1. Traditional counties of UK still exist

    What if UK had traditional counties? Note that West and East Sussex and Greater London exists.
  2. WI: Real King Arthur

    What if England did have an actual king Arthur? By this, I mean the real life people named Arthur who could have taken the throne of England. What if either Arthur, Duke of Brittany or Arthur, Prince of Wales became a real king Arthur?
  3. WI Carlos, Duke of Madrid, were married to Maria Theresa of Austria-Este?

    I don't have any reason to believe that this was close to happening. But they were both Catholic, of very noble blood, both born in the late 1840s. What entertains me is the opportunity to unite the claims of the Jacobite and Carlist pretenders.
  4. Plausibility Check: England permanently divided after 1066?

    On this forum I have sometimes seen scenarios where England is split between William and Harald or someone else. Creating a norman England like OTL in the south and a scandinavian-influenced anglosaxon England in the north as it was before the conquest. Is this a plausible development? I kind of...
  5. kasumigenx

    Burying the Pomegranate
    Threadmarks: The death of the queen

    On December 16, 1518, Katherine of Aragon on her birthday, would give birth to a daughter, according to Eustace of Chapuys, Queen Katherine had it easy giving birth but the daughter came out of her womb, the daughter would be named as Katherine. However, fate would not be kind to the fair Queen...
  6. SunKing105

    AHC: An Arab-influenced England

    Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to have England, and by extension the British Isles, be influenced substantially by Arab culture. The POD can be anytime, and I understand this is really tough, almost like 15th century Byzantine survival tough, or even ASB, but we'll still try to...
  7. MittleGittle

    The Inheritance of Spain

    A simple challenge. Take the inheritance of Spain after the death of Isabella I, you may keep any of her children alive, and kill anyone, just take the ascension in as many ways as possible.
  8. Henry VI has twin sister

    POD is biologically quite implausible (Henry VI having a twin and still being more or less the same person) but I'm curious about political consequences, so let's go forward with that change. What would be Henry's sister's (Mary?) fate and how would her existence affect situation of House of...
  9. Could the Prayer Book Rebellion be bigger?

    A curiosity, but could the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549 be bigger than OTL? This question appeared to me when I was reading the war's wikipedia and it said that the introduction of the Book of Common Prayer of 1549 was widely unpopular in regions that still held to Catholicism like Lancashire...
  10. MittleGittle

    WI: England wins the Hundred Years War, and France joins the HRE.

    Sure hope this hasn’t been done. In the event of an English victory in the 100YW they regain the lands they lost at the Treaty of Albeville, and proclaiming the Angevin Empire restored. And France, after losing catastrophically, collapses into small states ruled by the Dukes and Lords. These...
  11. There and back again: The English journeys of Catherine of Aragon.
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello everyone, so I decided to start a second TL(I'll still update my first one, but I wanted to mix things up with a more narrative one). Anyways, I've decided to explore the possibility of Catherine of Aragon not marrying Henry VIII, going back to Spain for several years, and then returning...
  12. WI: The Norman domains are divided upon William the Conqueror's death

    Upon the death of William the Conqueror, his domains, England and Normandy, were divided between his two eldest sons, as, following Norman customs, his eldest son, Robert, inherited Normandy (as it had been his father's original domain) while his second son, William, became William II of...
  13. MittleGittle

    How can the British hold their European land?

    I’m thinking of making map of Europe/the World if England/UK decided to hold on tighter to their continental holdings, and try to grasp new ones. How much land could you get Britain to own in Europe? After 1400
  14. kasumigenx

    DBWI:Mary Tudor, Queen of Spain is the Queen of England not Edward VI

    From what I have heard Mary Tudor married Philip II as she pushed her father to marry her cousin Charles V for the renewal of the alliance between England and Spain wherein we have England and Spain ally against France with Elizabeth marrying Philip II but Mary ended up marrying Philip II...
  15. England Actually Enslaves the Irish

    Note: This is not meant to promulgate the Irish slaves canard. We already know that it is a myth used by specific groups and certain unsavory types created by an anti-Semite not to mention built on exaggerated and outright fabricated information . This is only to meant hypothesize what if...
  16. kasumigenx

    Dual Monarchy
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    On 1328, Charles IV would recover from his illness and survive for another decade until 1338 but he would not be able to sire another daughter, due to his sister able to convince that Edward III should succeed Charles IV via the female line which the estates of France supported as they know...
  17. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Harold Hadrada Fails To Claim England?

    1066 was a decisive year in history, as England was conquered by Harold Hadrada, as the first King of both England and Norway, a union that eventually grew to include Scotland. Now, as time went on, the English and Scottish began to dominate the union, and Norway became a bit of a sideshow, but...
  18. kasumigenx

    Re: To Wear two crowns
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Re: To Wear two crowns Richard I as Portrayed in the Movie Robinhood On December of 1194, the Duke of Austria died causing possible marriage negotiations between Eleanor of Brittany and Frederick of Austria to falter and Eleanor of Aquitaine would choose her other niece, Alice of Blois as...
  19. Gukpard

    What if the british transfered all the irish catholic population of Northern Ireland to the RoI?

    We had some cases of forced population transfers in the 1920s, like the turks with the greeks and the armenians after the greco-turkish war or the poles and germans in silesia. Assuming the british sees this as a definitive solution to prevent dissent like the troubles, and negociated for...
  20. Olena

    House Dunkeld 1291

    Name: Eleanor of House Dunkeld Title: Queen of Scotland DOB: September 24, 1273 (Stirling, Scotland) Father: Alexander III of Scots (b. 1241- d. 1286) Mother: Margaret of England (b. 1240- d. 1275) Spouse: Charles de Coucy (b. June 2, 1270) In 1282 King Alexander III arranged for his...