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  1. QTXAdsy

    The Fingerprints Of Epstein - Yet Another Beatles TL
    Threadmarks: From The Brink

    Hello there, it is time to start a new TL of mine. Yes, it is a Beatles TL which is far from the only one but what this is something a little different in which not only Brian Epstein lives but actually has some major changes going forward in ways you probably won't have seen before in which...
  2. Lafayette_

    McCartney-Harrison: A different ‘Get Back’?

    What if Paul and George mended their relationship as musicians sometime during the group’s stay in India (in other words: Paul started giving George more credit earlier in terms of songwriting), and the group went into the Get Back sessions with a different mindset? Would we see an earlier...
  3. Wings Over the World (1970 - 2000): A Paul McCartney and Wings TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction and Chapter 1

    Wings' logo From 1971 to 2000 ex-Beatle Paul McCartney had a little band, a band that tried to take on the world; this band came close, but sadly it flew to close to the sun and melted. Wings had number ones, films, and Grammies; however trend chasing, label fall out, member changes, and the...
  4. Asharella

    A Trial Separation

    I said when I did these four posts in Ninth Revolution: AH's Beatles Group that it wouldn't be a timeline. But I've changed my mind. I'm going to create an alternate history where the Beatles don't break up in 1969. Here are the original posts. I'll add more to the timeline in later posts here.