1. What would a present day without World War 1 look like?

    Essentially no Fascism, no Communism, no Art Deco, no Prohibition, no "Dieselpunk". How do you think a world like this would evolve like in the 20th and 21st centuries? People becoming increasingly sexually open and naturalistic, with an Art Nouveau style spreading its comfortable vines all...
  2. Sārthākā

    The Tides of Lightning: The History of Yamnia and Beyond - A Cradle of Civilization TL.
    Threadmarks: -Prologue-

    The Tides of Lightning: The History of Yamnia and Beyond *** -Prologue- *** Urheimat (A), Ruaehneghithla Sector, 1250 Efahel (B) (50 AD) Treyef sighed as he rubbed his back and walked through the streets of the bustling capital. The guards watched him carefully and eyed him as he smiled...
  3. Exvio74

    The New Kratocracy: A Boulanger Coup TL

    I’m usually a serial lurker on this forum, but quarantine boredom has led me to actually finally write a timeline. Most of this will focus on after 1900, the POD is just in 1889 (if this needs to be moved forum I happily can). If anyone does read this, please do give me tips on things I can...
  4. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    Best Location's for Sub-Saharan African Empires

    As the title asks, would would be some good locations in the African continent for a tribe or ambitious warlord, or foreign person with a lot of ambition to successfully build itself an empire, or something empire-like in its scope.
  5. Gukpard

    Assuming Japan remains imperial, would it be better today?

    Let's say that the japanese expansion stops either after the first sino japanese war or the russo japanese war. By 2020 Japan is a modernized version of the Meiji era government, the technology is there, the government is more authoritarian and conservative than OTL and the zaibatsu system (that...
  6. AdamNeuser

    WI: Safavid Empire collapses in 1590 (It's a weird POD I know)

    The year is 1590, decisive Ottoman and Uzbek military victories against the Safavid Empire, coupled with internal political problems put the Safavids on the verge of collapse. In OT, the Treaty of Constantinople in 1590 granted all land West of the Zagros Mountains and Caspain Sea to the Ottoman...
  7. GameBawesome

    (Mostly) Unified Medevial/Renissance Italy VS Ottomans

    (A bit ASB, and ignoring a lot of butterflies and events at that time, just mostly a compare two empires) What if most of Italy was unified, between 14th Century-17th Century? How would the combined armies of Italians, face off against the Ottoman Empire? Venice is still independent, but...
  8. Kingdom of Paraguay |

    At the end of the Paraguay War, the country had to cede territories to its neighbors, especially to the powerful Empire of Brazil. But what if the story was different? What if Brazil seizes the opportunity to establish a monarchy in Paraguay under the command of Princess Isabel and Count...
  9. Nicholai IV Vonskrieger

    The Dragon’s of the East

    This will be a sounding board for ideas on an alternate history timeline that was started almost 4 years ago. I admit that there are several fantastical ideas here, but that’s why I’d like input and assistance in ironing out the details of this timeline. Thank you to all that will participate...
  10. Huey Long

    The Lead Up to the Zweiter Weltkrieg (Kaiserreich)

    CHAPTER 1: THE DEATH OF A KING The Palace of Ottawa February 3 1936 2:17 PM Everyone stood silent in front of the bed. Just 3 minutes ago, King George V finally succumbed to his Cerebral Hemorrhage that he has been suffering since the day he fled to Canada from the fires of the 1925 British...
  11. GameBawesome

    World without Large influx of New World Wealth?

    What if, for some reason, Spain never conquers the Aztecs or Inca? (Most likely POD, Cortez dying, and no conquistadors come for some ASB reason), and the Spanish never gains the Large amount of New World wealth of Gold and Silver? There can be those countries who can still get rich off of...
  12. GameBawesome

    WI: Spanish Filibusters in Latin America

    Filibustering was a sort of practice a person engaging in unauthorized warfare against a foreign country. it was used by mostly US Citizens to try to take over Latin America. But what if the USA wasn't the only one to try this practice? What if people from another country, who used to control...
  13. GameBawesome

    AHC: Buddhist African Country

    Challenge: Create a majority Buddhist Kingdom, or even Empire, anywhere in Africa. From the East African Coast, to the Northern Sahara, create a African kingdom, or empire, that is or converted to Buddhism, through trade with India or China, wandering monks spreading the teachings of the...
  14. AHC: Large-scale empire in sub-Saharan Africa

    Sub-Saharan Africa had some pretty significant and sizeable empires, but nothing on the level of Persia, Rome, China, the Arabs or the Incas. Your challenge is to have sub-Saharan Africa produce an empire on a truly grand scale.
  15. Michael_I

    The Empire Of Heaven; Dragon Over Asia

    I was considering making this a formal timeline post rather than a discussion/debate, but due to my lack of knowledge of the later Qing empire and asian politics at the time, I chose accordingly. To the point: What could've happened to save the Qing Empire? When? How? How would this ripple out...
  16. Gukpard

    Could Hirohito have stopped the military takeover of Japan?

    Japan didn't turned from a militarized constitutional monarchy into the one party state that caused the pacific war and comitted all the atrocities we know from a day to another, it was a fast process of twenty years with the military grabbing more and more power, making the political...
  17. Gintoki Sakata

    Se Deus quiser, há-de brilhar! - Uma História do Império Português (Updated 07/05)
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Roots of an Empire

    Prologue: The roots of an Empire Se Deus quiser, há-de brilhar, De novo a Coroa sobre as Lusas armas! Que a nossa Pátria soube, sempre honrar, Que a nossa Pátria soube, sempre honrar! The Kingdom of Portugal is a byproduct of the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula. Founded in its...
  18. WI: Japan Successfully Creates Nuclear Weaponry Before 1945 (Ni-Go, F-Go)

    How would Japan act differently in 1943 and onwards if either it's Ni-Go or F-Go programmes (seperation of uranium-235 by Thermal Diffusion by different teams) yielded results before their eventual surrender? Would they have the means for delivery? What nations/cities? How would this change the...
  19. KingOnTheEdge

    Name For An Emperor of Britain?

    This is poorly titled but I don't know how else to put it: in germany and russia, we saw the titles Kaiser and Tsar for their Emperors. But what if, through some ASB, or some really powerful leadership before Otto I, britain and ireland united under an Anglo-Saxon king and he declared an...
  20. GameBawesome

    AHC: Tibet wank in the 20th century

    Challenge: Make Tibet expansionist, around the time of the Warlord Era, and taking vast amounts of land from a fractured China, and recreating a Tibetan Empire in the Tarim Basin.