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  1. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?
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    So, I've lurked here for quite some while before registering recently, and I've decided to start a timeline based on a question which has always fascinated me: what if Italy joined the Central Powers in 1915? This timeline's PoD is that Germany forces Austria to agree to terms more palatable to...
  2. koa_dan

    Napoleon's Age of Empires - World Building

    I'm no expert at map making, obviously my maps aren't something worth mentioning in term of sophistication. However, I'm rather attached to the first map I made after learning to use Paint.net so I decided to build it in detail. I'm partly inspired by this thread by @TemporalRenegade which...
  3. ETGalaxy

    Name for Austrian Poland?

    I'm currently working on a timeline where the Third Partition of Poland stays and the Austrian Empire federalizes. Something that has gotten on my nerves is what I should name the kingdom (Austria is divided into kingdoms that make up the empire) that takes up the land Austria took from Poland...