1. WI: Middle-Earth and Oz in Hollywood.

    OK. So, I've been thinking about fantasy lately and my mind came to The Wizard of OZ. Maybe it's just me, but I kinda feel like the 1939 musical was sort of the opposite of what L. Frank Baum intended with his books. Baums books were and are a lot darker than people seem to give them credit for...
  2. Images from the International Agency for Multiverse Studies

    Hello there, I’m Captain Robert Anderson of the International Agency for Multiverse Studies. You probably already know what we do. Travel to new universes, make contact with the locals, assess their culture, technology, environment, yadda, yadda. I’m making it sound more boring then it is, but...
  3. Ella

    Eridan: Revamped

    Hello all! I've made other threads about this world in the past, but, in all honestly, those versions were horrendous. I'm starting anew this time, and I am going to try and make this world believable.
  4. WI: J. R. R. Tolkien lives to at least 100

    Few authors have had as great an impact as J. R. R. Tolkien. Widely considered the father of modern fantasy, he played a major role in defining the genre for generations to come. So here's my question: what might he have accomplished had he lived until 1992 - or even later? What impact would...
  5. Persepolis

    Hello, I am here for introducing my own lore (this is a vicky version of my map, I will post accurate versions). country list history "population is 2690 based" , scenario based on last picture: Scandinavia aka Dennia Republic : population : 102.6 millions history : Scandinavia is one of the...
  6. Generalissimo Maximus

    Age of Equilibrium

    Age of Equilbrium is a fantasy setting of my own creation. The known world currently consists of the landmass of Kontinent (highly creative, I know), but despite several daring expeditions no one has yet to find anything across the sea. That hasn't diminished interests in new attempts, though...
  7. Ongo

    Ball of Confusion

    Since the recent posting of the graphics I made have been pretty popular among, I figured why not and I am deciding to make a thread dedicated towards the setting in which the posted graphics I had displayed. Ball of Confusion is the canon timeline of my constructed world, Erecond. The...
  8. WI No Dune (1965)

    What if Frank Herbert, sometime before 1962, lost interest in putting together his "desert novel" and never shopped it around? Or if Campbell had never started publishing his "Dune Stories" in Analog magazine? Or if Chilton Books never made the risk of publishing the novel itself? How is...
  9. Book I forgot the name of.

    Hey guys, I remembered this book I read a long while ago, and I'm having trouble finding it. I remembered some of the plot: About some kid living on the street who steals an ancient talking book (Either from Alexandria or Babylon). If any of you know what I'm talking about, please tell me.
  10. "No Luke, Obi-Wan Killed Your Father"

    In the original scripts for "Star Wars" and "The Empire Strikes Back," Vader wasn't Luke Skywalker's father. Instead he was a mere servant of the Emperor who hunted down and killed the Jedi, including Anakin Skywalker. In fact if you watch the original 1977 film it's clear that this was Lucas'...
  11. The Writer's Map, perhaps the Best Book for Alternate History Creators?

    Preface: Mods, if this doesn't fit in this forum, feel free to move it. This book blurs the lines between a bunch of forums and is more related to Alternate History Books in a meta sort of way. My family knows I love maps and cartography, but doesn't know that I am big into Alternate History...
  12. Mr_ Bondoc

    Technomancer 2.0: A Collaborative Timeline

    Here is the sixty-fifth draft of the ATL so far. Please feel free to add your PODs to the mix: POD: On July 16, 1945, the first atomic bomb was detonated at Trinity Site in New Mexico. The explosion ripped a hole in the fabric of space. Doctor Robert Oppenheimer's words "I am become death...
  13. Ivoshafen

    Cinisblight - D&D Fantasy Setting Worldbuilding Thread

    Heya, just a general dumping grounds for a fantasy setting I am working on while I put together my thoughts on everything. Didn't want to clog up the map thread with nonalternate history entries. Regard everything as a draft unless I specifically say so. Hope you all enjoy
  14. FantasyMapper7806

    Fantasy Map Dumping Site

    Fantasy maps are cool for many reasons. but good ones are hard to find so... put yours here!
  15. Fantasy world: Ancient to positively Medieval!

    Hi there everybody! It's me, your lovable and sensual Lord Hierarch! .... The. Yeah. That works. The Lord Hierarch! So the past two years I've been doodling with the idea of my own fantasy world and story ideas. I never really bothered with much detail on it until a few months ago. The base map...
  16. The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann

    This is a relatively new fantasy novel (2012) which I recently discovered. It's about the fairy world invading our world - Britain, to be precise - beaten back, but all kinds of non-humans stay in our world. The result is a mix of steampunk, clockpunk and fantasypunk. They're an exploited...
  17. NapoleonCorinII

    CS Lewis takes Tolkiens Place

    Well, the title says it all, what would fantasy be like in a world where tolkiens lord of the rings were lesser known than Lewis's chronicles of narnia, which basically takes the place of Tolkien books
  18. WotanArgead

    I want to create a fantasy world.

    Ladies, gentlemen, comrades, good day-time. I'm working on a fantasy setting, but I haven't abilities to cartography. And to be quite frank, even poorly developed my understanding of the geography of the world. I would be glad if someone offers me his help.
  19. Petike

    The most boring and uninspired sci-fi, fantasy or AH setting ?

    This is a sequel to my recent thread about the most original fictional settings. So, this time, we have the opposite : Which setting did you consider so dull, run-of-the-mill and undetailed (underdeveloped), that you immediately stopped being interested in it ? The thread is yours.
  20. Petike

    Most original fantasy setting you ever bumped into ?

    The thread is your's.