1. FernandoPerla

    Bartholomew Columbus

    What if Bartholomew Columbus were successful in convincing the king of either England or France to find a western route for Asia?
  2. AltoRegnant

    Anglo-Saxon England

    What if, by some miracle, Harold Godwinson beat both the Vikings and Normans in 1066? Or because both is unlikely, maybe William can't get the pope to legitimize his claim and therefore can't attack without serious trouble from the king of France without the resources of a kingdom to protect...
  3. kasumigenx

    2 decades more for Henry II
    Threadmarks: The End of the two decades

    2 decades more for Henry II The End of the two decades On 1210, Henry II would die in the ripe age of 77 and he would die in his own sleep and he would have outlived his own first wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen of France and England and have managed his two remaining sons, John and...
  4. WI: Henry VI isn't mentally disabled.

    What if Henry VI, lived up to his father's strengths, the late Henry V and wasn't so mentally unstable. Additionally, can the regency be improved to better hold their position in France by giving concessions to the Burgundians, such as Henry VI's regents brokering to give the Burgundians a crown...
  5. kasumigenx

    King Stephen of England - A Blesvin TL
    Threadmarks: The death of Henry of Normandy

    King Stephen of England The death of Henry of Normandy As Eleanor traveled to Poitiers, two lords namely Theobald V, Count of Blois, and Geoffrey, Count of Nantes, brother of Henry II, Duke of Normandy, tried to kidnap and marry her to claim her lands. As soon as she arrived in Poitiers...
  6. Underlying reasons for difference in historical developments of Japan and England?

    Japan and England did start at somewhat similar manner. Both were large island groups of similar size separated from well-civilized mainland by narrow straits. Both were conquered several times by waves of migrants bringing new tech and social rules. Both have consolidated as single state in...
  7. Teriyaki

    Princess Margaret Becomes Queen Margaret of England - 1952

    Queen Elizabeth the II has ruled England for 65 years. Elizabeth's only sibling was Princess Margaret. Margaret was a bit of a scandal to the Royal Family during her lifetime. Considered a bit of a "loose woman", Margaret was known to have had multiple affairs during her lifetime. When her...
  8. Amateur

    King Richard I of Jerusalem

    In 1184 and 1185 the Patriarch of Jerusalem traveled to Italy, France, and England in search of support and a new prince for the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The King of Jerusalem, Baldwin IV, was dying of leprosy, and the kingdom was on the verge of civil war with his sister and half-sister vying for...
  9. Teriyaki

    The Second Bride of Henry the VII

    In 1502, Arthur Tudor, the heir apparent to the English throne and the son of King Henry the VII, died in Ludlow Castle. King Henry the VII and Queen Elizabeth of York are beset with grief, and are inconsolable. The King sobs openly on his throne before his courtiers. Arthur has left behind...
  10. WI: Another ten years for Philippe IV of France?

    I've recently became interested in the late Capetian dynasty and am surprised to find that no one has (apparently) asked this before. So I think we all know who Philippe IV 'le Bel' is, but for those who don't know, he was the father of the modern bureaucratic state, the man who restored royal...
  11. ArchMonarchist

    A Stuart-wank TL

    Hello, all! I have been lurking on this forum for about 5 years now and have never posted anything - until today! I have been working on a timeline for several years now, and I want to turn it into a book, but before I started, I wanted to get some feedback from the most historically...
  12. FernandoPerla

    Christopher Columbus

    What if Christopher Columbus had discovered the Americas, but working not for Spain, but for the other countries in which he asked for an audience? As far as I know, the countries are England, Portugal, Venice and Genoa.
  13. WI: Richard, Coeur de Lion Dies on Crusade? Effects on John's rule?

    As the title says. Say Richard I dies on Crusade, before he gets captured by the duke of Austria and John has to raise taxes to pay the ransom. How does this affect John's reign? From what I can make out, most popular culture makes it that John is an absolute tyrant while the absent Richard is...
  14. Of Crafts and Cricket - The Reign of King Frederick I of Great Britain and Ireland
    Threadmarks: Early Life

    Of Crafts and Cricket By taqn22 On February 1st, 1707, King Frederick I was born in Hanover. When he was born, he was known merely as "Duke Friedrich Ludwig", solely the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. While this title was nothing to scoff at, his later ascension to the throne of Britannia would be...
  15. Habsburg King(s) and Parliament

    Lets say that Henry and Catherine get lucky and have a son. Or his elder brother Arthur survives his trip to Wales and becomes king. Regardless, England would be a member of the largest and most powerful political dynasty in Europe. In order to maximize the effect this would have, Henry and/or...
  16. Earliest use of the Strait of Magellan as a major shipping channel?

    I was reading some alt-hist scenarios where the English successfully set up colonies in California after Francis Drake, and was thinking back to my own timelines where the Spanish are not able to conquer the Americas due to the Native Americans having cavalry and nasty germs, and I had a...
  17. WI Scotland conquers Ireland?

    If England is part of France, could Scotland take the chance and conquer Ireland?
  18. QuinnMallory

    The English Royalist Army

    I was born on a London street where the French drums did beat, And those loving Eire feet they tramped all over us, And twice or more weekly, when my father'd had his tea He'd invite the neighbors outside, thus, politely: Care to come, Blue and Greens, and fight pugilistically, Show your wife...