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  1. The Gybson Boy

    Edward VIII becomes king in 1902

    Let's say that in 1900 Prince George, Duke of York ends up dying due to influenza at the age of 35, so when King Edward VII ascends the throne in 1901 his heir is his 6 year old grandson, Edward. So King Edward VII dies at the age of 55 on June 25, 1902 during his appendicitis surgery, leaving...
  2. Opo

    Crown Imperial: An Alt British Monarchy
    Threadmarks: GIV: Part 1: Prince of Fools

    King George IV (1820 - 1827) NB: A Simplified Timeline of George IV's reign can be found by clicking here. Part One: The Prince of Fools Haddon Hall is a perfect example of the English country house. Tucked neatly in a bend in the River Wye near Bakewell in Derbyshire, it is acknowledged as...
  3. WI: George V had lived until 1946

    Basically, what if George V (somehow, I know he wasn't the healthiest of men) lived a decade longer until 1946?
  4. Names of British monarchs

    Not discussing how alternate successions to the crown could have gone; rather, what other names the monarchs that did reign could have taken. A King of Queen can take either their first name, or a middle name. The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, uses her first name (Elizabeth Alexandra...
  5. George V dies in 1892

    So, apparently at the same time his brother Albert Victor was dying, the future George V was recovering from a bout of typhoid. What happens if they both died? There'd obviously be major emotional trauma for the royal family to lose them both in quick succession, but what are the political...