pact, how would the coming great war between powers go, and what will the world look like after?
  4. WI: Central Victory Beer Hall Putsch

    The Central powers in 1916 with Brest-Litovsk gains in the east and a status quo peace in the west (though France is likely drowning in debt). After the war Germany enters a period of liberalization into a constitutional monarchy with leftists being voted into the Reichstag. Conservatives are...
  5. British Biscuit

    Cultural Impact of WW1 ending with a Stalemate/Prolonged Cold War?

    As the title says. World War 1 ends in status quo ante bellum followed by a prolonged Cold War between Central Powers and the Entente. How would this impact cultural development, self-identity and various art movements? OTL during and after the Cold War there was/is a notion (albeit one that's...
  6. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: WW1 with pro Central Powers Serbia/Greece and Pro Entente Bulgaria/Ottoman Empire

    AHC: Devise a scenario for how WW1 begins and unfolds with a pro-German/Austro-Hungarian Serbia and Greece alongside a pro-Entente Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire. What are the preconditions for such a system of alliances to emerge? How would the war play out assuming in the event of an Entente or...
  7. "Revolution Plowed the Sea" What if Latin America was a Great Power?

    This is a series of maps originally posted to r/imaginarymaps that tries to portray a world in which Latin America became a Great Power through the alliance known as the "Panama Pact" and eventually getting into a Cold War with the German Empire, I'm not really sure how much lore I'm allowed to...
  8. Bomster

    WI: Italy knocked out of WW1?

    The Battle of Caporetto was a resounding defeat for Italian forces, sending them into full-on retreat from the Austro-German advance. However the Italians stalled their advance at the First Battle of Monte Grappa, defending the plains toward Venice and stabilizing the front, later scoring a...
  9. KingOnTheEdge

    Discussion: What Does A Pax Germania Look Like?

    To address the modded in elephant in the room, I think Kaiserreich, much like base HoI4 nerfs the victors of ww1 in the interest of storytelling and gameplay. While that's fine, this thread is more discussing things like culture in TTL, or economics, potential rivals in the later century, etc...
  10. ariyarathna

    House of the Rising Sun - The German Eagle takes Flight.
    Threadmarks: Official Timeline of WW1 ITTL.

    Chapter 0 - Prologue and Timeline of WW1 So before I begin, I'd like to mention this is far from my first time posting to However, it has taken me quite a while to actually commit to a timeline on such a level as what you're going to read through, and without spoiling too much, I'd...
  11. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: WW1 Western Front In Germany

    OTL, Germany's more aggressive response to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, including the first declarations of war and invasion of Belgium, meant that little fighting was done on the Kaiser's home soil. Your goal is to have a major part of the western front be in Germany for over a year...
  12. Antonio Ferrari

    Our Cold War: An Alternate History Interactive Cold War

    No one believed that the German empire could rise after the Great War, having barely managed to hold in the West, and basically failing to hold anything east other than Poland. Their ally, Austria-Hungary, risked to collapse from ethnic conflicts, and had to cede vast territories to Serbia and...
  13. Wilhelm II dies young: Kaiser Heinrich of Germany 1862-1929?

    The mortality rate of 19th century royalty was fairly high, e.g in 1892 Albert Victor, second in line to the British throne died suddenly. Had a similar fate befallen the then Prince Wilhelm of Prussia - who would grow up to become Kaiser Wilhelm II, the fate of Europe might have been very...
  14. Mister devilfinger

    What would have happened if the Qing dynasty and the German Empire secretly formed an alliance and joins the triple alliance in 1883?

    What would be the effects of it? How much would it change the world? Source:
  15. Roosevelt

    Der Krieg Des Sieges | A Central Powers Timeline
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    A Central Powers Timeline
  16. Basileus_Komnenos

    Territorial extent and Political Ramifications of a Surviving Austria-Hungary from a Successful Sixtus Affair

    In a desperate attempt to end the chaos of the war, Kaiser Karl I of Ausria Hungary tried to broker a separate peace agreement with the Entente through his brother-in-law Prince Sixtus of Bourbon-Parma. In otl the negotiations largely fell through because of the Austrian Foreign Minister...
  17. Will of Iron
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    Hello everyone! You might remember me from my TL "Italico Valore" which deals with a more victorious 1848 revolution in Italy. Here I wanted to try my hand with a 20th Century POD and I hereby present you "Will of Iron" WILL OF IRON JANUARY-JUNE 1916 The Central Powers ended 1915 in a...
  18. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI This German Empire?

    Base map Could something like this german empire ever be accomplished? The only change to Europe from OTL is that they don't have Alcase-Lorraine, but do have Luxembourg. Africa is obvious with the giant mittleafrika, same with the German Phillippines. Now, there was a situation involving France...
  19. Michel Van

    Mussolini died of old age, who is his successor ?

    I working on "Kaiserreich a TL" were you guest it Imperial Germany survive my focus now on Italy and Mussolini in TL He manage to get some of his goals of Neo Roman Empire in TL (part of south Turkey, Cyprus, Korsika (and other parts of France), Malta and has Spain as allies He crushed the...
  20. Drex

    AHC/WI: "Flipping" the fronts of WW1.

    All right the tittle may be a bit confusing but here is the basic idea. IOTL WW1 developed into fairly static trench warfare in the western front after the failure of the Schlieffen Plan, and a more open conflict in the eastern front. The 1917 revolutions in Russia caused them to drop off the...