1. Republic of Kaffa

    Would Kaffa be able to survive as an independent republic some time in the 13th or 14th century? Let's say Genoa loses a war pretty badly and the local government of Kaffa declares independence. What would be the goals of this new merchant republic? Would the self governing city be more able to...
  2. pls don't ban me

    Fall of Constantinople what if analysis

    So, this thread is probably one of the most, if not the most, re proposed from time to time, but i see every time almost everyone saying that Constantinople was doomed, an opinion to which i disagree. While it's true that the ERE was to a point of utter disgrace there are some factor that might...
  3. FernandoPerla

    Italian Americas

    I've read online that Cristopher Columbus sought financing for his project of reaching Asia in Genoa and Venice before going to Castille. Do you think the Genoese and the Venetians could have had conquered part of the Americas? Can you picture Italian colonial empires in both continents?
  4. AHC: Had the Italian City-States more Resources/Power, what could they colonise in the West Indies ?

    So this is kind of a spin-off on the Alternative West Indies thread , but focusing more specifically on the Italian Kingdoms/Republics and City-States as potential colonisers in a context where maybe both Spain and Portugal may be nerfed or at least less ambitious in terms of trad ventures...
  5. Iron_Lord

    WI: United Italian City States

    What is the Plausablility of the Italian City States, 1100AD, Unifying into a sort of 'United States of Italy'? and if so, how powerful would said State be? Would it be Capable of becoming a expansionary and effective Mediterranean superpower? (remember, Rome started off like this:) Rome...
  6. Eparkhos

    The Ruins of Rome: A Byzantine Collpase Timeline

    Before the Fall: The Venetian Expedition of 1280 (Kriti) The First Genoese-Mangyup War (1280) (Gothia) The Rhomano-Angevin War: The Fall...
  7. italian federation

    In 1484 pope sixtus IV dies, the greatest opponent to Lorenzo Il magnific. the next Pope the genoese Vybo elected as Innocent VII was even a fan of Lorenzo. Pod: what if Lorenzo is able to create a stable Italian league were the Italian state won't anymore battle between them but solve disputes...
  8. No black death

    So, the black death spread across Europe in 1300. If i've studied well, the main reason this happened was the war for Caffa in Crimea between a mongol khan and the Genoese. The mongols used corpses on catapults as chemical weapons but still lost the battle while the Ligurian survivors infected...
  9. Pulmonic_Consonant

    Venetian Incaland

    In this alternate timeline, the Ottomans are far more hostile to Italian traders in the wake of conquering Constantinople. Now being cut off from a large source of their profit, and desperate to make it up, the Doge of Genoa, Paolo Fregoso, accepts Christopher Columbus's plan to attempt finding...
  10. FernandoPerla

    Italian colonization of the Americas

    Christopher Columbus asked Genoa and Venice for support for his western route to Asia, before going to Castile. What if one of them agreed to finance the project? Can you imagine a Genoese or Venetian colonization of the Americas?
  11. FernandoPerla

    Christopher Columbus

    What if Christopher Columbus had discovered the Americas, but working not for Spain, but for the other countries in which he asked for an audience? As far as I know, the countries are England, Portugal, Venice and Genoa.
  12. What if Columbus and Cabot sticked to Italy?

    Columbus was from Genoa and Cabot from Florence, they both didn’t find financiers in Italy so they were paid by Spain and England, but what if they found some investors in their homeland? Columbus could’ve found some patrons in his native state and Cabot would propose a similar deal to Venice...
  13. GameBawesome

    AHC: Independent Cities of Venice and Genoa

    Challenge: With a starting time, between 1814 to the 1870s, have the Cities of Genoa and Venice gain independence as a Vatican City Style City-State, or San Marino Style Microstate from either Austria, Italy or France
  14. How could the Northern Italy city-states remain powerful post-Renaissance

    At the end of the Middle Age, Genoa, Firenze and Venice were powerful city states that had a vast economic and cultural influence over the rest of Europe, Venice controlled a large part of the trade in the Mediterrannean, so did Genoa, along with strong financial ties with Spain in its early...
  15. DBWI: What of Venice ferried the 4th Crusade instead of Genoa?

  16. Gold, Galileo and Guadalcanal: A Tale of Blood, Sins and Dreams

    Inspired by a pair of threads that asked for an AH timeline with a plausible Spanish and French speaking parts of Australia. Setting: The 1640s Summary: An Englishman who claims to be a disciple of Galileo thinks he has found a way to travel from Italies to Australia, the mythic continent of...
  17. Carp

    King Theodore's Corsica
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    King Theodore's Corsica From March to November of 1736, Theodore von Neuhoff, a Westphalian baron, ruled Corsica as its king. Theodore's kingdom is obscure today—and perhaps understandably so, as it existed so briefly. Later writers often dismiss the "Kingdom of Corsica" as farcical and...
  18. water123

    AHC/WI: Italy asks for/obtains Crimea after successful Barbarossa?

    Crimea had at one point been a territory of Genoa, an Italian city state that existed throughout the Medieval and Early Modern eras. It lost control of this territory in the late 1400's. However, lack of territorial claims didn't exactly halt German march in WWII. Italy contributed significant...
  19. Ilúphatar

    AHC/WI: Replace Venice and Genoa with their rival maritime republics

    IOTL, the Republics of Venice and Genoa ultimately came to dominate maritime trade in the Mediterranean Sea, becoming important regional powers whose influence far outperformed their territorial extent. However, at other times in Italian history, other maritime republics existed that competed...
  20. How many "expatriate" Genoese and Venetians would there have been in the Middle Ages?

    Genoa and Venice had a huge presence in the Mediterranean--how many traders and settlers would there have been outside of Genoa and Venice itself, and how does this compare to the populations of Genoa and Venice at the time?