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  1. Sārthākā

    How to get a successful Second Mexican Empire and what are its consequences?
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    Now a Second mexican empire has been a hot topic for many years on this forum, and i am really interested in it admittedly. Now, i have done *some* intensive research on the matter in the A levels on north american history, so managed to make a somewhat plausible scenario in which Maximilian I...
  2. The Economic impact of a KMT China

    There have been a couple of "What if the Nationalists had won the Chinese Civil War?" threads over the past few weeks, but its been a while since there was one specifically discussing a non-communist China's economy, and its repercussions. A Chiang led China would have avoided the disastrous...
  3. Sārthākā

    Boluōmitya Dēshe: A Medieval Timeline Set in Asia.
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    Boluōmitya Dēshe: A Medieval Timeline. *** Chapter 1: The Marriage of a lifetime. 621 AD, Chang’an, Tang Dynasty China. Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty, born Li Yuan, and called by many as Shude wasn’t a man for patience. He had been opportunistic when he had toppled the Sui Dynasty, and...
  4. Sārthākā

    Russia Resurgent - A TL
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    Russia Resurgent Chapter 1: 1996 Russian Elections Russia and the World held their breath as on 3rd July, the results of the 1996 elections came in. Many people today even wonder why Yeltsin even tried. Under him Russia had become the butt of all Western Country’s jokes and corruption, crime...
  5. Sārthākā

    A Better Decade - a British TL.
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    Chapter 1 While Britain had indeed come out of the Great War victorious, it was by no means an awe inspiring victory nor one that managed to make Britain stronger in the long run. Its war debt with America was extremely high which had turned Britain from a net creditor to a net debtor. Britain...
  6. Mira Wilkins’ The History of Foreign Investment in the United States to 1914 economic research question about transfer of wealth

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with the question regarding if there according to your or others research is a clear transfer of wealth from the British Empire to the United states in the 1900s?. If yes, can we track where and to what persons/banks this wealth was...
  7. Brita

    WI:no plastics

    So I was talking about plastic bags and environment with a friend of mine and she said things would have been really different and probably better for the planet if no one had ever discovered how to make plastic. So what do you think of it: how different things would have been from an...
  8. Silicon

    AHC: Developed Mexico

    Mexico’s current GDP per Capita (PPP) is around $20,000, what would it take to get Mexico to $35,000 (what is considered developed) in 2019 without extremely high inequality?
  9. AHC: More economically developed Italy in late 1800's

    With a PoD after the 1848 revolutions are suppressed, how can we improve the economic development of Italy in the late 1800's?
  10. Effects in the 19th Century U.S. of an enduring Napoleonic Empire

    Grant, for the sake of argument, the survival of a Napoleonic (or at least French) Empire beyond 1814. Maybe Napoleon croaks after Tilsit. Regardless, the outlines of a Napoleonic Europe are going to be clear, with some degree of dominance over France’s “near abroad” in the Rhineland, northern...
  11. Dixieland: The Country of Tomorrow, Everyday (yet another Confederate TL)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Treaty of Paris (1867)

    (Flag of the Confederate States of America, 1867) [1] Chapter 0 Here ~~~ Chapter 1 Below: "Treaty of Paris (1867)" ...Confederate negotiators largely failed to accomplish most of their goals. American negotiators refused to budge on any major territorial concessions, including Confederate...
  12. Sam Biswas

    What would’ve take for Halifax to become a competing industrial city in North America?

    Located in the Eastern coast of Nova Scotia, is one of the largest city in the Canadian Maritime with population of over 400,000 in total. And yet despite of that, if you're comparing to other major cities in New England (such as Boston and even Portland) and even other major cities in Canada...
  13. WhiteDragon25

    AHC: Give the Nazis a Coherent Economic Policy

    Let's be clear: we all know that the Nazis sucked at economics. The most charitable thing you could say about their 'economic' policy was that it was a masterfully-crafted Ponzi scheme designed to patch up the German economy just enough to fool everybody that they had something going, while...
  14. Republik of Neu Ishral: A Ugandan Homeland Concept Timeline

    The Seventh Zionist Congress votes for the Uganda proposal, primarily due to greater advertising and more patronage by Theodore Herzl. This was won by a Narrow majority. London, 1906 Henry Campbell-Bannerman gave the plan an OK. Really, this could only benefit the empire, a Protectorate of Neu...
  15. Lenwe

    Economic Relation w/o Latin American Wars of Independence

    Inspired in the thread of Race Relations in L.A ( In which were a pretty interesting conversation of the economic development and economic relations of the Americas without the...
  16. Max Havelaar: Or the Auctioning Process of Javanese Sugar Factories, A Dutch-Indonesian TL
    Threadmarks: 1.0 Twilight of the Cultivation System

    Chapter One: Twilight of the Cultivation System There is no argument to be made against the importance of Max Havelaar towards Dutch literature and the modern society of the Netherlands. Within a few years since its publication, Max Havelaar had become compulsory reading for a student in the...
  17. Zachariah

    AHC: Asian Tiger Pakistan

    With a GDP growth rate of 6.8% during the '60s, Pakistan was seen as a model of economic development around the world, and there was much praise for its economic progress. Karachi was seen as an economic role model around the world, and there was much praise for the way its economy was...
  18. The Dance Of The Lion And The Serpent: A Renaissance Milan-Venice TL. Updated 24-04-2017
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    Summary: This is an Italo-centric techno-economic Tl starting in the 14th century, the Visconti duchy was perhaps the last pre-modern chance of a prosperous Italian state and this tl will delve into that. The POD will be revealed into the story. The Dance Of The Lion And The Serpent: The Story...
  19. LHB

    United We Stand, a Stargate Timeline
    Threadmarks: Part I: Out of the Cradle, Chapter 1: First Contact

    United We Stand: A Stargate Timeline Part I: Out of the Cradle Chapter 1: First Contact Governor’s Mansion, Little Rock, Arkansas, March 12th, 1991 7:18PM Rain pattered on the windows as Governor William Jefferson Clinton and Hilary Rodham Clinton sat quietly in the main study. In the...