fourth crusade

  1. Seljuks conquer Nicaea in 1211?

    Taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Fourth Crusade, the Sejuk sultan of Rum Kaykhusraw I tried to conquer the Empire of Nicaea in 1211. However, his effort was decisively halted by Nicaean emperor Theodore I Laskaris at the Battle of Antioch on the Meander, and the sultan was slain along...
  2. Averious

    The Eagle of the East, Rhomania: An Eastern Roman Timeline (1196 - 1245)
    Threadmarks: Part 1; 1196-1198 - The Grypads Rise

    "Let none say that God's Chosen People have not struggled; yet in His Wisdom, we endure through greatness held aloft by our Basileus," - Attributed to Mathew I Psenas, Patriarch of Constantinople, successor of George II, 1204. -- Hello everyone! I've had a timeline of this sort swirling around...
  3. Whiteshore

    AHC: Latin Empire conquered by Bulgaria

    Your challenge, with a POD after 1204, is to have the Latin Empire's fall be brought about not by the three remnants of the Byzantine Empire which arose after the Fourth Crusade (Nicaea, Epirus, or Trebizond) but by the Second Bulgarian Empire with a Bulgarian dynasty replacing the Latins as the...
  4. Basileus_Komnenos

    The House of Komnenos, Like a Phoenix From the Ashes: An Eastern Roman Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at a historical timeline. I've always been a history buff with a passion for Classical Roman and later Eastern Roman history. I've always wanted to explore the possibilities of a more successful restoration of the Byzantine Empire after 1204 under the House...
  5. WI: A better start for the Fourth Crusade

    What if the expected crusader force of 33,500 had gathered in Venice, and was thus able to pay the Venetians? How likely would the expedition be to succeed? And what impact would this have on the Byzantine Empire?
  6. Brita

    WI: Geoffrey II of Brittany survives Henry II and Richard I and Philip dies on Crusade?

    What if Geoffrey had not died in 1186 and gained Anjou as he wanted to, and if Philip had not survived his bout of fever in 1191? Here's a possible start: 1186 - Geoffrey allies with Philip against his father. Like the preceding ones, the rebellion isn’t a success and Philip is defeated...
  7. Eparkhos

    POLL: The Emperor of 1205

    In a timeline where the Fourth Crusade fails in 1204, which Emperor would be in power on 1 January 1205? Personally, I believe it to be Kanabos, as he was backed by the populace of Konstantinopolis, who may have been enough to defeat Alexios V’s aristocratic coup and overthrow Alexios IV and...
  8. Byzantine fanatic

    No 4th Crusade: what happens to the Byzantine Empire?

    The Byzantine Empire was conquered in 1204 by the forces of the Fourth Crusade. The empire was dismantled and its territories divided up between Venice and the new Latin Empire of Constantinople, led by Baldwin of Flanders. The effects of this were pretty disastrous for the Byzantines, and the...
  9. Basileus_Komnenos

    Greek Anatolia

    The Seljuk Turks took Anatolia after the Battle of Manzikert and it was partially recovered by the Komnenoi. This recovery stagnated after the Komnenoi were deposed. Let's say a new emperor comes along in the 1200's and retakes Anatolia. In this POD the Venetians fail in taking Constantinople...
  10. GauchoBadger

    WI: Empire Of Nicaea fails to expand, absorbed into Rum

    What if the Empire Of Nicaea (the power that IOTL went on to reconquer Constantinople from the Latin Empire in the 13th century) was defeated by the Seljuks sometime before managing to reconquer Constantinople, such as during the Battle Of Antioch-On-Meander (1211)? Who is more likely to conquer...
  11. AHC: Better 13th Century for the Byzantines

    OTL, the century started with the Fourth Crusade, leading to an interregnum that lasted until 1261; by then... well, the empire was overrun by Ottomans in the 14th Century, and they weren't in the best position to do anything about it, much less reemerge as the power they were during the...