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  1. archdukeofwasia

    Mary Tudor Jr. marries Philip of Palatinate-Neuburg and has a son.

    What if Henry VIII allowed the match to happen? If Mary and Philip have sons, what are the changes in the English succession? Also, if Mary becomes queen like in OTL, what happens to Elizabeth?
  2. WI: After Anne Boleyn's execution, Elizabeth had vanished from history (just like Mary Seymour did from the OTL)?

    How would Henry react? Would he care or he would be relieved that the daughter of his most hated wife has disappeared? What would the fate of England be like with Elizabeth gone?
  3. WI: Queen Elizabeth 1st was a lesbian?

    What if, the real reason Elizabeth I, 'The Virgin Queen' never married was actually because she was a lesbian? How would it have impacted her reign and future attitudes (perhaps even the church of England?) if this was a 'known secret', and she had a number of female lovers throughout her life?
  4. WI: Queen Elizabeth marries a Plantagenet?

    After the death of the 17th Earl of Warwick the only legitimate line of the Plantagenets left was through Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester. He was a Beaufort, his father being the legitimised bastard of the 3rd Duke of Somerset. They are also the most senior Lancastrian claimants to the...
  5. WI: Elizabeth I is the last descendant of Henry VII?

    Who would succeed Elizabeth I if she was the last legitimate descendant of Henry VII alive at her death? James VI and I dies in 1593. Arbella Stuart dies in 1592. Edward Seymour dies in 1585. Thomas Seymour dies in 1584. Ferdinando Stanley infertile, dies in 1594. William Stanley dies in 1595...
  6. WI: A ruling Queen has a bastard child?

    What would happen if a (unmarried, so that passing it off as her husbands is out of the question) Queen regnant were to fall pregnant? Say she actually brings the child to term too, rather than drinking some concoction to force a miscarriage and keep it a secret which would be more likely...
  7. WI: Elizabeth Tudor converts to Catholicism

    Let's say that at some point of her life (most likely relatively early) , Elizabeth Tudor, - a daughter of late king Henry VIII, decided that there is something about Catholic Faith, and converts to it by choice. I think that the most likely time for it is during early reign of her...
  8. Anne Boleyn Suggests an Annulment and Survives

    So there’s a fic on ao3 where Anne suggests an annulment right before Henry is truly done with her. This leaves her mostly in Henry’s good graces (though sometimes Henry prefers Anne out of sight, out of mind) and Elizabeth as legitimate. The fic mostly focuses on Anne and Henry’s relationship...
  9. RedKing

    WI/PC: Elizabeth I marries Francis of Anjou

    Of all of Elizabeth’s potential suitors, Francis of Anjou was one of, if not the closest to winning Elizabeth’s hand. Obviously she decided against the marriage due to religious and political concerns. But what if the marriage had gone through? Obviously, Elizabeth will probably not have issue...
  10. WI: Elizabeth Tudor is born blind

    There already is a thread about Elizabeth Tudor beign deformed, so how about a scenerio, where the problem is reversed - daughter of Henry VIII looks perfectly fine but can't see at all since birth? Is there a chance, that it will be considered a sign that her mother was a witch? Will Henry...
  11. EdwardRex

    Anne Boleyn Victorious - A Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: September 1533 - Introduction

    September 1533: Queen Anne Boleyn gives birth to twin children, a boy and a girl. The children are christened Henry and Elizabeth in a grand ceremony in front of many of Henry VIII’s vassals. Henry VIII also announced he has negotiated an alliance with the French. This greatly pleases Queen...
  12. All of Henry VIIIs children survive

    Catherine of Aragon had 6 confirmed pregnancies, Anne Boleyn 4, Jane Seymour 1 and Bessie Blount had one son by Henry too. There are theories and some evidence than Jane made have had 1/2 miscarriages, and Katheryn Howard may also have suffered 1. A possible number of Henry’s children is as...
  13. FalconHonour

    The Royal House of Grey - A Collaborative TL
    Threadmarks: April - July 1553

    April -July 1553: Edward VI falls ill with a combination of smallpox and measles. While he recovers, his health is fatally weakened, and he knows he isn't long for this world. He summons his cousin and closest friend, Thomas, Marquess of Dorset and his sister, the Lady Elizabeth to court. Upon...
  14. ordinarylittleme

    WI: The genders of Henry VIII's children are flipped.

    Henry, the only son of Henry VIII and his first wife Katherine of Aragon, who was born in 1516 and is the apple of his parents' eyes. He is devoutly Catholic, and a hot ticket in the European marriage market, though was never married off for some reason or another. However, when his parents fall...
  15. GameBawesome

    WI: No Spanish Armada?

    The Spanish Armada was one of the most famous events in Elizabethan Era. It saw King Philip II of Spain sent a large Armada of Spanish and Portuguese vassals to invade England, but failed due to weather and the English navy. It was seen as a national pride in England, while ruining the Spanish...
  16. RedKing

    What if Elizabeth Tudor married Emmanuel Philibert?

    As the title says, sometime during Queen Mary I’s reign, she marries Elizabeth to Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy, as was floated around in OTL. What now? Would Elizabeth still become Queen if she’s married to a foreigner? Obviously she’d have Philip’s backing but might some nobles resist?
  17. AltoRegnant

    WI: Queen Elizabeth I and William the Silent Marry?

    otl, queen Elizabeth never married, leading to the country going to the protestant James VI becoming James I of England. But a union of England and the Netherlands has always fascinated me, given that they're the two richest parts of northern Europe since the decline of the Hansa. Perhaps one of...
  18. Emperor Max

    Thomas Stukeley as King of America

    Sounds ridiculous. Yes it is. I got this idea from an episode of the early 60s British psuedo-historical drama Sir Francis Drake, which had an episode where Thomas Stukeley, portrayed as an illegitimate son of Henry VIII gets permission from Elizabeth I to go to America and carve himself a...
  19. Lady Kate

    A Thousand Stars: Christopher Marlowe Survives
    Threadmarks: Intro

    “O, thou art fairer than the evening air clad in the beauty of a thousand stars.” - Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus Christopher "Kit" Marlowe (1564-1593) was a brilliant Elizabethan playwright who rivaled Shakespeare during his short life. In fact, Marlowe was England's preeminent...
  20. WI Henry dies in the joust and Anne gives birth to a son

    Might make this a full TL. Not sure yet. Here is what I am wondering. Let's say that Henry dies and Anne carries her son to term. What happens? Would the people pick Mary when there is chance for a male heir? I know Norfolk and his ilk would probably not turn on Anne when there is a chance...