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  1. ordinarylittleme

    WI: George IV and Caroline of Brunswick have more children?

    IOTL they had an awful relationship, hated each other's guts and only had one daughter who died young: Charlotte of Wales. But what if they had gotten over their mutual distaste enough to produce these children (2, 3, and 4 are triplets): 1. Charlotte b. 1796 m. 1816 Leopold, King of the...
  2. Opo

    Crown Imperial: An Alt British Monarchy
    Threadmarks: GIV: Part 1: Prince of Fools

    King George IV (1820 - 1827) NB: A Simplified Timeline of George IV's reign can be found by clicking here. Part One: The Prince of Fools Haddon Hall is a perfect example of the English country house. Tucked neatly in a bend in the River Wye near Bakewell in Derbyshire, it is acknowledged as...
  3. JonasResende

    What Were George IV's Plans Once He Was Divorced?

    George IV's divorce from Karoline of Brunswick was a cause celebre in its day. I can't remember the details of the case offhand (beyond that it was unsuccessful), but I was more wondering about what was Georgie Porgie's game plan? It can't have been to remarry and beget more heirs, since even as...
  4. George III permenantly mad in 1789; long term consequences?

    So I've been reading Janice Hadlow's excellent A Royal Experiment, a biography on the marriages of the Hanoverian Royal line,just finished the chapter on George III's 1788-89 madness and its got me thinking; what if, instead of recovering, George III went permanently mad in 1789? How would...
  5. JonasResende

    An Alternate Husband for Karoline of Brunswick?

    We all know about her unhappy marriage with the future George IV, but which gave rise to several interesting comments from her: When asked about her wedding night, she responded that the prince was drunk and spent the night in the grate "where he fell, and where I left him". When she heard the...
  6. JonasResende

    WI: No Kensington System

    There were several requests from both George IV and William IV to have the young princess Alexandrina Victoria brought up in the royal household, whilst the duchess of Kent reviled the idea of allowing her daughter out of her sight. What would've it have meant if the future Victoria were brought...