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  1. Sides in WW1 if France won the Franco-Prussian War?

    What countries would be in this alternate Triple Entente and Central Powers if France had defeated Prussia
  2. Sārthākā

    Aftermath of a successful Suez Crisis

    Let's say that despite American threats and the Egyptian resistance the French and British manage to successfully intervene in Suez. A few months of occupation in Suez later the Egyptian government falls into anarchy and the country falls into civil war. Israel occupies (de facto annexes) the...
  3. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: How Large can Napoleonic Poland Get?

    Assuming Napoleon ends up victorious, how large can Napoleonic Poland, the then Grand Duchy of Warsaw theoretically get? Would its status be upgraded to that of a Kingdom? Could Napoleon essentially restore the Commonwealth here, or at least retake a lot of its lost land?
  4. Basileus_Komnenos

    WI: Napoleon stays as a Republican rather than adopting Monarchism?

    What if Napoleon instead of adopting the trappings and foundations of the First Empire, stays true to his old Republican ideals and maintains and eventually reforms the Consulate? How would this affect Europe and its political re-organization? What would happen to his various conquests if...
  5. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: A 20th Century Restoration of the French Monarchy

    Devise a scenario where the monarchy is restored in France in the 20th Century. What sort of political and economic circumstances would be necessary for something like this to occur? Which house would be restored to the throne? France had three pretenders from the Houses of Bourbon, Orleans...
  6. KingOnTheEdge

    How Powerful Would A Surviving French Colonial Empire Be?

    Assume the blitzkrieg fails in France, and Germany is defeated in about 3 or 4 years, and japan doesn't seize Indochina since they lack the clean opportunity to do so. The 3rd Republic survives, and France isn't entirely destroyed as a result and still holds the empire. So, how powerful would...
  7. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: Post 1815 French Demographics Expansion

    Devise a scenario after the Napoleonic Wars where the French birth rate and overall population growth increases allowing it to maintain parity with other contemporary European nations, or to regain its mantle as the "demographic beast" it was the 13th Century. Would something like more...
  8. Mr A

    The Stars Fly High: An America That Stands By It Founding Ideals

    The Stars Fly High Time is never-ending, our universe is but one of many. Outside the restraints of our known Galaxy is multiple realities connected together in one great blanket of existence. Across this great blanket of reality lays infinite possibilities. Every question that could ever be...
  9. Napoleon III becomes emperor in 1836?

    The future emperor Napoleon II attempted to depose king Louis-Philippe through a coup in 1836, but the ordeal was a fiasco and he had to return to Switzerland. Here's a snippet from Wikipedia that talks about it: "Wikipedia: He planned for his uprising to begin in Strasbourg. The colonel of a...
  10. Basileus_Komnenos

    DBWI: No Bonaparte-Habsburg Entente

    The Bonaparte-Habsburg Entente between the French Empire and the Austrian Empire is seen as one of the most consequential military alliance of the 19th century. It helped to form a lasting peace in most of Western and Central Europe in addition to the Balkans with its role in shaping the modern...
  11. The Century of Empires

    By the turn of century, the world was a very multipolar place, dominated by strong empires, most notably Britain, France, Germany and Russia, with smaller but relevant powers: United States, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Qing China, Japan. That's a free exploration thread, under the...
  12. Basileus_Komnenos

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline “I envy that boy. Glory is waiting there for him: I had to run after her. I will have been Phillip: he will be Alexander. He has only to extend an arm, and the world is his.”...
  13. Comte de Dordogne

    The Sun of Rocroi TL- A better Grand Condé
    Threadmarks: #Prologue

    The Sun of Rocroi- A better Grand Condé "The purple of the Prince or the sword in the service of the Prince... These two ideals of greatness can only be achieved if one or the other is chosen. " -Louis XIII on his deathbed addressing the Grand Condé before the latter's triumph at Rocroi...
  14. KingOnTheEdge

    Communist Plans For The French Colonial Empire

    Say that after ww1, the communists come to power in france. Great, down with the bourgeois, i'll polish up the guillotine, all that fun stuff. Except... had a bit more than just france at the time. So what were the leading communist solutions to the issue? Decolonization/puppets? Integrate the...
  15. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: England Never Became A Major Colonial Empire?

    Say, for whatever reason, England never build a significant colonial empire. France and Spain would likely have free reign of the New World; the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam could survive, or become New Paris, i'm not sure, but i highly doubt the netherlands will be able to build as large...
  16. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: Confine France To These Borders

    Now, OTL, France has had the biggest colonial empire since Spain's collapse, but the OP of this website said that Britain won out ttl Anyway for France to be stuck with just the scraps?
  17. Consequences for Europe of Napoleon accepting the Frankfurt Memorandum?

    At the Congress of Vienna, much of the focus in our timeline of putting Europe back together was on awarding to one state or another ares the French had gained in the preceding fifty years or so. It occurred to me looking at another thread though that the map might be very different the postwar...
  18. KingOnTheEdge

    Biggest Realistic French Empire?

    I'm curious, how big can we get France and her empire without getting into wank territories? Bonus points if you start with a POD between Charlemagne's death and Louis XIV's birth
  19. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: Have the July Revolution Result in a Second French Republic

    What would it take for the July Revolution in Franch which in otl saw the Semi-Constitutional Bourbon Monarchy replaced with the Liberal Orleans Monarchy, to result in a Second Republic being proclaimed? I think in otl Louis-Philippe almost didn't take the Crown as he was named as regent by...
  20. Basileus_Komnenos

    DBWI No miracle of House Bonaparte

    What if Napoleon's campaign after his return from exile managed to be a failure? As we all know Napoleon after his return exhibited a steadfast commitment to the Restoration of his Empire and the Glory of France. After his defeat at Leipzig he was exiled to Elba, but he returned and rebuilt...