1. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: Otto I Conquers Italy?

    OTL, Germany has a very similar history to other western european states of similar size and population- beat up pagans, crusade, go to war with your own nobles because they want to limit your power over your land, repeat a few times, and generally be scared of France. Now, germany has always...
  2. AHC: England keeps Calais

    Your challenge is to have England retain control over Calais for as long as possible. If you can somehow have the English keep it until at least 1900, that'll get you bonus points.
  3. GauchoBadger

    WI: England keeps Normandy

    What would be the consequences of England, despite failing to conquer all of France, managing to retain control over the region of Normandy in the aftermath of the Hundred Years’ War? Would the English kings from there on in oversee the strengthening of Normandy as a military province in...
  4. How strong House of Stuart could be without Cyvil War?

    I strongly believe that till english that during the reign of king James I and VI, after aquruing the throne England, Stuart Dynasty had plans with their newly gained prestige. They had aspirations to be a house more or less equal to Habsburg and Bourbons. And they were partially succesful with...
  5. AltoRegnant

    United Germany's Colonies?

    Say by some handwavium, Germany remains a united nation like France or England. Where would they want to colonize in the americas and in Asia with these centuries of additional time? Only constraint is that Iberians still got there first, so they still got the same basic stuff as otl I imagine...
  6. Dolan

    DBWI: Spanish Armada failed to took over England

    The Anglo-Spanish War (1585 - 1591) was held as the beginning of the end of The Protestant Heresy. After the execution of Mary Stuart, the rightful Queen of England and Scotland, King Philip II of Spain vowed to invade England and place a Catholic monarch on the throne, so he commissioned a...
  7. The Professor

    Is an English Netherlands possible?

    At one point Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (and France ;)) was offered the rule of the Netherlands as its Governor General but declined. So, what if circumstances allowed her or an alternate monarch of England to accept? How much of the Netherlands could England hold? What political...
  8. The Professor

    Halfdan wins the Kingdom of Dublin

    So OTL Halfdene, more commonly Halfdan, early after becoming King of Yorvik sailed to claim Dublin, the kingdom likely previously ruled by his brother Ivar the Boneless, but died trying to take it. So ATL he succeeded. What are the repercussions?
  9. WI: Robert I of Normandy invades England

    At one point in the 1030s, Robert I, Duke of Normandy, attempted to invade England on behalf of his cousins Edward and Alfred, who had gone into exile after Cnut the Great took over. Supposedly, he was prevented from doing so by unfavorable winds. What if Robert had been able to invade England?
  10. AltoRegnant

    Harold Hadrada, King of England?

    We all know that before the Normans, another foreigner landed on English shores and nearly stole the crown- Harold Hadrada of Norway. Unfortunately, in landing first, he had to deal with the English at their best, and was unable to take much beyond york. But what if his and William's fortunes...
  11. AHC: The British Empire lasts for a thousand years

    'Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, "This was their finest hour".' Your task is to make this a reality - have the British Empire last for one thousand years or more...
  12. Talus I of Dixie

    Poll: Deciding a New Timeline

    Well, i've recently had a lot of free time, so i've decided to start a new timeline. But i'm in doubt which to do, so i made this thread. This thread will be to timeline-planning and the poll about which timeline i will make. Now i'll explain the options: The Blood in the Rivers: Amazon Jidai...
  13. Talus I of Dixie

    WI: King Louis' War (1662-1674)

    The Peace of Westphalia guarantees portuguese independence under the terms of the OTL Restoration War. The Dutch metropolis pours A LOT of money into WIC and VOC, New Holland can survive, and the spaniards decide it would be a good idea to enter the competition in the East Indies. They promote...
  14. AltoRegnant

    Catherine The Great of Sweden?

    Otl, Catherine's, or rather Sophia's future husband, Peter the Third, was originally heir of sweden, only gaining the throne of mighty Russia through Elizabeth's proclamation. But what if she didnt, and Sophia married him as Heir of Sweden? Could she have couped the young king and restore Sweden...
  15. PC/WI: Edward IV married Mary of Burgundy

    Say Elizabeth Woodville dies giving birth to Margaret in 1472. Could widowed Edward IV marry heiress of Burgundy as his second wife in such case? House of York was allied with Burgundy, Edward's sister Margaret of York married Charles the Bold in 1468 while his brother George tried to get Mary's...
  16. AltoRegnant

    Name For An Emperor of Britain?

    This is poorly titled but I don't know how else to put it: in germany and russia, we saw the titles Kaiser and Tsar for their Emperors. But what if, through some ASB, or some really powerful leadership before Otto I, britain and ireland united under an Anglo-Saxon king and he declared an...
  17. What if Margaret Maid of Norway lived?

    Prompt/Idea/Challenge for the People! In 1286 King Alexander III of Scotland died, leaving his 3 year old granddaughter Margaret as heir, with an agreement that she would be married to Edward, son of Edward I, being made in 1290, however she died not long after arriving in Scotland, creating a...
  18. AltoRegnant

    Henry, Duke of Cornwall Surviving Infancy?

    according to wikipedia, Henry VIII's first child was a boy, imaginatively named Henry. but the boy died 7 weeks later. But what if the boy reached adulthood and grew to rule as Henry IX? Based on Edward VI's education, it seems likely he would've gotten a similar treatment to Elizabeth I, so...
  19. Habsburg England instead of Habsburg Spain

    Habsburgs never inherited Spain (there are lots of ways to prevent Habsburg takeover, so that part is easy) but, thanks to chain of lucky marriages and unexpected deaths they're getting English throne around 1520*. Just like IOTL Habsburgs possesions were divided between Imperial/Austrian and...
  20. Eivind

    The forces of Guthrum wins at Edington (878)

    What could be some short- and long-term scenarios for South-Britain following a Danish victory at the battle of Edington?