1. The Bay Area Dynasty- A San Francisco 49ers

    ESPN’s 30 for 30 Short: Why Did He Fall? “With Steve Young’s retirement in the off-season, we had to look into the draft for Jeff Garcia’s backup. I knew he was going to be the starter no matter who we ended up with. So we started looking at film, I really enjoyed Giovanni Carmazzi from Hofstra...
  2. Calcaterra

    WI: Sports Hooliganism In The US?

    Most people have at least some knowledge about the large problem of "hooliganism", the practice of much crime, looting, and fighting in association football worldwide, with well-publicized incidents dating back nearly a century. What surprises me most is that, with some notable exceptions...
  3. That One Game- An NFL TL

    2001-2002 NFL Season September 23rd, 2001 In a divisional matchup against the New York Jets, both Quarterbacks Drew Bledsoe and backup Tom Brady are injured. Bledsoe with a shoulder injury and Brady with a knee injury. September 24th, 2001 The only other Quarterback on the roster, Damon Huard...
  4. Alternate Logos and Crests Thread

    Post alternate crests of sports clubs, logos of companies, events, etc. here. Such a thread already existed as @mrbraingrayson and especially @machinekng in this well-thought out thread had the same idea, however, these threads are no longer active.
  5. AHC: Baseball Hooligans? Make Baseball Culture More Like Euro Soccer

    Your challenge is to create a scenario where American Baseball Culture developed in a way similar to European Football Culture. How do we get passionate grass roots fan organizations and demonstrations. This could include fan parades through the streets before games. Tifo style displays in...
  6. WI: Teddy Roosevelt bans American Football in 1905, does Rugby take its place?

    In 1905, after a season that saw 18 college players killed and more than 150 seriously injured, Pressident Theodore Roosevelt demanded that game's rules be changed or he would ban it. Let's say instead of 18 players killed it's 36, and Roosevelt just bans the sport on all college campuses...
  7. Calcaterra

    USFL Successful With Trump As An Owner

    Could it happen? Many people say he was the league's downfall, so could he still be a factor without the league failing? How would it play out?
  8. Calcaterra

    WI: Peyton Manning, Playoff QB?

    What if Peyton Manning was better in the playoffs, and never gained the “choker” label like IOTL?
  9. Calcaterra

    Super Bowls Without Belichick/Brady

    What would the Super Bowl look like without the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady connection? How would the NFL’s championship picture look, and how would it have gone from 2001 to the present?
  10. Calcaterra

    Alternate Super Bowls, 1999-Future

    I’ll start it off: Super Bowl XXXIV: Indianapolis Colts def. St. Louis Rams 42-40, MVP QB Peyton Manning Super Bowl XXXV: New York Giants def. Oakland Raiders 24-14, MVP DE Michael Strahan
  11. The Surprise Dynasty- A Jacksonville Jaguars TL

    2002 Offseason The Jacksonville Jaguars dynasty, many argue, began with the 2002 NFL Draft. At the time, it seemed like a routine draft, but down the line, the picks would begin to change something within the team. “With the Ninth Overall Pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars...
  12. Perch? What Perch? - An Alternate History of Modern Football (1990 - present)

    Match of the Day - FA Cup Special 7th January 1990 Des Lynam: Good evening, and welcome to Match of the Day on one of the most eagerly anticipated dates in the footballing calendar - the day of the FA Cup 3rd Round. We have highlights from three key games in the FA Cup today, and there...
  13. Calcaterra

    WI: John Elway Won All of His Super Bowls?

    As many know, John Elway was known as the player that couldn't win "the Big One" for much of his career, thanks to three Super Bowl losses, before winning back-to-back Super Bowls to end his career. My question is simple: what if John Elway and the Denver Broncos won all of the Super Bowls they...
  14. Wings

    Alternate WC : Continental Cups are Qualifiers (1962-?). A Football TL

    Immediately after the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, many teams rushed to complain to FIFA due to the immensely short time to prepare between games at the World Cup, before and during the WC. However, FIFA couldn't come to a solution. The qualifiers would take a good year to complete, and then the WC...
  15. WI John Madden Never Got Hurt?

    IOTL, John Madden was drafted 244th overall by the Eagles in the 1958 NFL Draft, but a knee injury in training camp kept him from ever playing a game in the NFL. What if he never hurt his knees? How good of a player might he have become? Moreover, who would EA’s football video game series be...
  16. John_Smith

    Bitter Herbs on Bitter Wounds | A One-Shot
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    "Who would've guessed a calm rainy day such as that one would result in so much putrid wickedness and destruction.“ "I expected the game to be one of continuous vexation, but what those bastards had done will never be forgiven, much less forgotten.“ "No stone was left unturned following the...
  17. Da Bears- A Chicago Bears TL

    Prologue The Chicago Bears were a team to be feared in the 1980s. A defense still talked about to this day saw them win a Super Bowl in 1985. But since then, their success wasn’t repeated. They had good teams, but not teams like the 1985 one. Enter the 2005 NFL Draft. One selection would...
  18. What would have happened if Roberto Baggio didn't have a ACL injury?

    Would it have been possible for him to become like Pelè, go to the 1986 world cup and perhaps retire at 43 years old at the 2010 world cup? Would it have been possible?
  19. AHC: Reverse the footballing fates of England and Germany

    After last night's match, I need an alternate universe to cheer me up, so here is your challenge: With a POD no earlier than the 1966 World Cup (so both England and West Germany have won the tournament at this point), make it so, while both England and Germany are football mad and deeply...
  20. List of alternate world cup winners

    List of alternate world cup winners Just for fun 1930 Argentina (Uruguay 2-4 Argentina) Continue from here