1. DBWI: Alternate UK counties

    I found this map of British counties and was wondering what POD will take to have these borders.
  2. FLAYvian1310

    Freedom's Roar: An English Medieval TL
    Threadmarks: 01: How Much Can a Man Take?

    A/N: Hello all, I am here with a new TL. Before this point I have done only 2 Roman TLs. I thought I'd change that. There are many potential divergencies I could have picked, but I decided to go with this one. This TL will be about the Peasant Revolt of 1381, when the people of England decided...
  3. The last Tudor heir

    What will happen in a world in which the infamous Henry VIII do not lived enough to become King leaving the crown of England to his younger brother Edmund? We would not have Catherine of Aragon as Queen or the split of the Church from Rome. Edmund is way too young for being married to Arthur’s...
  4. AltoRegnant

    WI: Portugal Never Broke Away From Leon?

    Modern Portugal traces its roots to the successful independence war waged by Afonso I, who broke free from the Kingdom of Leon in 1129. But I wonder, how could Afonso I lose this war, and what would come of it? I imagine Portugal would be in a tense situation since the Leonese themselves were a...
  5. Margaret Tudor born as boy

    Change is simple: second child of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York is born male (boy named Henry). For sake of simplicity let's say that rest of their children are like IOTL. So that Henry, born in 1489, would be old enough to marry before death of Queen Isabella of Castile (thus before Joanna...
  6. WI: The Monteagle letter isn't sent. Does the Gunpowder Plot succeed?

    POD: The Monteagle letter is not sent, and the House of Lords is blown up. What happens in the aftermath? Would the rest of the Gunpowder Plot unfold successfully? Would there have been a popular Catholic revolt in the Midlands? Would the conspirators have succeeded in kidnapping Princess...
  7. AHC: Keep historical counties of UK

    Your challenge is to keep historical boundaries of counties outside of Greater London. Like this: I have a thread like this but it's asking if it's possible, this is a contest.
  8. Gukpard

    Could Thatcher go right wing populist instead of neoliberal?

    So, Margaret Thatcher was the british incarnation of neoliberal policies from the 1980s, being a figure like Collor in Brazil, Yeltsin in Russia, Reagan on the USA, Meném in Argentina, Helmut Köhl in Germany, and many others, and her policies made her extremely controversial to say the least...
  9. What would happen if Mary I of England, Lady Elizabeth Tudor, Frances Brandon and Margaret Douglas somehow all died in 1558?

    Who would the English Parliament declare as heir to the English throne? Catherine Grey would be too Protestant for Catholics(plus the succession rights of the Grey sisters could be considered forfeit due to rebellion), the Lennox brothers(Henry, Lord Darnley and Charles of Lennox) were too young...
  10. FLAYvian1310

    WI: Real King Arthur

    What if England did have an actual king Arthur? By this, I mean the real life people named Arthur who could have taken the throne of England. What if either Arthur, Duke of Brittany or Arthur, Prince of Wales became a real king Arthur?
  11. WI Carlos, Duke of Madrid, were married to Maria Theresa of Austria-Este?

    I don't have any reason to believe that this was close to happening. But they were both Catholic, of very noble blood, both born in the late 1840s. What entertains me is the opportunity to unite the claims of the Jacobite and Carlist pretenders.
  12. Plausibility Check: England permanently divided after 1066?

    On this forum I have sometimes seen scenarios where England is split between William and Harald or someone else. Creating a norman England like OTL in the south and a scandinavian-influenced anglosaxon England in the north as it was before the conquest. Is this a plausible development? I kind of...
  13. kasumigenx

    Burying the Pomegranate
    Threadmarks: The death of the queen

    On December 16, 1518, Katherine of Aragon on her birthday, would give birth to a daughter, according to Eustace of Chapuys, Queen Katherine had it easy giving birth but the daughter came out of her womb, the daughter would be named as Katherine. However, fate would not be kind to the fair Queen...
  14. SunKing105

    AHC: An Arab-influenced England

    Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to have England, and by extension the British Isles, be influenced substantially by Arab culture. The POD can be anytime, and I understand this is really tough, almost like 15th century Byzantine survival tough, or even ASB, but we'll still try to...
  15. MittleGittle

    The Inheritance of Spain

    A simple challenge. Take the inheritance of Spain after the death of Isabella I, you may keep any of her children alive, and kill anyone, just take the ascension in as many ways as possible.
  16. Henry VI has twin sister

    POD is biologically quite implausible (Henry VI having a twin and still being more or less the same person) but I'm curious about political consequences, so let's go forward with that change. What would be Henry's sister's (Mary?) fate and how would her existence affect situation of House of...
  17. Could the Prayer Book Rebellion be bigger?

    A curiosity, but could the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549 be bigger than OTL? This question appeared to me when I was reading the war's wikipedia and it said that the introduction of the Book of Common Prayer of 1549 was widely unpopular in regions that still held to Catholicism like Lancashire...
  18. MittleGittle

    WI: England wins the Hundred Years War, and France joins the HRE.

    Sure hope this hasn’t been done. In the event of an English victory in the 100YW they regain the lands they lost at the Treaty of Albeville, and proclaiming the Angevin Empire restored. And France, after losing catastrophically, collapses into small states ruled by the Dukes and Lords. These...
  19. Awkwardvulture

    There and Back Again: The English Journeys of Catherine of Aragon
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello everyone, so I decided to start a second timeline (I'll still update my first one, but I wanted to mix things up with a more narrative one). Anyway, I've decided to explore the possibility of Catherine of Aragon not marrying Henry VIII, going back to Spain for several years, and then...
  20. WI: The Norman domains are divided upon William the Conqueror's death

    Upon the death of William the Conqueror, his domains, England and Normandy, were divided between his two eldest sons, as, following Norman customs, his eldest son, Robert, inherited Normandy (as it had been his father's original domain) while his second son, William, became William II of...