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  1. Bomster

    WI: Gerald Ford runs in 1980

    So let’s say either Ronald Reagan defeats Gerald Ford for the 1976 GOP Nomination and loses to Jimmy Carter, or that Reagan runs out of funds and pulls out of the 1980 GOP primaries early, or Ford throws his hat into the ring at a deadlocked convention and gets the nod. Whatever the POD is...
  2. After the Assassination of Gerald R. Ford - a TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: Watergate and the Assassination of Ford, 1974-1975.

    So I've been working on a new project. I was reading up on the two assassination attempts on President Ford, neither of which succeeded. I decided to write a TL with this as the PoD because it has the real potential for a totally different 20th and 21st century. Without further ado I present the...
  3. Vidal

    What It Took: A TLIAW by Enigma and Vidal

    the air around us vibrates, starting slowly, eventually getting fast and faster a crack in the meta verse opens up and bright blinding light flashes in its place THUNDER! those watching are too stunned to speak as laughter emits from the crack, louder and louder [for reference, it is akin to...
  4. Taunay

    Ford '76 victory impact in the Middle East

    Before Carter won, the US had a mostly anti-communist, pro-Israel militarist view towards the region. Under Carter, however, the view towards the Middle East became more conciliatory, which led to the Camp David Accords. While they were definitely not perfect, those Accords were a step up from...
  5. Brainstorming a TL: No Nixon Pardon
    Threadmarks: 1. POD

    So I'm still nailing down a lot of things, but I have enough that I wanted some feedback. Staring with a plausibility check on the POD itself. POD: The 18.5 minutes of Nixon's Watergate tapes doesn't get erased, and it's damning. In this ATL, it's Nixon and Haldeman discussing the fact that...
  6. Humphrey '76

    If I recall, many Democrats were pleading for Humphrey to run in 1976 due to the relatively weak field and the general distrust of Carter with his southern upbringing. While Humphrey did express interest in the idea of being a compromise candidate should the convention deadlock, Humphrey made...
  7. Bomster

    WI: Ford doesn't pardon Nixon

    IOTL, not too long after ascending to the Presidency Gerald Ford decided to pardon Richard Nixon for whatever crimes he had committed in connection to Watergate. While he probably thought that by doing this America could move on from Watergate, all it ended up doing was damage Ford's fledgling...
  8. Gerald Ford 1980

    POD: Reagan defeats Ford in the 1976 primary and then loses to Carter, Ford makes a comeback in 1980 and wins the nomination. Ford-Dole defeat Carter-Mondale by a large margin in 1980. What does the Ford presidency look like from 1981-1985? Who wins the Democratic primary in 1984? Will Dole win...
  9. THeaven

    Ford 1980

    What if Gerald Ford decided to run in the 1980 Republican primary would he be able to compete with the likes of Reagan and Bush? Who would be his Vice presidential pick? Could he win in a rematch against President Carter ?
  10. GenerousLizard

    AHC: Make Gerald Ford president before 1974 without Watergate and the Nixon Admin

    So as far as I know Ford never had any presidential ambitions and was pretty content with being Minority Leader in the House. But we all know what happend after his appointment as VP by Nixon. What POD is needed to make Ford a viable candidate for President before 1974 and without him being in...
  11. Gerald Ford's Second Term

    The 1976 election was surprisingly close. Despite the poor economy and his unpopular pardon of Nixon, Gerald Ford nearly defeated Jimmy Carter. Had only Wisconsin and Ohio gone Republican, Gerald Ford would've been sworn in to his second term as President on January 20, 1977. Any number of...
  12. Enigma-Conundrum

    THE BEATEN PATH: One Bicentennial and Counting
    Threadmarks: FOREWORD, THANKS, & SUCH

    A FOREWORD 1976 was an election of great change. No, seriously. The US had been through one of the greatest nonviolent ordeals in its history. Faith in government itself was shaken, some would argue irreparably. A party was dead for a generation. All because a previously great statesman...
  13. If Ford wins in 1976, how much influence do Cheney and Rumsfeld Have in the 2nd term?

    Say Gerald Ford wins in 1976, how much influence do Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have in the 1977-81 Ford Term? They seemed to have a great deal of influence over Ford, especially in the last two years of Ford's OTL only term and they also had a great deal of influence in the next...
  14. DBWI: Jimmy Carter wins the Democratic nomination in '76?

    What would happen if Jimmy Carter, governor of georgia and dark horse in the 1976 democratic nomination, won instead of Mo Udall? Would the Democrats still win the general, and if so, would it be as close as OTL? Could Carter have won Georgia or the South? What do you guys think? OOC: Mo Udall...
  15. DBWI: Nixon picks Gerald Ford to replace Agnew.

    What if Richard Nixon chose then House Minority Leader Gerald Ford to replace disgraced VP Spiro Agnew instead of choosing New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller? How would Ford do as President after Nixon would inevitably resign from office? Who would he pick to be his VP? As we know, Rockefeller...
  16. AHC: A Democrat Wins Texas After 1976

    Your challenge is to have a Democratic presidential candidate win Texas in the electoral college after 1976, with a POD no earlier than that year.
  17. WI: Reagan vs Carter - 1976

    The POD is Reagan narrowly defeats President Ford in the New Hampshire Republican Primary, as he almost did in OTL, and goes on to just barely win the GOP nomination. In the general election he faces Jimmy Carter. But unlike in 1980, Reagan will be running to succeed a Republican President and...
  18. Enigma-Conundrum

    Changing The Channel - The 1976 Campaign Trail
    Threadmarks: Background

    BACKGROUND THE REPUBLICANS The GOP has controlled the White House since 1968, but its welcome is becoming worn out, especially in the wake of Watergate. No matter who is nominated, they’re going to have a hell of a time retaining the executive branch. Gerald Ford: the incumbent President...
  19. What Would America Be Like Without Ronald Reagan?

    Suppose that Gerald Ford had narrowly won a second term in 1976, and the 1980s are a Democratic decade. This almost certainly butterflies away a Ronald Reagan administration. What would America be like without the Reagan Presidency?
  20. 1980s Culture Under a Democratic US President

    Suppose that Gerald Ford had never made his infamous gaffe about Eastern Europe and he narrowly defeated Jimmy Carter in 1976. Four years later a Democrat is elected President. How would US and world culture evolve with the Democrats, not the Reagan Republicans, in charge during the 1980s?