1. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI – FIFA World Cup plunged into chaos due to multiple diplomatically sensitive/problematic matches

    What if a FIFA World Cup ended up consisting of teams that normally have to be kept apart in World Cup qualifiers for political reasons? In Asia the 'problem team' is Israel. In Europe its Armenia, Azerbajian, Georgia, and Kosovo. Fifa are lucky that these smaller nations don't normally...
  2. An Alternate History of FIFA, the World Cup, and International Football.
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    The year is 2018. The World Cup has been underway for the past few weeks, and it's been a very exciting tournament for all involved. Hosts Sweden are entering their home field, the Friends Arena, to face off against first-time finalists Wallonia. During the first few minutes of the match...
  3. QTXAdsy

    What If...Scotland qualified for 2002 FIFA World Cup?

    Somewhat a sequel idea to this one I did sometime ago regarding had Scotland won that Euro Play-off match with England. Nice to have have a football question prior before the Euros coming up! :p After that tie until now, Scotland have never made back to a major tournament and the first WC to...
  4. QTXAdsy

    All To Play For - A Very British Football Redux TL
    Threadmarks: The Beginning: Early History and the 1950 World Cup Qualification

    Written by QTXAdsy The Beginning: Early History and the 1950 World Cup Qualification Situated across a set of islands north of the European continent there lie a race of different nationalities known as either English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish though if you check their passports, most...
  5. The Free World Cup: What if the World Cup began in 1906?
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Imagine a world where Australia and the United States are formidable powers in international football. Imagine a world where the United Kingdom isn’t the only country with multiple teams in FIFA. Imagine a world where football is the dominant sport in India, Canada and the Caribbean. Imagine a...
  6. Alternate representative national football teams

    After the USSR split up in the 1990s, the former states played for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) team at Euro 92 and after the Velvet divorce which saw Czechoslovakia split into two in 1993, the Czechoslovak team played under the banner Representation of Czechs and Slovaks (RCS)...
  7. QTXAdsy

    A True World Cup: 24 teams at England '66
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Preventing a Boycott and the Expansion for the 1966 FIFA World Cup

    A TRUE WORLD CUP An Early World Cup Expansion By QTXAdsy Prior to qualification for the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England, FIFA found itself in the middle of a controversy and a headache. In 1964, 31 African nations threatened to boycotted the tournament to protest a 1964 FIFA ruling that required...
  8. Calcaterra

    Make England A Powerhouse In Football Post-1974

    Like the tin says, find a way to make the English National Football team an international powerhouse with an after 1974 (the year they didn't qualify for the World Cup) date.
  9. QTXAdsy

    AHC/WI Scotland Qualified For 1994 World Cup?

    I've seen a few topics regarding WI TL's regarding England making it to the 1994 World Cup and the odd topic too of Wales making it as well, but oddly I haven't seen one regarding What if Scotland actually making it to the USA in 1994. I am making a similar idea for my TL, but it would be...
  10. QTXAdsy

    WI A Surviving Yugoslavia Football Team?

    After yesterday with Croatia being in the final, I did get thinking about the former Yugoslavia team had the country not gone to war and the team was still together. I'm not asking about how to butterfly away the war as that has already been done, I'm curious as for what would be the butterfly...
  11. QTXAdsy

    WI Argentina won the 2014 World Cup?

    So after tonight's display against Croatia tonight, I've been thinking back to 4 years ago when Messi and co. Came so close to winning it in Rio, could've all been so different. So if let's say Messi led Argentina to glory in their rival's backyard, what would be the after effects and would...
  12. QTXAdsy

    Nothing to Lose: Scotland At The 1950 World Cup

    Chapter 1: Stubbornness “Nope, not happening in a million years and that's final!” That’s was all what George Graham, Secretary of the SFA, would say to anyone when questioned if Scotland were going to play in the World Cup in Brazil later that year. He then says other various excuses why they...
  13. QTXAdsy

    All To Play For: The Home Nations' Football Adventures
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Fancy Seeing You Here (FIFA World Cup 1954)

    All To Play for The Home Nations' Football Adventures Written By QTXAdsy Chapter 1: Fancy Seeing You Here The 26th June 1954, a corridor of two teams line up as the prepare to head out to play a game of Football. One team is dressed with white shirts, navy blue shorts and white socks, the...
  14. QTXAdsy

    Nothing to Lose: Scotland at the 1950 World Cup
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Stubborness

    Chapter 1: Stubbornness “Nope, not happening in a million years!” That’s was all what George Graham, SFA Secretary, would say to anyone when questioned if Scotland were going to play in the World Cup in Brazil. He then says other various excuses why they team won’t go from reasons such as...
  15. Tales Weaver

    DBWI: If South Korea didn't win the World cup finals in 2002..

    In 2002, We have seen the shock: South Korea winning the world cup against brazil at Yokohama by 1:0. Many people thought This to be impossible, or as we put it, ASB, but When South korea reached the Semifinals, We were shocked, not to mentioned they won that match 1:0 against germany and...
  16. QTXAdsy

    WI Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at the 1966 World Cup

    This has always been an interesting WI timeline in which we have all of the Home Nations at the 1966 World Cup which I'm surprised hasn't really been looked into that much. The thing is that it isn't far fetched that they might've all qualified as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all came...
  17. DBWI: Prussia 1966 World Football Champions

    The OTL 1966 FIFA match is infamous. An obviously rigged game caused a riot in Berlin that caused an international diplomatic crisis - the first boarder changes in Western Europe since the war. What are your opinions on post-war Europe if the Game had gone the other way, what if the Prussians...
  18. ATL - Football (Soccer) History Alternate Universe

    Author’s Note: Even if I have great passion for football I actually have no background on football history prior to the 2002 World Cup. So, I’ll make up the players’ names, unless I actually know the real players like Pele, Zidane, or Cruyff. Or should I go and search on real players? I also...
  19. Alternate FIFA World Cup - Argentina '78 (24 teams not 16)
    Threadmarks: President Frondizi ended his Term...and then what?

    It’s worker’s day, May 1st, 1970. The constitutional president, Lt General Pedro E. Aramburu, ends his six year term. Three months before had been the first presidential Elections with Peronism allowed competing since 1955, and for the first time since then, a peronist became President. The...