1. Odinson

    Affects of a New World Songhai Empire?

    What if: The Songhai empire manages to completely subue and conquer the Jolof Empire, resulting in the empire having much more access to the Atlantic ocean. During the Hajj pilgrimage, more advanced ship designs are brought to the empire. For the sake of the aregument, lets assume that Sonhai...
  2. DBWI: European Union Map

    Found this picture of an alternate European Union, what do you think? (OOC: POD’s after 1945 please)
  3. MittleGittle

    How can the British hold their European land?

    I’m thinking of making map of Europe/the World if England/UK decided to hold on tighter to their continental holdings, and try to grasp new ones. How much land could you get Britain to own in Europe? After 1400
  4. WI: No French Revolution

    The French Revolution (1789-1799) marked the downfall of the Bourbon monarchy in France with the execution of King Louie XVI and Marie Antoinette. Then, there was the rise of liberal democracies/republics, the spread of revolutionary ideals, and Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest generals...
  5. Tanner151

    Der Kampf: The Rise and Fall of the Austrian Führer
    Threadmarks: Prelude

    Der Kampf: The Rise and Fall of the Austrian Führer Prelude “A plague has been loosed upon the continent and it comes in the form of a failed Austrian artist.” -George Lloyd, Head of the House of Lords, 1939 "With the outbreak of war between the United Kingdom and the Japanese Empire, I...
  6. DBWI what happend to this europe?

    (i wanted to another of these and i know there are some misspelled names but meh) so people what happened in this europe
  7. Challenge/What If: Thirty Years’ War, Great Polish Deluge, and Great Turkish War All Happened At Once

    Can it be possible that the Thirty Years’ War, the Great Turkish War, and the Great Polish Deluge all happen at once? Is it possible somehow that Russia and Sweden would invade Poland during the Thirty Years’ War as the Ottoman Empire attacks Europe during the time of chaos and confusion? Is it...
  8. How Much Longer Would WWII Have Lasted in Europe If...

    Romania didn't switch sides Germany didn't go on the Ardennes Offensive, and remained on the defensive on the Western Front for the remainder of the war This also means that Operation Bodenplatte does not happen Eugen Dollmann, Karl Wolff, and Switzerland did not negotiate with the allies to...
  9. Western Europe: No Mongols

    (The timeline this is for.) What would the politicial, economic, and social situation be in Western Europe if the Mongol hordes never arose? Please no regurgitaton of the Chaos TL. Holy Roman Empire's situation. Consequences of a unified Poland (by the Silesian Piasts) on the HRE. Effect on the...
  10. WI:More European powers try for India?

    Only a few European powers(British, French, Dutch, Portuguese) were able to establish sustained presence in the sub continent. A few others like Danish, Swedes and Austrian Netherlands (Belgium) tried their hand but failed. What if more European powers like a Germans, other Scandinavians and...
  11. Population Estimates - World of Empires

    Hi All, New here...I've had a bit of a search and can't find something similar so I'm asking for a bit of an estimation help for a short story scenario I'm coming up... - Napolean concurs most of continenal Europe before 1820, then North Africa to the Egyptian border. In 1850s he captures the...
  12. Japan becomes a European/western colony

    Any POD is fine. Is there any way for Japan to become a colony of a European power (or the US if that isn't ASB)?
  13. DBWI: Explain this map of Europe.

    I was looking through random ATL maps when this one struck my eye. I couldn't find much of a description, though apparently in this TL Christianity spread outside of Judea and became the primary faith of Rome. By the way, this is labelled as being the continent in "1500 AD", or 1500 years after...
  14. AHC and WI: Danish as Holy Roman emperor and Kalmar Union implication

    The challenge if you choose to accept is to with a POD in 1300 CE, create a scenario wherein the Holy Roman Emperor is the king of Denmark. Stipulations, are that the King do Denmark must have his highest non Imperial title, being the Danish crown. Once this timeline is created, what would be...
  15. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    AHC: Have Anatolia be considered European

    Exactly as the title says, find a way for Anatolia Peninsula to be considered a part of Europe. For simplicity's sake, we'll use this as the starting point, though if necessary we can include or exclude other territories.
  16. GenerousLizard

    The Black Giant in Bonn: An Alternate 70's timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Helmut Kohl giving a speech in front of the Parliament Helmut Kohl. The eternal chancellor. He is one of the most recognizable people in german political history. And his federal career could have started a lot earlier, if he won the elections of 1976. This timeline will hopefully answer the...
  17. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Hungary As The Premier Eastern European Empire

    Hungary used to be a major power in eastern Europe, allied with the poles to keep the ottoman empire in check. But it eventually fell into decline (and the Hapsburgs) and was forced to play second fiddle to Austria. Your challenge is thusly, with a POD after 1371, when the ottomans effectively...
  18. Furthest European advance into Africa without medicine

    Supposing European militaries are almighty and the African geopolitical landscape is hopelessly fragmented. I'm imagining a no industrial revolution scenario, hence why the pre-1900 category.
  19. 1848 Democratic Germany-France relationship

    Let's say in 1848 Germany unites on a mostly democratic basis BUT without Austria. Yes I know it's completely out of character for the Prussian king to accept the German crown but boom let's just say he developed a different personality and was up for the task. Also let's assume Austria has...
  20. AHC/WI: Make Blood Magic and Sacrificial Magic mainstream in European (and/or possibly Western) culture as long as possible

    Nowadays these kinds of practices only survive as vestiges, for example a young boy and a girl who are somewhat pre-sexually attracted to eachother and know that they won't see eachother for a long time, cut eachother's hands and shake hands so their blood will merge (even this is reduced to...