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  1. AlfLandonFan

    A Massive Headache: A 1968 Timeline
    Threadmarks: Nixon's Sabotage

    NIXON SABOTAGE? White House Officials Release Information on a Potential Sabotage of the Paris Peace Talks by the Nixon Campaign "Humphrey. You gotta listen here. This could be your key to victory. Come on." "I am trying to win this through honorable means. Not through petty attacks. Plus, I...
  2. United States President

    John Wayne for President '68
    Threadmarks: John Wayne for President Pt. 1

    Introduction I've had this scenario written up for a long while now. I had learned a few years back that John Wayne was asked to run by Texas Republican Party backers. He refused because he felt American voters wouldn't buy an actor running for office. And since Ronald Reagan is a thing, I...
  3. Does Your Conscience Bother You?- A George Wallace Victory TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: In Miami Beach, they Love the Governor: Wallace in the 1972 Primary

    This is my first foray into writing an AH TL, so feel free to leave any feedback on this first chapter. I'd love for this to be a collaborative deal, so leave any ideas or suggestions below! I'm foreseeing this TL getting a little wild as things progress and I plan to use the polling feature...
  4. The Shadow of the Eagle, TL
    Threadmarks: The Birth of the Eagle

    "RFK announces presidential candidacy" - Headline of the Washington Post, 11th December 1967 "Kennedy is plausible. He's not a Johnson or Humphrey, he's not tied to that [Johnson's] administration, the American people will rally around him, he is the one of the few men in this campaign to lead...
  5. DCPritt

    A Second Act for the New Frontier

    Sequel to: Chapter One The President had only begun to drift off to a quick nap at his desk in his private office after a shot of morphine earlier when the phone on his desk roused him from...
  6. Mr_Fanboy

    George Wallace’s legacy if he had been elected POTUS in 1976

    Inasmuch as anybody still talks about George Wallace today, he seems to be almost universally remembered for his staunch defense of segregation and his role in helping the codify the “law and order” playbook in national politics. However, in the later stages of his life, Wallace did try to make...
  7. Chapman

    WI: Bremer Shoots, Kills Wallace in 68?

    Simply put, what if Arthur Bremer shoots George Wallace four years earlier, on May 15, 1968 rather than 1972, and kills him? Looking beyond the fact that Bremer would still be a 17 year old senior junior? (idk i'm not good at math) in high school, let's say he manages to nonetheless acquire a...
  8. Odinson

    Southern Strategy by Michael Flynn

    Ok, this is one of my personal favorite short stories, especially when it comes to Alternate History. While it's never a specific with the order, it does hint at a interesting timeline. The point of divergence seems to be during Woodrow Wilson's term. Here is the timeline. During the dark days...
  9. PC/WI: Rockefeller vs. Wallace in the 1976 election

    The idea of this is to cause a 1976 election which re-aligns the GOP into a more liberal direction while sending the Democrats into a more conservative direction. The first POD is that Arthur Bremer fails to assassinate George Wallace, leaving him in perfect physical condition. The rest of...
  10. The_Russian

    AHC: President George Wallace

    With a POD of 1960, get George Wallace to be the democratic nominee and win the election. What does it take? What year is most likely? What circumstances have to occur for a disaster like this to happen? How disastrous would he be? Bonus points if JFK and LBJ are still presidents.
  11. LuckyLuciano

    Born Again: A WallaceWank

    POD: Gerald Ford is assassinated by Fromme on September 5, 1975 Rockefeller wins the 1976 nomination due to a split in the conservative vote caused by Reagan’s Schweiker ploy, and the subsequent success of the Draft Buckley movement. Rockefeller nominates Howard Baker as his vice president...
  12. Gentleman Biaggi

    TLIAW: The World of Richard Nixon (Or; an Alternate 1972)
    Threadmarks: Chapter I

    Going into 1972, it seemed like no one could defeat Richard Nixon, as his he was wildly popular for opening up relations with China and a strong economy. However, many were still planning to challenge him. The most surprising thing was that Nixon had a major challenger in the Republican...
  13. Oppo

    National Brotherhood Week - a Timeline by Gonzo and Oppo

    Oh, the white folks hate the black folks, And the black folks hate the white folks. To hate all but the right folks Is an old established rule. But during national brotherhood week, national brotherhood week, Cassius Clay and Mrs. Wallace are dancing cheek to cheek. It's fun to eulogize The...
  14. 20thCenturyBoy

    Freedom Dies in Darkness: The Story of the 1968 Election and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello everyone. Me and Gentleman Biaggi have been coming up with this idea for a timeline for quite a while. We finally have some time so now we’re going to post the first chapter. We hope you enjoy this timeline.
  15. Chapman

    AHC: Kennedy/Wallace or Wallace/Kennedy

    For sh*ts and giggles, your challenge is to position Alabama Governor and noted segregationist George Wallace, and one of the Kennedy boys (Whether John, Robert, or Ted) together on a Presidential ticket. Either one can be at the top, I leave that decision to you, as well as the chosen election...
  16. Sailor Haumea

    Good Roads and Good Schools: The Governorship of George Wallace

    (First TL!) Encyclopedia of American Politicians: Wallace, George Corley George Corley Wallace Jr. (August 25, 1919 - May 25, 1966) Governor of Alabama from January 19, 1959 to January 14, 1963 George Wallace will be remembered in history as an outlier - a liberal governor in the Deep South...
  17. TooManyIdeas

    Winter of Loathing--The 1968 Election
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    RICHARD NIXON DEAD CAR ACCIDENT KILLS FORMER VICE PRESIDENT --The New York Times headline, March 29th, 1967 The 1968 presidential election and the following several months, known in our modern day as the Winter of Loathing, has gained something of an air of an inevitability in our typical...
  18. Nightingale

    (*NDCR) TBWI: JFK wins the Democratic Nomination Over George Wallace, 1968

    In our world, George Wallace achieved an upset win over John F. Kennedy, who was deeply disliked by many, and clinch the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination in 1968, winning by around 50 votes. George Wallace, the first candidate to mount a succesful primary challenge to an incumbent...
  19. Nightingale

    Christian Democracy: A Faith and Family Left America Collaborative TL

    CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACY Hey guys, welcome to Christian Democracy: this is a collaborative timeline again. According to the Pew Research Center, "The Faith and Family Left combine strong support for activist government with conservative attitudes on many social issues." and based a Reddit post here...
  20. HaroldGodwinson

    President Nixon in the 1980's

    POD: Senator Thomas Kuchel runs for Governor of California and Nixon runs for his old senate seat in 1962. 1962: Former Vice President Richard Nixon runs for his old senate seat and narrowly defeats his Democrat opponent 53-47%, thanks in part to the public perception of him as a senior...