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    AHC/WI England and Germany swapped groups at the 2002 FIFA World Cup

    Well then, been thinking about this for a wee while regarding the 2002 World Cup. It involves the seeding of the seeding of two teams being England and Germany who were ranked 12th and 11th in the rankings at the time however for those who remember how both teams were going into this tournament...
  2. Fully Seeded: A (Men's Football) World Cup Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Fully Seeded: A (Men's Football) World Cup Timelime Prologue In 2018, Michel Platini gave an interview in which he admitted that the draw for the World Cup of twenty years earlier had been slightly rigged. The disgraced ex-UEFA president admitted that ‘a little trickery’ had been employed to...
  3. It's (probably not) Coming Home: A Big Sam Story
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    Central London, 19th September, 2016 ‘I can’t believe we got him.’ The undercover journalist said. ‘Shhh he’s still not that far behind us’ his companion replied. ‘Sorry, I know, but I can’t believe we got the bastard’ It was quiet outside the Restaurant, it was a Tuesday night after all...
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    WI British Home Football Championship carries on to present day?

    Not long ago I made this ALT Wiki box regarding the Home Championship had it not ended in 1984 and carried on into the present day. For those who don't know about this, between 1884 and 1984, the United Kingdom's four Home Nations football team would play for six matches in the attempt of...
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    All To Play For - A Very British Football Redux TL
    Threadmarks: The Beginning: Early History and the 1950 World Cup Qualification

    Written by QTXAdsy The Beginning: Early History and the 1950 World Cup Qualification Situated across a set of islands north of the European continent there lie a race of different nationalities known as either English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish though if you check their passports, most...
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    What If...Scotland beat England in that Euro 2000 Play-Off?

    As some of us who know British football will remember for the play offs for Euro 2000 that England and Scotland drew with each other in which England won the first leg 2-0 though Billy Dodds had a brilliant chance to get a goal for Scotland had it not hit the crossbar. And we know the second...
  7. WI: England beat West Germany in the 1990 World Cup semi final?

    BACKGROUND With the circulation war at its most desperate, England, and particularly Bobby Robson, had been the subject of abuse from the British tabloids since losing all three games at Euro 88. “ENGLAND MUSTAFA NEW BOSS” was one Sun headline after a draw in Saudi Arabia. When it was leaked...
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    A True World Cup: 24 teams at England '66
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Preventing a Boycott and the Expansion for the 1966 FIFA World Cup

    A TRUE WORLD CUP An Early World Cup Expansion By QTXAdsy Prior to qualification for the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England, FIFA found itself in the middle of a controversy and a headache. In 1964, 31 African nations threatened to boycotted the tournament to protest a 1964 FIFA ruling that required...
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    AHC/WI Scotland Qualified For 1994 World Cup?

    I've seen a few topics regarding WI TL's regarding England making it to the 1994 World Cup and the odd topic too of Wales making it as well, but oddly I haven't seen one regarding What if Scotland actually making it to the USA in 1994. I am making a similar idea for my TL, but it would be...