1. Basileus_Komnenos

    DBWI: No Plantagenet Dual Monarchy of England and France

    How would the politics of Europe change without the formation of the Plantagenet Dual Monarchy otherwise Known as the Royal Plantagenet Commonwealth or the Plantagenet Empire change the history and geopolitical situation of Europe? The Dual Monarchy officially traces its origin to King Henri V...
  2. AltoRegnant

    WI: Henry VIII Born A Girl?

    OTL, Henry VIII was one of the most influential kings of England, even if he wasn't meant to reign, as Arthur died early. But what if the lucky boy was born a girl? With Arthur dead and three girls, Henry VII has no clear successor, and unlike Henry, probably can't just make his own religion...
  3. The Anglo-Dutch Union

    What if Edward I integrated scotland in the same manner as he integrated wales into the kingdom of england?

    Let's say Edward the first won a decisive victory against the Scottish rebels and decided to incorporate Scotland instead of putting a puppet king on the Scottish throne, what would be the consequences? Would England focus less on continental affairs than otl? Would he decided to declare the...
  4. AHC: Celtic "England", Saxon/Germanic Scotland & Ireland

    I had this cool idea, I thought it would make for a good AHC: make England (as in roughly the territory of OTL England) Celtic while OTL territories of Scotland and Wales become Saxon/Germanic. Some further rules: - England/Albion should be united to a single state instead of petty kingdoms -...
  5. WI: Richard of Shrewsbury Not In Tower of London

    1481: - Mary of York survives her illness, but is sent to Wales due to her frail health 1483: - Edward IV dies - Gloucester gains custody of Edward V and beheads Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers and Sir Richard Grey; marches to London - Hastings informs the Queen Dowager (Elizabeth Woodville)...
  6. GauchoBadger

    WI: Henry VIII dies in 1524

    What if Henry VIII Tudor, king of England, had died in the one jousting accident that nearly killed him in march 1524, prior to breaking church relations with Rome and without leaving a surviving heir besides Mary? Would Mary be able to smoothly wriggle her way into the throne? Who would contest...
  7. GauchoBadger

    WI: John Balliol only has a daughter, who marries Edward II of England?

    Basically, assume that the disputed Scottish king, John Balliol, has a daughter by Isabella de Warenne instead of OTL's Edward Balliol. Somehow it is also arranged that this princess would marry Edward of Carnavon, future Edward II of England (given that both would be roughly of similar age)...
  8. A surviving Yorkist Europe

    I am wondering about what doing with Spain, Portugal, France and Navarre in this scenario... the only things I know are: Louis, duke d’Orleans will become King Louis XIII of France and likely will remarry before becoming King but I do not know who will be his second bride Dowager Queen...
  9. Best King of England?

    Since comparing monarchs across English and British history can be a case of comparing apples to oranges, we'll be focusing on the period after the Norman Conquest but prior to the Reformation.
  10. AltoRegnant

    Could The Norman Conquest Be Undone?

    1066. The french duke of Normandy has just become William the Conqueror and the kings of england would continue to be ethnically and culturally french till at least the 100 years war. But could a native anglo-saxon come to power after him? What would some impacts be of this brief invasion?
  11. Emperor Max

    Edgar Atheling keeps throne

    Is there any scenario where King Edgar II keeps the throne instead of William I of England in 1066.
  12. WI: England under House of Valois-Burgundy

    I'm not sure what is most plausible way for achieve it (son of Charles the Bold and Margaret of Burgundy would still be quite far in line of succession, so perhaps Mary of Burgundy is born male instead and that *Philip IV* of Burgundy marries Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV (who happens...
  13. KolyenuKS

    AHC: make the USA like Latin America

    Alright, so with a pod of 1607, how do we make the USA have more Native Influence, like how Latin America does?
  14. Alternate History: Post Battle of Pavia (1525)

    So I'm aware that the Battle of Pavia (1525) and some particular counterfactual scenarios have been aired on this alternatehistory.com forum before, however, in this I aim to ask a different question about which I hope to generate some enlightened (and civilised) discussion. For those who...
  15. Skallagrim

    POLL: What's your favourite pre-modern England-wank scenario?

    Every country and every era has its typical potential for shameless wanking. England, prior to the modern era, has quite a lot of potential. There were several instances where the untimely death of one person ened up putting another (typically less suited) person on the throne. And quite...
  16. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: King Alexander I of England Born A Girl?

    King Alexander I Tudor was one of England's greatest monarchs, as well as the Kingdom of Great Britain's first expanding the realm oversees to the Chesapeake Colony, ensured tolerance of Protestants within England (after he used Scottish Protestantism to get the pope to let him invade and claim...
  17. SgtRL-3

    If Norman conquest becomes a Norwegian conquest

    In history, in the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, King Harold could be said to have won by luck - if there was no arrow hit Hardrada, the Anglo-Saxon defense would probably collapse. What if he was not so lucky? He died at Stamford Bridge. Or after defeating William, he turned back to meet...