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  1. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI – FIFA World Cup plunged into chaos due to multiple diplomatically sensitive/problematic matches

    What if a FIFA World Cup ended up consisting of teams that normally have to be kept apart in World Cup qualifiers for political reasons? In Asia the 'problem team' is Israel. In Europe its Armenia, Azerbajian, Georgia, and Kosovo. Fifa are lucky that these smaller nations don't normally...
  2. AHC: Turn China into a Football/Soccer world power

    Football/Soccer is one of the most popular sports in China and despite their massive population of 1.4 billion people, they have had no success (on the men's side atleast, women use to be good). Even compared to other Asian countries that have significantly less people (Japan/South Korea) they...
  3. PakistaniGuyUK

    USSR lifts the Fifa World Cup in 1990: Could this massive sporting triumph potentially butterfly or forestall the nation's collapse in 1991?

    Don’t wanna include this in the 'alternative World Cups thread' or 'Sporting What Ifs' as its more about an event that could potentially have impacted international politics timelines. The World Cup is the single most prestigious sporting tournament on the globe, even more watched than the...
  4. Ferguson Makes It Three: A Scottish Football Timeline
    Threadmarks: 2002 World Cup Qualifying

    Ferguson Makes It Three: A Scottish Football Timeline 2002 World Cup UEFA Qualfiers Group 6 – 24th March 2001 Scotland 3 Belgium 2 Having begun their World Cup qualifying campaign with routine, albeit low scoring, wins over Latvia and San Marino and a 1-all draw with Croatia in Zagreb, Craig...
  5. An Alternate History of FIFA, the World Cup, and International Football.
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    The year is 2018. The World Cup has been underway for the past few weeks, and it's been a very exciting tournament for all involved. Hosts Sweden are entering their home field, the Friends Arena, to face off against first-time finalists Wallonia. During the first few minutes of the match...
  6. QTXAdsy

    What If...Scotland qualified for 2002 FIFA World Cup?

    Somewhat a sequel idea to this one I did sometime ago regarding had Scotland won that Euro Play-off match with England. Nice to have have a football question prior before the Euros coming up! :p After that tie until now, Scotland have never made back to a major tournament and the first WC to...
  7. QTXAdsy

    WI British Home Football Championship carries on to present day?

    Not long ago I made this ALT Wiki box regarding the Home Championship had it not ended in 1984 and carried on into the present day. For those who don't know about this, between 1884 and 1984, the United Kingdom's four Home Nations football team would play for six matches in the attempt of...
  8. QTXAdsy

    All To Play For - A Very British Football Redux TL
    Threadmarks: The Beginning: Early History and the 1950 World Cup Qualification

    Written by QTXAdsy The Beginning: Early History and the 1950 World Cup Qualification Situated across a set of islands north of the European continent there lie a race of different nationalities known as either English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish though if you check their passports, most...
  9. WI Scotland had qualified for Euro 2008 instead of France?

    Scotland came very close to pipping France to second place in their Euro 2008 qualifying group, but ultimately fell short after losing their last two games 2-0 to Georgia and 2-1 to Italy. What would've happened if they'd won one/both of those games and reached the Euros at Les Bleus' expense...
  10. The Free World Cup: What if the World Cup began in 1906?
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Imagine a world where Australia and the United States are formidable powers in international football. Imagine a world where the United Kingdom isn’t the only country with multiple teams in FIFA. Imagine a world where football is the dominant sport in India, Canada and the Caribbean. Imagine a...
  11. QTXAdsy

    What If...Scotland beat England in that Euro 2000 Play-Off?

    As some of us who know British football will remember for the play offs for Euro 2000 that England and Scotland drew with each other in which England won the first leg 2-0 though Billy Dodds had a brilliant chance to get a goal for Scotland had it not hit the crossbar. And we know the second...
  12. Alternate football (Soccer) documentaries
    Threadmarks: Introduction and presentation of concept

    Hello to any Soccer fans on this board. A while ago, i did a Soccer/Rugby TL called The Gentleman's game as a collaboration with user @Neoteros. While i did have a lot of fun writing this TL, i've gotten a bit too ambitious with it, talking and changing many things about...
  13. King of the Uzbeks

    Broad Stripes and Bright Stars: A Soccer/Football Timeline
    Threadmarks: Intro

    “You could honestly just have three teams in the World Cup. Whoever wins Europe, Brazil, and the United States.” - Gary Lineker “There are two types of people in Washington. The football players, who will just ram and ram into the opposition and hope it breaks. And the soccer players, who dance...
  14. QTXAdsy

    A True World Cup: 24 teams at England '66
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Preventing a Boycott and the Expansion for the 1966 FIFA World Cup

    A TRUE WORLD CUP An Early World Cup Expansion By QTXAdsy Prior to qualification for the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England, FIFA found itself in the middle of a controversy and a headache. In 1964, 31 African nations threatened to boycotted the tournament to protest a 1964 FIFA ruling that required...
  15. Blackburn Olympic not Rovers Football League Founder

    Bit of a specialist ATL question Blackburn Olympic were the first working class team to win a FA Cup and one of the pioneers of professionalism in English football. When the Football League was founded Rovers (who were more successful at the time) were chosen to represent Blackburn not Olympic...
  16. The Gentleman's Games: An alternate History of Rugby and Football

    THE HISTORY OF PROFESSIONALISM IN RUGBY Part 1: The only sane choice... At the end of the 19th century, the sport of rugby was on the brink of a civil war. Founded by 22 influential clubs from Southern England on 26 January...
  17. Calcaterra

    Make England A Powerhouse In Football Post-1974

    Like the tin says, find a way to make the English National Football team an international powerhouse with an after 1974 (the year they didn't qualify for the World Cup) date.
  18. QTXAdsy

    AHC/WI Scotland Qualified For 1994 World Cup?

    I've seen a few topics regarding WI TL's regarding England making it to the 1994 World Cup and the odd topic too of Wales making it as well, but oddly I haven't seen one regarding What if Scotland actually making it to the USA in 1994. I am making a similar idea for my TL, but it would be...
  19. QTXAdsy

    WI A Surviving Yugoslavia Football Team?

    After yesterday with Croatia being in the final, I did get thinking about the former Yugoslavia team had the country not gone to war and the team was still together. I'm not asking about how to butterfly away the war as that has already been done, I'm curious as for what would be the butterfly...
  20. What if the 1998 World Cup terror plot succeeded?

    How would the England national football team rebuild? How would political leaders take action? What would be the consequences?